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Ebony Veiled

"Ebony Veiled" (2006)

1. Disarray
2. Among the Dead
3. Idyllic Illusions
4. The Day Innoncence Died
5. In A Dying Embrace
6. God's Wrath
7. Mess of Hostility
8. Ebony Veiled

1. Disarray

It's all turning into ..
a mental object on which i feed..
tears, an essence of life,
an everydayness of self~repulsion..
a constant lack of faith.

2. Among the Dead

Chained and locked inside of me
Waiting for the loss of time
To unfold her mystery
Before the tomb of my crime

The nights can be so blackened
When Im hanging upon doubt
And these smiles can be so saddened
When they're only painted out

In his darkest hours he smiled to me
and his eyes clasped a reverie
he cast away my wistful yore
and all memories of pains i bore

Still she dwells within her past
Trying to deny it's real
That her love could never last
Am I the cure for her to heal?

But It's me (her)
And just me (her)
So misled
Here among the dead

3. Idyllic Illusions

Born inside of U and fed from ur body
Lost inside ur eyes and found in ur heart
I'll kiss ur sweet tears and taste grief from ur lips
I'll die with ur hopes and fly with ur dreams
Still bereavement defeats my ardour

- Ur brawn will be my grave
- And ur soul my heaven
- U will carve away my life
- And my bones shall become dust
- I will drink ur blood
- I will wipe ur frozen tears
- I will hold ur fear
- Ur pain shall fade away

Come and fly with me my fallen one
There's a place we have to find
In this gloomy world we drowned
Hold me now to set us free.

4. The Day Innoncence Died

Every shred of hope has been doomed to decay
withering away from my forgotten eyes
I knew innocence until this very day
Now I.m rendered to another faceless shade

the light has ripped quickly away
as evil unleashed its wrath upon purity
beautiful altered to morbid and plain
and smears of lust stain what was fairly white

Ignorant of evil unaware of darkness
In the great abyss of frailty, I tripped
Enthralled into agony and pain
from my childish dreams unshamefully i was stripped

I cannot cease the stream of sorrow
lone I bask the frissons of wickedness
a shroud enslaving my whole existence
burying me in past throes..

tis pitiful to succumb such outrage
beauty and the beast the horrid fairytale
A mortifiying happening dims
all the fortunes of a lifetime

5. In A Dying Embrace

Lo a perishing rose
As graceful as dawn
Stormed by depravity
Ravished .. Left in demise

Harken her threnody
Chanting a lost elan
Succumbed by scattered dreams
Lost hopes and helplessness

Behold her crystal tears
Brooding her pallid cheeks
Sad eyes throttling a shade
Quenching my glutted heart

Her dying hand burns mine
Her frozen lips sear me
Jaded breath .. Idle gaze
Wretched spirit carving me

Stale reveries loom within me
Meddling before my bleak eyes
My stark heart yens for your warmth
But demise defeats my urge

"Her dying struck his darkened heart
In despair he lusts for her still
His glowering spirit longs for her soul
Uttered in angellore

In woeful secrecy I crave for you
For my grim heart no longer owns your love
Captivate my heart with your love dirge
I.m forsaken to death, the cruelest of all plots
Into your solacing arms I give way
Still my heart cleaves to yours forevermore

I hunger for her eyes
"My smeared eyes for yours only crave

My ardour with her dies
"Your love I shall take to my grave

Forsook by the heavens
"You dwell within me evermore

Im aghast .. Mend my fears
"Forever I chant your dear tears .

6. God's Wrath

Beware His Wrath Once You Have Sinned
His hand destroys As it creates

Blinded By lust Feeding on flesh
You're dowsed in sin Forsaken souls

Miserable beings Living in vain
Preying vicious joys of the world

As Sodom burns Gomorrah falls
You're doomed to dwell In fire in flames

" I witness misery and woe
" I conceive lust entwined with death
" Fire drying out their flow of tears
" Demise killing all signs of life

A red eye watching from the sky
These faceless creatures as they die
Their cries uttered rendering mute
The blazing parody of fate

' Fire smothered the whole land
' Putting out their lust and greed

' Men caught in burning webs
' Plague, blemish, sickness, darkness
' The sky veiled in ebony
' Oceans drowning in ashes

" The prophecy as written is done
" Life , agony , pain, beauty all gone
" Justice, tyranny , Call it wut u will
" Someday we'll all perish in this mill

7. Mess of Hostility

The hole U digg in me
Is deeper everyday
This broken man U see
Is slowly in decay

Pain enslaved my soul
Left me no place to hide
Watch me now as I fall
I fall away from pride

Agony has shattered my will
I have become so fucken ill
Get out of my way Im somehow dead
U cannot know wut's in my head

This hate inside of me
Is raging just like hell
Clawing my shallow skin
Breaking free from its shell

I can no longer cope
My heart is died in black
I've simply lost all hope
Now all I do is attack

Come behold my inside and U shall see
Im just a mess of hostility !

8. Ebony Veiled


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