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Black We Stand At The Dawning Moon

"Black We Stand At The Dawning Moon" (2003)

1. The Rain In My Funeral
2. Mormegil
3. A Night Ghost By The Freezing Wind
4. Black I Stand
5. Mountains Of Damnation

1. The Rain In My Funeral

The Rain In My Funeral

the light dies through my eyes
as the last breath flies
the wind carries it away
with the day

the life i had in me
was already dead
such pleasure in the end
such beauty in death

lying in the cold ground
staring at the dawning moon
the sounds of the night
my last words...

"in this land of sorrow
dead and gone the pride
the once great land
dead and torned..."

the coffin in wich i lay
alone in the field
dragged to this place
thrown in the dirt

the only cry is the wind
the only tears the rain
my only friend

dirt cover my body
throw only by the wind
the rain in my funeral

2. Mormegil


in the dark times
he was born
son of a king
of a dark fate

mourning and sadness
the pain of loss
since the beginning
his life was damned

adoptive son of a king
his thousand caves his home
learn the wisdom of the eldars
and the strengh of the gods

but no power can stop
the march of destiny
and his was sorrow
and hate

his deeds was chanted
by death and revenge
but the tragedy awated
and death he brings

"black sword, serve me
as you did before
for you are now mine
to kill for me"

armies fall beneath his feet
killer of dragons
ruller of all
but sorrow will not leave
and finally when love came
impossible was it
from death, death came
taking his own life:
"black sword take me
as you taked those all
will you?"
and so there he died
when all hope was lost
when the night descends
and evil prevails...

3. A Night Ghost By The Freezing Wind

A Night Ghost By The Freezing Wind

freezin cold wind
the moon crosses the sky
let the night ones hunt

i awake in rage
sounding a great scream
my blade is pure
so, pure will be killing...

the wolf howls...
sweet scream...
morbid sound
in the dark forest

and i will punish
teaching those who don't understand
and i will hunt
when the darkness blind people

so, you scream
in such a pain
as i screamed...
in grief...
in my lust for death

but i'm the one...
the only one...
that don't die...
i'm here to justify your life...
and to provide you death...

4. Black I Stand

Black I Stand

misty, enclouded mind
as the skies and the forest
i wonder...
apart from reality

the whisper of the leaves
whispers of death
a pronounce of war
the calm before the storm

alone i stand
the hill is my altar
prophesize i was
the bringer of the awakening

night... as dark as my soul
moonless... as my life
the wind...

black i stand
upon my misery
for the one with such a fate
shall not die... nevermore!

blackened moon in my eyes
and seven fallen stars in a burial
sacred as death is the suffering
alive forevermore, sorrow supreme
revenge is mine!
for the one who stands in black
never to die... nevermore...

5. Mountains Of Damnation

Mountains Of Damnation

darkness is my father
born from the utter blackness
i was sworn to bring the pain
i was born to live in sorrow

to the mountains i aim
high in solitude
i cannot reach the top
maybe one day...

seeking the cold wind
i ride through the night
i fly with the owls
i'm so silent as they are

in darkness i hide
awayting the stars
and when the moon rises
i'll kill once more

sadness and grief
rage and bloodthirst
seek a retreat
never to find

forever damned
i hear the wolves cry
my time has come

the night is my home
in the mist of a valley
i still aim for the mountains
but they are so far
so very far...
never to be reached


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