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Killing Games

"Killing Games" (2001)

1. Beware
2. Dance Yourself to Death
3. Disturbing Times
4. Bad Bad Brain
5. Spit for Your Life
6. Azken Agurraren Negarra
7. White Hoods
8. Swallow My Pride
9. My Baby's Cracked (She's Got a Gun)
10. Heavy Metal Lies
11. L.A.M.F.

1. Beware

You sucked the soul out of your friends
Just as you always have sucked mine,
Wish that treason will never end,
The future couldn't be so fine...

You have grown prouder everyday
But you're still a pitiful clown,
Things won't easily come your way :
Very soon you'll be your own...

It seems you're really in a spot
Searching for an identity.
Don't you know that you stink a lot
Since you have been seen on T.V...

You're dressed up to look much younger,
You got a wig, your smile is fake,
You haunt corridors of power
And you are nothing but a snake...

I don't like to pretend,
You do it so well...
I don't like to show off
... So go straight to Hell!

Beware... Wherever...
Beware... You might be...
Beware... I will be...
Beware... I will be there!

I will be there...
So be aware!

2. Dance Yourself to Death

We are the unforgiven
We just go back today.
No place for us in heaven,
So we come back to play...

Don't you remember us?
A gypsy family...
You have burnt down the circus,
So don't hope for mercy.

You can't flee, you can't hide,
You can't go: we will always be by your side,
Until both of your legs will rot
That final show will never stop!

You're gonna dance yourself to death...

We want you beggin' on your knees
Hoping the music will break down.
Let's have that big drums sound increase.
It is the swan song of your town...

You're gonna dance under the rain
... Under the rain.

3. Disturbing Times

Can't you remember us,
Are you so blind?
Here we are mercyless
Warriors with twisted minds...

Disturbing times,
We'll never flinch,
Past reflections,
Could you find better links?

Never forget
What we've done in the past,
'Cause despite your name
You could be next in line...

Disturbing times,
We'll never flinch,
Past reflections,
Could you find better links?

Watch out!
New order comes...
Better watch out!
New order comes...

Watch out...
I'm gonna rule the world!

4. Bad Bad Brain

I was built in July,
Completed in April,
Almost achieved in may,
And I guess my daddy's
Still reaching his mind
How to find the right way.

I'm only two years old,
Much stronger than a tank,
Taller than a top deck,
And I rove in the night
But when the morning comes
I always need a check...

Bad bad brain...

My body ain't so bad,
But I can't help thinking
I'm not really complete.
Sometimes I lose and eye
And I can see it blank
Just laying at my feet.

When I look at my hands,
I can't control the curse
When they go for a neck.
And the scream that I hear
Always convinces me
I'm nothing but a wreck...

Bad bad brain...

5. Spit for Your Life

Don't let there ideas get inside your head
'Cause if you do this, for sure you're as good as dead...

Don't let these guys telling you are a fool.
I can assure you some colorfull pills ain't so cool.

You better come around to my way of thinking,
I understand that you feel sad and down.
Stop pretending you're a king
...Without crown...

Spit for your life, throw them away,
You better fight, you"ll be a leader some day.
Spit for your health, try to be strong,
You beter fight, be a man face the light.

So wake up! to this world< you beloNG...
Stand up! you"ve been in the dark too much long...

6. Azken Agurraren Negarra

Nore ziaz, euskal semea,
Harma hori eskutan?
Harmen hartzera deitzen naute
Frantsen aldera.

Eskualerritik urrunduz,
To atzerrira joanak,
A ze negarra entzunen duzu

Death or glory,
Eskuara baizik,
Etzakiten haiek,
Death or glory.

Gure historian zehar
Zenbat malko ta ezbehar ;
Landetaratu gindutenekila
Dugu orain hil behar.

Bere ama agurtu du
Etxolako atarian ;
Bere amak bisiratuko du
Atzerriko hilobian.

7. White Hoods

White hoods...
Dragon's laws...
Grim facts...
Watch out for these men...

Dark woods...
Broken rules...
Barking in the rain...

Black skin...
Bible belt...
Burning crosses
Standing in the rain...

White gangs...
Dribbling dogs...
No hope
Dragging heavy chains...

Now start running, black belly,
Better hide, we need your boddy...
Boy start running, here's the pack,
Better flee...
'Cause the Klan is on your back!

White hoods...
Dark knights...
Scary blokes...
Watch out for this blight...

Black goods...
Good slaves...
Slave in pain
Screaming in the shade...

8. Swallow My Pride

In 1979 I was only 16,
Living the boring life of an introverted kid.
I didn't find any girl 'cause I was too busy,
Learning basic E/A chords on an S.G. copy...
...And I was right...

1979, had to claim
That I required, my part of fame.
And so I tried with all my might,
I was fighting my dreams, I was dreaming my fights...

79, early flight,
I didn't see the dark side of life,
I'll have to learn, I'll swallow my pride...
I keep on wearing shades but the future ain't bright,,,

Swallowed my pride, the future ain't so bright.
Swallowed my pride, I wasn't right...

But at the end of the summer my father said son,
It's time to stop playing you don't have any stile,
So he gave me overalls and then he took me on.
I thought the job and pants were only for a while..
I wasn't right...

In the year of 86, I got married.
She was a bitch, she sold my axe.
I'm getting mad spending my nights
By the factory wall far away from the lights.

Ten years later, It's getting worse...
I killed my dog, I drowned my child,
I swallowed my beer and swallowed my pride,
I keep wearing shades but my life ain't so bright...
...It ain't so right...

9. My Baby's Cracked (She's Got a Gun)

Mary had a little lamb
But my sister's got a colt.
Everybody gotta scram
Since she plays with thunderbolt...

My sister fell in ove with a gun.
She licks it up, she drives me mad.

I should tell her but now I'm scarred
(That's no fun!)
My baby's nuts, she's got a gun...

She is used to stay in bed
With the pistol by her side.
And she puts it on her chest
Pretending to be the bride...

My sister fell in ove with a gun.
She licks it up, she's slightly mad.

I should tell her but now I'm scarred
(That's no fun!)
My baby's cracked, she's got a gun...

No fun!
She's got... A gun...
She's mad... Too bad!

10. Heavy Metal Lies

So called rebels
Are in distress,
Crummy labels
Are in a mess...

Are you so deaf
That you can be trapped
In that trash?
All they need from you
Is fucking cash!

Stop moral majority.
That "Metal" can be right!
Wake up! Fight the right enemy.
Refuse a plastic fright!

Rejest... Stupid lyrics,
And all... Funky freaks,
Boycott... Silly tunes...
Shout it out!

Heavy Metal lies... No more!
Heavy Metal crooks... On hooks!

Screaming singers,
Nothing but smuts,
Kick the jesters
Right in the nuts!

Are you so dumb
That you can be stuck
With those guys?
All they're telling you
Are sucking lies!

11. L.A.M.F.

Something wrong happened to your life turning it into a nightmare
Something bad which cuts like a knife... You know what? ...I really don't care...

Now you're standing in front of me, you feel sad and you seem so kind.
I don't wanna give you charity... Your sorrow? ...I really don't mind...

No time to loose 'tween you thies, you make me really sick.
Pleasse get out of my night.

Go to Hell... I can't have no mercy, remember that I tried
Go to Hell... 'Cause you have turned your back on me...
Go to Hell... You're nothing but a whore, I don't know who you are,
Go to Hell... You're not my mother anymore!

Sometimes cold's driven in your chest, with a razor right in my hand
Rivalizing "Jack" at his best... Now you're gone... You can't understand...


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