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The flame of eternity

"The flame of eternity's decline" (2005)

1. Wounds of the past
2. Eyes of eternal lonelyness
3. Throne of antiquity
4. Trees are remembers...
5. Breath
6. Moan of the grief
7. Spirit of fury
8. Flame of eternity

1. Wounds of the past

The old wood remembers the past greatness of ancestors
Ancient barrows - wounds of great battles,
Eternally towering above the ground,
Bringing up to life power and pride.

The fiery sun of dusk disappears behind the wood
The frightened birds become silent
Only sculptures of ancient gods stately stand on the hill
As if the memory of the past.

Roots of trees grabbing the soul
Reveiling memories of ancient battles
Great victories and terrible deaths.

Above the ancient wood a raven is spinning around
Symbol of wisdom and pride.

Ancient monuments of the past
Symbols of eternity and pride

2. Eyes of eternal lonelyness

Sun is shining on the crystal parts of ice
Frozen flame of angry is in my soul is in my eyes.
Stars are shining with cosmic wisdom
Hate of million worlds in my hands
Million spheres of burning coldness
In the soul of wolf, in the eyes of eternal lonelyness

Million spheres of burning ice
Million spheres of burning darkness
Space of evil coldness
In my soul,in my eyes
In the eyes of eternal lonelyness
In the eyes of eternal hanger

3. Throne of antiquity

Silence, dark forest
Fear, shadows are silent
Souls of ancestors, ancient signs
Power of the night oppresses conscience.

The cold is squeezing heart up to pain
Trunks of trees carrying away a glimpse
Loud shouts of ancient warriors
The moonlight exposing the darkness.

An owl screaming above the old wood
Ancient signs - souls of ancestors
The power's filled with the gloom of the wood
Eternity, pride and faith

4. Trees are remembers...

Trees are lightened by the dusk
Grey spears of fir-trees stare in the sky
And ancient as rocks the bones of earth
Keep the secret silence of the wood.

Snakes of the trees remember the names of the stars
Speeches of gods, secrets of sorcerers
The rivers tired are sleeping within their coasts
The stones keep the secrets for always.

The wrinkled face of mother Earth
Is covered with snow blanket
An army of trees is standing guard,
A single row of spears, swords and hatchets.

The sigh of space is in the noise of branches,
The reflection of stars - in pupils of lakes.
The eternal wood of ancestors remembers the names of the stars
The stones keep the secrets for always

5. Breath

6. Moan of the grief

In the mist of cold gloom
You can hear the moan of the grief
Illusive shadows of the past
Suffocating smell of fume.

Salty taste of blood, lacerations
Neigh of horses, breath of death.
Sunbeams burnt the souls
The earth was suffering human flesh

The wind carried away agonal rattles,
Loud shouts, furious moans
The flocks of birds of pray were spinning around in the sky
Life and death become as one.

In the darkness of the night
You can hear the moan of grief
Fury of feebleness, painful rattles
Moans of the burnt earth, divine sobbings

7. Spirit of fury

Hatred, burning fury,
The blood is raging in veins,
The foam dripping from canines,
Heart is beating madly.

His eyes are wide opened
His spirit is irresistible
Spirit of fury, spirit of hatred
Spirit of punishment, spirit of freedom.

The death comprehends eternity.
Grief in the eyes and feeble rattle
The full moon lightenes
Wet snow, thawed from blood.

Above the wood covered with snow
The wolf's howl is echoed away.
Howl of grief, howl of fury
Howl of hatred and freedom

8. Flame of eternity

Dusk is burning out the tops of the trees
The death has come a moment before
The glow is dying away, everyone is falling asleep
The shadow is covering all by itself

Power of night birds is coming to life
Their shouts are carried away by frightening echo
And where life was recently ruling
Now the world of shadows dominates

The night sings its song
The song of noises and sounds
The song which frightens the soul

Only phantoms of the past are silent
Rise of eternity returns them their force
Sounds of life filling the air
The power of the night is going away


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