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Viking Steel

"Viking Steel" (2006)

1. Viking Steel
2. Storming the Keep
3. Servants of Deception
4. Set in Stone
5. Valhalla's Gates
6. Tyranny's Fall
7. Rage
8. Cross to Bear

1. Viking Steel

Down from the mountains Beserkers arrive, clad in bear skin no mail.
The amanita blaze in their eyes for the south land set sail.
From rugged shorelines the warlords depart, north wind at their backs.
Beating drum to summons the storm, calm before the attack.

Gleaming swordsmen gaud the stone wall, raiders charge in wild packs.
Raging melee ferocious barrage, they fall by hammer and axe.
Breech the fortress, batter the gate sparring none in our path.
Saxon nobles realizing their fate, taste the cold Viking wrath.

Before the warriors of the sea
Foes cower and kneel
Masters of destiny
By Viking steel

2. Storming the Keep

3. Servants of Deception

They rape and they pillage plunder with spite
Serving the darkness banished from light
Weak minded slaves Lucifer’s pawns
Chaos, destruction, the war rages on

Groveling fools cower in fright
Kneel at the thrown of eternal night
Lies and deception sealing their fate
Lost in a wasteland of anger and hate

Lies, Betrayal

Shackled in iron the tightening wrench
Abomination’s sickening stench
Herded like cattle the reprobate hordes
Echoing laughter of merciless lords

Fear stricken faces drown in a flood
Sweat drenched leather, metal, and blood
Pleading cries from iniquity’s den
The dead all dieing again and again\

Lies, Betrayal…Servants of… Deception

Now in the darkness the truth becomes clear
Thousands of lost souls living in fear
Betrayed by their master to a fate that is dire
Damned forever to the lake of fire
Maniacal laughter from prisons of stone
Putrid vermin that gnaw upon bone
Up from the ashes the deceiver will rise
Feeding the masses deception and lies

Lies, Betrayal…Servants of…Deception

4. Set in Stone

I see your face, I see the teardrops in your eyes
Sailing at dawn. Beneath the blood red skies

Set In Set In

Upon the horizon. I see my fate so clear
My fate seems certain, but I fight thru the fear

Set in.... Stone, Set In stone
Set in.... Stone, Set In stone

I claw my way out of this dark and dreary hole
And pray for redemption upon my lost soul

Set in.... Stone, Set In stone
Set in.... Stone, Set In stone

5. Valhalla's Gates

Asgard, Odin's hall. The Gods of War
Called by the tolling bell, Hammer of Thor
Call upon the bravehearts, gather at the sea
Iron flesh and fire, Bring us victory

Red lights on the horizon, Smoke billows in the sky
twelve riders monted on horseback, sing out the battle cry

Raging wave of fury, sweepiing crossed the land
Leaving in the longboats, from the blood stained sands
I weild my Ax with thunder at ny brothers side
Fight for blood and honor, Die with Nordik Pride

Nightfall bloodred moon, A lone wolves cry
Sunrise, the battles din, crimson sky
Death call, the chosen few Valhalla's Gates
Victory for the few, Glory awaits
Valhalla's Gates

6. Tyranny's Fall

I see billowing smoke from piles of bone.
Let the banner unfurl from the tower of stone.

Victory cries sound from the hordes.
The dead lay in thousands, clutching their swords.
Our enemies ravaged they tremble, and quake.
We cut down their king; put his head on a stake.

Thundering hooves ride towards the keep.
Iron clad horsemen ten thousand deep.

Soldiers of fortune, peasants, and knaves.
Ransack the village, desecrating their graves.
Iron handed oppressors relinquish their hold.
Stripped of their titles left rotting and cold.

We call upon Odin; give us strength to fight.
Piercing speed of lightning and all of thunders might.
The power of the ocean, the howling northern gales.
Grant us fearless fury, and wind to fill our sails.

Courageous hearts, and vision; retribution paid in blood.
The years of cold oppression; succumbing to the flood.
The voice of the down trodden, the muscle of the meek.
The strength of righteous fury gives power to the weak.

Gleaming metal…..Battle cry
Onward march…..Kill or die
Rolling thunder…..Battlefield
Stand true.
Pushing forward…..Iron force
Relentless fury…..Runs its course
Blood and metal…..Howling wail
Flesh and fire…..Spikes and mail.

Flaming arrows…..No fear
Crash of steel…..Deaths near
No retreat….Hold fast
Freedoms call
Destroying angels…..Heavens wrath
Forged in fire…..Hells path
Darkness falls…..Dead of night
Raging war …..Till morning light

Battalions of chaos the dissident rise
Our foes die in torment, crows pluck out their eyes.

Warriors for freedom, the tyrant he falls.
Reclaiming our kingdom. We tear down the walls.
Victories conquest, oppression no more.
Liberty’s price, paid thru blood and waaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr

7. Rage

Racing thru the streets with my soul on fire.
Trying to escape this burning desire.
I spin my wheels, and I turn the page.
Ever trapped in eternal rage.

Oceans of red
Caress my mind
As I leave this world behind

Dripping crimson laughter in a fiery haze.
Fueling molten hatred in this drunken daze.
Spitting poison words with malignant spite
Flailing blows of discord thru unfocused site.

Rivers of blood pounding pain
Heartbeat of stone, Love lost in vain

Reaping what I’ve sewn in damnation’s hole
Falling down the chasm with the other lost souls
Fighting for survival in this iron cage
Radiating anger and eternal rage

Rivers of blood, pounding pain
Heartbeat of stone, love lost in vain

8. Cross to Bear

I roam the mountain. Under cover of night.
Burning my bridges, I surrender the fight.
You’re the nails in my coffin; you’re the cold judging stare.
Pleading for salvation, ain’t my cross to bear.

It ain’t my cross
Ain’t my cross to bear

The fall of the wicked, brings prophetic fear.
The wrath of the righteous, the lines become clear.
Pound the nail in my coffin, and cast that cold judging stare.
No chance for salvation, it ain’t my cross to bear.

It ain’t my cross
Ain’t my cross to bear.

Doctrine of poison, martyrs of fear.
The call of the chosen, the ends drawing near.
You’re the oak of my coffin; you’re the earth on my grave.
Our last chance for salvation, our souls to be saved.

It ain’t my cross
Ain’t my cross to bear


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