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The Journey

"The Journey" (2003)

1. Loneliness
2. I`ve Lost my faith
3. Spiritual Jewel
4. Wrong Words
5. Thunderstorm
6. Vampire
7. Turn the Page
8. Prophecy
9. The Journey

1. Loneliness


Loneliness has found a home in me.
Happiness has been no friend to me.
And now the sound of silence is louder than everything,
I cannot take it anymore!

Wanting to break the wall,
Which never gave me a reason to be there,
Thereís nothing I can do about it.
Iíve been trying to find the meaning,
But Iím afraid to lose myself.
I donít know who I should call Iím losing my mind.
Maybe if i set myself free,
From this world whoís punishing me,
Bleeding me, killing me, Iíll be alright!

God! Iím bleeding, and now!
I see you, help me! Iím asking, please god!
Donít leave me, save me!
Or Iíll fall, please god!!!

Loneliness has gone away,
And happiness is my new best friend.
I learned from the silence how to fly.
Take a look around, itís easier now cosí I found a reason.
I learned from the darkness how my fellings have changed,
Love can save me, love can save the world!

2. I`ve Lost my faith


Iíve been looking for peace to rest my soul.
Iíve been learning,
That the angels are not friends.
Iíve been dreaming,
With shadows in my mind.
Iím only asking, just let me breath!

Iím blind, how many years have gone?
Help now, my mind is going away.
Iím blind, itís doesnít seem to matter,
Iím blind, and I donít give a shit !

Deep inside me Iíve lost my faith,
Deep inside me, I wanna hear it all!

Iím blind, how many years have passed?
Help me now, my mind is going away.
Iím blind, it doesnít seem to matter,
Iím blind, and I donít give a fuck!

With no guilt, with no shame,
With no sorrow, with no pain.
I told the truth, my hands are tied.
I told the angels,
They could sing to someone new.
They will to someone new!
I wanna hear it all !

3. Spiritual Jewel


Sometimes I ask myself,
The reasons to live and to die
If youíre searching for the truth,
Why have we always living in lies?
The way you used to smile,
Laughing at somebody elseís cry

Youíve touched my heart up to the sky,
Youíve said, that you would live and die for me,
Wiped away all my fears and tears,
Dive deep down in the scream.
A touch of lust behind your eyes
Twisting a preatty and young mind,
Frezzing hate slowly growing,
As in my heart just growís rage! Pain!
This is the rolling tears, the hate has burned out!
I wanna clean my soul!
A journey to the sea of mind.
Try to remedy, the crazy thing within my soul.
íGotta find the jew! And build myself a refugee.
Cosí my body is numb,
I need to set my spirit free!
Uh, the storm is over,
The sun is coming down!
The sun is coming down!
The world is coming down!
The stone spiritual jewel is jail!
The world is coming down!!!

4. Wrong Words


Fantasies from fanaticís,
Who throw you out from paradise,
The dirt living inside human beings,
Makes me put in you my spite.
Many times I advised you,
The dangers of evil,
But youíve just ignore my words,
Exchanging them for gold.
You just keep on praying,
All these wrong words!
Lost into the ages,
Are the secret books of shit, and full of lies.
Saved in blackness insanity,
Desease of human kind.
Now the time has come for suffering,
Punishment, and reckoning.
All the cursed ones who would be on the left,
Will be burned forever.
Many times I advised you,
The dangers of evil,
But youíve just ignore my words,
Exchanging them for gold.
Your future will be black as dark as the night,
Youíll pay for all your mistakes
Untill the end of time,
This is gonna bring the end!

5. Thunderstorm


So she came, and shut the words in my voice.
Just waiting, the smile shinning in her face.
But there just fears, that drop from her eyes.
Behind the mask,
The brightness of the other side.
She coulníd hide what she was felling,
Even though her heart is crying loud.
Dissimulating what she really feels.
Decieved all she darkness, my mind and soul.

Thunderstorm, show me how to fight!
Because your strengh makes my eyes so blind!
Thunderstorm, I will make of my way.
With or without you each and every day.

She came and said I bring good news.
The wind is blowing in another direction.
And told me about her newest dreams.
Theyíre traveling trhough another

6. Vampire


Deep inside the night,
Flies a vulture of a vampire,
Searching blood on lambís neck.
Losing my human reason,
I canít be stoped.
Deep inside the night,
I look for peace which I cannot find,
There are demons dancing,
Deep inside my heart,
They say I must avoid,
Touching the light.

All I ever knew about the sun,
Or somebody told me or
I heard by chance.
All I ever heard about the light,
Say that this power
Can break up my heart.
Iíve got to get that blood that,
Keepís my wandering death alive,
Killing many souls
And bringing all the darkness
To our side

7. Turn the Page


You came to me offering some shelter,
And I sacrificed all I was dreaming off.
Searching in my reflection, for a glimpse of another me.
We have made to each other all those broken promisses!

Hey my friend, letís turn the page!
Hey my friend, I will not save you again!
If thereís a choice, itís up to me, is my decision!

You donít want that again, so let it all go wrong.
Time can be so precious, when you throw your life away.
You,ve gotta learn that
Everything thatís small has to grow, just let it go.
I canít stand, living this way, falling in tears I canít go on!
Knowing that my is gone, this time has gone forever.
Tell me when the kiss of love, becomes a lie.
Your eyes seems like gethsemani, I used to trust, oh fairy tales!
But you gave a juda kiss! Hey my friend, letís turn the page!
Hey my friend, I will not save you again!

Donít you know thatís your only fault.
This burn is growing inside my veins.
Iím trying keep this hate out of my head!!!
Hey my friend, letís turn the page!
Hey my friend, I will not save you again!

8. Prophecy


Prophecy my fate, into the sea.
If my eyes could ever see,
The light that her soul hides.
Then my spirit, would fly so free,
And all the blindness would fade away.

Unfold my eyes, give them the light,
Ease a heart so desperate.
Release my spirit into a dream,
Iíll dive till all hate turns to love
You might say that Iím losing,
All sense and my reason,
Running out of lucidity
You might show me visions,
Keep on preaching illusions,
Making a mess Inside my head.
But all I wanna hear, wanna see her smile again,
To swimm Into the ocean,
Lose any and every notion,
Die and be born again
How can I believe what youíre showing?
Right on my face, am I wasting my time?
Listening to lies, inside your cards,
Iíll no longer waste my time!

9. The Journey


Weíve been climbing up the highest mountain.
We all know that someday
We will reach up there.
We wonít give up our dreams, for nothing.
Weíll just stop when we get there, on the top!
Cause you know, how much we have suffered,
To be right here it took us
So much pain and faith to give up now
This dream wonít fade way,
While the sun is falling
Weíll build our road, before the sunset!
When the journey finally gets to the end,
All the light of the father will fall upon us
Because our faith, will derogate the dark
When weíre gonna be rocking
As we sing our song
Listen we must not fear the evil
But donít underestimate the power he hides
Just walk with care and always be aware!


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