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First Enslavement

"First Enslavement" (2002)

1. Of Sins Sublime
2. Wicked Arise Divine
3. Blessed By Beyond
4. In Breathless Sighs
5. All Bowing Heads Roll
6. Vague Cries Of Unborn Lives
7. Demonride
8. Sunbroken
9. Altar Of Your Fate
10. The Embrace Of Thanatos

1. Of Sins Sublime

Emancipate the forever enslaved
Devouring sources of dismay
Consuming the not consumable
Controlling the uncontrollable

This solitude arose to abdicate
Lords of a distant world evoked within
Dethrone the kings of Old
Enthrone the extract of sins so cold

Forge the sins sublime
The sins sublime

Foul soils ignite transcendent abnormities
Conjured, employed by mad beliefs
Foul soils ignite grim lying deceit
Insubstantial concise; ignorant disease
For belief, just for belief...

-Repeat Chorus.

Vague cries of dark distant times...
Arose for abdication dissolved
Dethrone kings of Old
It's my time...
-the extract of sins so cold

I devour what thou can't digest
Turn soils sour, thy orders infest
Holy father moan & confess
Preached totems; convalescence in death

Behold the forge of sins sublime
Of sins sublime - the sins so vile

2. Wicked Arise Divine

Gospels sacred high at stakes
Hymn sins hallelujah praised

For me, for all, hear it's call

Impaled, soiled cadavers rest
Shaping forests of those once blessed

Weak divine structures reconstructed
High betrayer of the heavens flee never trusted
& the feeble cry

Anthropomorflesh rise
Soil angel flesh, violate paradise

-Repeat Chorus.

Misanthropic morphs - unholy shades rise
Soiled angel flesh, raped paradise

Signs of the unforgiven, condemning death to all living
Signs of wicked rising, see fires torch in heaven

For them, for all, hear it's call
For us, for all
Demonic rise, angelic fall

-Repeat Chorus.

3. Blessed By Beyond

Sorrow locked my coffin & forever I will dream
Nightmares never to be stopped & forever I will scream
Haunting mortals, blessed by death
Longing, yearning for their last breath

I'm Blessed by beyond

Sacrifice commence, my hatred unfolds
Seeking the power of secrets untold
....Blessed by beyond

Gates be opened, minds be locked
Prayers be whispered, calls be answered

To make the sun disappear, the earth I turn
Divine prophecies in hate I will burn
Man in fear of what to come
Yet I am the chosen one
...Blessed By Beyond

4. In Breathless Sighs

I am a slave, a slave of the condemned
Conjured back into life again
Brought here to return in reign
Rise from slumber now

Long lost desires incarnate, reincarnate
Healing so foul sores
Long lost...
Profound souls gone found once more

I am a slave, I am enslaved
I am a slave, enslaved in breathless sighs
In fragments of absence I drown
Dethroning me from kingdoms beneath the ground
Pressure is forcing me down and

Long lost...
Hidden moans are restored
Long lost..
Profound souls gone found once more
And I rise, repent, rise

In breathless sighs - look deep into these eyes
Everything is sacrificed in our breathless sighs

5. All Bowing Heads Roll

Rise lords of our curse, anciently banished
Posses the glory of worthy as gods
Sealed in water boiling cold of no faith
From the abyss they sense our pledge

In awe all bowing heads roll
Disfigured, defaced worshipping hate
Skinned follower feeding a deathwish
Soulless dread, they reach their claim

Revealed in waters boiling cold of pure faith
Disfigured, defaced feeding on our hate

But in awe bowing heads roll

6. Vague Cries Of Unborn Lives

Open the realms of the deceased
Opening as silence dies
I can't maintain this hunger
Strike these fields in battlesomber

-Chorus: vague cries
Of distant times
-Of unborn lives - Torn

Can't control it any longer
Strike these fields as powermonger

-Repeat Chorus.

7. Demonride

Come ride the demon with me

Sent is the one who commands you to do
The acts of a mind that'll ravage your kind

A perfect creation is all that I am
No lusts to corrupt gained will of the damned

Gather, exist, come, join, rise
In demanding quests
Come ride this demon - take my hand
Entangled in my sins - surrender, fulfill my bidding
Ride the demon with me

Tragedies impend
Savage souls are sent
Ravaged lives will end
As fates so foul descend

Come on ride the demon
Embrace this tragic season
Defy course & reason
Mocking attempts so fearsome

-Repeat Chorus.

Repenting quests
They entangle my sins - decline, undo my bidding
Feel my demonride

8. Sunbroken

Lives are left invane
Souls left insane
Succumb to this name
Anguished spheres of pain

Linger before my eyes
Revealing their disguise
Endless scorn of me
In death I lay...
...Knowing they dominate

9. Altar Of Your Fate

"Why am I the altar of your fate?"
I hear your cry, celebrate your fate
Seasons change, you age - my feast
Sin, deranged - still in rest
Nameless, the beast

Dwelling in the blackened tomb
Resting in the sickened womb
Emerging from the lower gates
I'm the releaser of your hate
-The altar of your fate

Concealed behind the rivers of desires womb
Rising from the mist of blackened tombs

Agony, feeling the pain
Only the pain remains
Nocturnal powers regained
Now I reign, again & again
Only your pain remain

-Repeat chorus.

Inferior, receive your fate
Deny forever Heavens gate

10. The Embrace Of Thanatos

The cold embrace of Thanatos...
The blackened kiss received through death...
Living this life of loss
I embraced thee, master Thanatos

Suffer, wrath, decay
Kill, murder, slay
Nigrescent is this way
Blackened this life stays

As you reveal my presence
I release the pure hatred
Created through centuries
I consume the pleasures in death.

Vengeance flowing in my veins
Pure, red, evil rules again
The beast lies within
Beyond is where I've been

Now consuming the pleasures
Of an everlasting revenge
The eternal embrace of Master Thanato


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