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Royal Metal

"Royal Metal" (2002)

1. Metal Anthem
2. Prince Mojmir I.
3. A Maiden from the Castle
4. Killing Fields
5. Face Behind the Glass
6. Wizard
7. Snivanie O Sne

1. Metal Anthem

Come and utilise the pleasure,
until we are still alive.
After our stormy short life,
eternity accepts us forever.

Let the metal live.
Metal nation lives !
Let the real music flower,
and let it be forever !

Where are those,
who foretold the death?
We kick you always !
We kick you always !

Let techno, rap perished,
all of enemies.
We expelled the dirty matter,
from the world forever.

2. Prince Mojmir I.

A fiery arrow in centre of Europe,
lighted a night slovan region.
Slovak ruler on a white horse,
sent out traitor and united his nation.

Under protection of ruler of thunder,
founded an empire that awesome the respect.
Against Franks and roman sect,
in bright solsticive light swords shined.

She still lives in our hearts.
Great Moravia.
The history repeated.
Mojmirís Great Moravia!

3. A Maiden from the Castle

Have you heard about her beauty?
Young men are coming to the Danube river.

What are you doing behind my back?
You are betraying our religion!

But pretty Jane likes none of them,
her heart is beating just for one.

Do you love Nakich Huseim?!
Thatís awful ! Put her to prison.

Nakich is making fun of her letter,
christian pup is declaring her love.

Do you love that pagan?!
You are betraying our religion!

Swords of young warriors shone in the sun.
Zjeravic cut off the head of the Turk.
Poor boy came closer to the beauty,
and father forgave his daughter...

4. Killing Fields

War is the solution.
People lied.
In foreign revolutions,
they have died.
Saluting and shooting,
yes we will!

War and hate,
is it our fate?

War test began.
Human beasts.
Our friends are guns,
deadly needs.
Theyíre growing in us,
hatred seeds.

In killing fields,
war had depraved us.

People lost their brains,
and their heads.
Running soldiers,
without legs.
Itís the iron rain,
territory of death!

5. Face Behind the Glass

Long fifty years you were in your dream.
Now in the castleís chapel crypt.
You are reviving again.
Amidst these coffins and these bones.
You are reviving again.

Radiance wanders from eye to eye,
but only we are aware.
Surrounding world has disappeared.
What does it come to my heart?

Iím burning !
Iím trembling !
Escaping reality.
Getting into mystery.

Itís symbol of immortality.
What Iím just looking at?

I feel the touch of eternity.
Mystery of life and death.

Only good deeds after a man will remain.
The rest will be blown away.
And this is what I want you to remind,
for you will love me till the end.

6. Wizard

You were mine since you were born,
with your nice devilish charm.
In your body there is no vein,
where I have not been found.

My empire is open for you,
so please enter my doors,
and because you have chosen so good,
all my secrets are now yours.

Iíll give you revenge, my old friend,
about mercy your enemy dreams.
But you say no, oh youíre so kind,
death and damnation he suddenly screams!

My lord, what can I say,
when I am in this state.
oh, I feel thatís the way,
long ago youíre my fate.

7. Snivanie O Sne


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