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In Black Unholy Spirit

"In Black Unholy Spirit" (2007 Demo)

1. Annihilation Of Human Debris
2. Deathlike Embrace
3. As Serpents Here
4. Total Human Holocaust

1. Annihilation Of Human Debris

As some words are come inspired, some are from the past
A sought after knowledge of what he might say
If he had the view from nothingness, from the void
What would he see, and what would he say?

Annihilation of the human debris
The extinction of this failed mankind
Downtrodden sickness amongst the people
Who never wanted heroes, only death

If there was life beyond death, only ash remains
If there was hate beyond life, only dust remains
A long damnation of the self, and of philosophy
That has never grown a decent human being

A road that was strewn with crucified ones
A heaven that bled with the rotten ones above
Created lords that never really existed
As also the nihilistic followers of nothingness

2. Deathlike Embrace

Shadows of the corpselike dreams you have
In your forgotten wishes unto a bleak nothingness
Clouds of uncertainty given toward a death
Of the human existence, a total demoralization

Bleach the bones of the crownless empty king
A great shadow beyond the world of understanding
Succumb to the foe-words of the nameless thing
A bleak nightmare that has never even existed

Enter my deathlike embrace, said the eternal death
Enter my dreamlike embrace, said he who never bled
Enter my deathlike embrace, said the eternal death
Come into being with my slow, hopeless decay

Denied the fleeting joy of a secondary creation
Prowling in the corners of this another world
So beautiful a world, without your fucking damnation
Deathlike embrace of the pure free unholy existence

3. As Serpents Here

As low as you can imagine yourself here
in the deepening decrepitude of imagination
I know you were a human being a long ago
But I also know this death, of your loss

As serpents we are come upon the world
As wolves we are come to butcher humanity
Some fools believing in ludicrous things
Dreaming of the plague of our release

There is no life, nor shall there be a future
Too many years have passed since the funeral
Of all human understanding of what is real
So many years, ages ago, feel my heart wrenched

As shadows also we are come upon the world
While our secondary illusion was so long gone
As black wolves we were come upon the lambs
Driving all your dreams into extinction

4. Total Human Holocaust

The blaze in the northern sky our dream
So long ago forfeited by the loveless world
Unsanctioned by humanity, yet so very real
The dead trees are dancing in our hearts

It's the dawn of the total human holocaust
A lifeless wish against the depraved world
It's the dawn of the total human holocaust
A dreamless sleep; a wish to the northern sky

The brotherhood of the black blossoms of doom
Standing alone for a nihilistic endless gloom
Another holocaust beckoning for doom so soon
As the black fucking metal visions here loom


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