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The Artisans of Dominion: Part I

"The Artisans of Dominion: Part I" (1999 EP)

1. The Defeatist's Prayer
2. Coenobite (of the Abattoir)
3. The Orchestration of Sodom
4. The Authors of Genesis and the Artisans of Dominion

1. The Defeatist's Prayer

The swarming tillers of the soil,
Like mosquitoes,
Harvest the blood to the song of their beating wings.
And we wait for her blackened flesh to collapse upon us,
So when all is dead the children will devour their own Father's guts - Tonguing our Mother's bleeding cunt...

I blanket in darkness seething blood,
Hoping for us all to burn,
For everything I loved has fallen into flames,
Buried in shit and smiling...

My dear,
Let us fill your soils and be kissed by the worms,
It is the only love I will ever suffer.

2. Coenobite (of the Abattoir)

Temples of hell ascend upon earth to slaughter the sentient,
Dangling in the cement and steel abyss,
Chains covered in the blood of the innocent.
The Lord of Sadists,
Enslaved creations,
Chanting in angelic discord,
Within aerial cages they await the silence of heaven's choir...

To deflower the innocent as inverted crucifixions,
The gutted souls lie upon the altar,
As your tools violate the remains...

Coenobite of the Abattoir...

Suffocating your prayers,
I drown you in their blood,
Upon the meathook slitting the flesh of your belly,
Crucified in chains,
Bleeding as you descend into the Kingdom of Satan.
One-million candles burning black for your sins as cows blood paints the 4 walls,
The hooked chains penetrate your trembling husk forever tearing the flesh of your soul.

3. The Orchestration of Sodom

Love's wings charred - Once halo now horns,
Hunting the carnal lamb,
Angelik thoughts twist as ornaments to masturbate the covet of man,
Master upon your throne,
To orchestrate the dreams of burning husk,
The union of flesh,
Piercing her soul as innocence withers to dust.

Bleeding in your symphony of flesh,
Raveled in your strings hollow beckons of angels adorned in blood,
Chanting cacophonous hymns as your kisses crucify her in flames,
To suffer at your feet,

Fall to your knees and look to the sky,
Staring into the vengeance,
Suffocating on her soul baring your throat nude,
Caressing the skin with steel,
The union of flesh and justice.

4. The Authors of Genesis and the Artisans of Dominion

Monarch to the beasts,
Plowing silt and soils,
Cultivating death,
Supplicating verses of a pale savior in churches built on blood,
With the sewn together flesh of slaves,
Giving rise to this dominionist juggernaut (bitch).

The authors of genesis and the artisans of dominion,
Buried alive beneath 10,000 years of soot,
Suckling spoiled milk from our Mother's filthy teat.
Praying for their Father as ingots pierce his flesh,
The ashen cross is splashed with the blood of the fallen bitch.

Burn the sheep-skin scriptures that pounds the splintered crucifix into our throats and spread the ash upon the fields.
The parable of Cain must end and the neolithic megamachine will rust...
Burn the impaled head of the Agrarian Jackal as the kingdom becomes dust...


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