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Demo 2000

"Demo 2000" (2000 Demo)

1. King Leoric is rising
2. Strangers in the Past
3. Dragonship
4. Gods of Heavy Metal

1. King Leoric is rising


Red is the sun over the battlefield
where the blood runs down in seas of grief
and among the dead stands a living giant
just unable to know fear

Through the chest of the enemies
flies the arrow of the king
Throats are cut by his sword
With the speech of steel he fights eternal lie
Endless truth in his heart

And as they´re marching off to war
You´ll hear them sing
No need to fear
Follow the king

King Leoric is rising
King Leoric is rising
King Leoric is rising up !!!

2. Strangers in the Past

T: Gode M: Gode/Grundmann

Hold on, don´t look back
Invisible teardrops on my dying soul
Scream on, puke on
Another Drink, a wicked life
Your hair, your skin
I can´t remember the look in your eyes
Your touch, your voice
The pain dies in the shine of your face

Run away - We´re Strangers in the past

Head up, work hard
nobody tell me what should I think
Play on, game on
Time goes by last Day I´ve died
Show first, show last
And tell me where is the end
No black, no white
All I feel the look of my soul

Run away - We´re Strangers in the past

3. Dragonship

T&M: Bergmann / Wunder

Black is the sky as it reaches so high
the king -our dragon- who leads us to die
waves they are pounding against our side
again on the search into glory ride!

Sails to the west- from the east the wind blows
hearts without weakness, bloodlust it grows
wrath overcoming the minds of all men
kill or be killed the strong only (will) stand

Black waves now punch against our side
Waiting for battle, all souls filled with pride

Hail to Valhalla - fight til Ragnarök

Hail - the dragonships ride- to where the black clouds kiss the sky
Hail - to Odin who leads us to slay the weak - our path to Valhalla

On the horizon the shore now is near
white rocks in sight now the aim it is clear
Down with the sails and up with your swords
Deathbringing brothers, beserks with swords

Beserks with swords

Slay - the fools who dare to fight us
They shall be punished for their weakness

Slay - the wimps who hide in their houses
shall be punished for their weakness

4. Gods of Heavy Metal

T&M:S.Bergmann & Lord Conti

So here we are - the dawn of a new age - follow our sign
We pray to our kings - the gods of the past - come into our time

So here we stand - to recieve godlike power - the holy guitar
So watch it rise - the Metal Empire - foreseen by the prophets

Fall to your knees, Down to your knees
Pray to the Gods of Heavy Metal

So here we play - the songs of our gods -their spirit in our strings
Rock and Rap - your gods so fuckin full of shit - die by our speed

The Gods they have prepared to enter
To bring our world a golden age
To crush the heretics of metal
To lead their warriors out of the grave

They rule our minds they rule our souls
Lead our hands as we play
In our songs your holy law:
Bang your head to win the war

Listen Apostles - lead Metal into our world
In your eyes I see the fire of a true Metal Messiah...

Feel the fire - now see the light - now join our fight
Now the fools - find finally their end - in the wrath of the gods

Now the world rushes straight to destiny - A new beginning
The Metal Age - will last eternally - never to be beaten


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