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"Uncontrollable Forces" (2005)

1. Siatica
2. It's That Great Dragon
3. Uncontrollable Force of One
4. Falls Away
5. You Must Bend
6. What Happens Inside
7. Calling You
8. The Jaded Dragon
9. Creeping
10. The Domino Effect
11. Rage On
12. Flying with the Dragon
13. Dragon Dreaming
14. Sick Day

1. Siatica

Sciatica, Sciatica

You're getting on my last nerve

I think that it's more than I can endure

The pain is so real,

It seems surreal

If you were the devil,

I think I'd make a deal

It's all that I can think of

And it's all that I can feel

Every day's the same

Each day that I wake up,

I'm still in pain

Sciatica, Sciatica

2. It's That Great Dragon

It's the one for you

To be you're tried and true

Believe it if you dare

The one that brings you here

It's that great dragon

Feeling its piercing gaze

It's that great Dragon

Slashing through all the chains

It's that great Dragon

Freeing your inner thoughts

It's that great Dragon

Bring forth all of its power

It's that great Dragon

And if you thought for a moment

That you were free

Just laugh it off, 'cause no

One leaves so easily

And if you think that the

World is made of sugar and spice

Then you can't see the flies

That rise so high above the pile

And if your mind is open

To see it all

Then why do you try to run

And hide from the fall

And if you think you can

Conquer them all

Remove your shield and

Let's see how you get involved

And if you thought for a moment

That you were strong

Just shrug it off 'cause

No one's made of steel and bronze

And if you think that our world

Is just a speck

Then get walking before your

Lost within a breathe

And if you think you're better

Than all of us

Your head so big it

Barely knows what to touch

When you think you know

Every right from wrong

It falls inward and leaves you

With iron bars

And if you think you can face

This world alone

Then build your box 'cause

You'll be on your way home

That Great Dragon

Has come here for you and me

Don't shrug it off

As something less than you and me

3. Uncontrollable Force of One

I wield the night

Of the blackest times

I see them all

As they stand against the wall

I feel my mind

Searching for a place to hide

I will become

Uncontrollable force of one

Dancing on the freeway as

The chaos fills the skies

Burning with the fire

Incandescent in the night

Building inner power

As I step up to the fight

My body moving full of

Fury for the time

Uncontrollable Force of One

I grad the fire

From the dragons mouth

I pull the power

Of the strongest minds

I keep my sight

On the stairs of time

I will become

Uncontrollable Force of One

4. Falls Away

I know it's in the past

I've been there many times before

It will haunt me all my life

As it has these many years now gone

Now I know it all falls away

Down a path of rot and decay

Breaking down and broken down again

It's all gone, scattered in the wind

Falls away now

Things of power lost in the rage

Like a candle burning to an end

We march on a cruel decaying trend

Broken bones and finely woven skin

Sight and sound obscure by dull minds

It's all blurred, beaten by the ages

Crawling onward to your bitter doom

Now you see it will all fall away

5. You Must Bend


You must bend, from the Dragon

Can you see me can you hear me

Do you want to know?

What I think about this

Crazy little spinning show

It's always like a story

That you never tell

Like someone slippin' in and out

Of the zone, bone, tone, hone and gone

I like to make it jump

When it's done

Don't worry about the little

Bits of odds and ends

You'll be all right if you

Bend, you must bend

Yeah we all been tappin' nothing now

For quite some time

To wonder always is a constant

Waste of mind

You do or do not it will

All lay on your shoulders now

Time is tickin' on and on

And now it's gone

Hope I shed a little dark

Upon your simple life

And now you know that

Nothing is without its price

To be the one that seems to

Be the kind that's always on

And now that we're gone

You're left with the Dragon

The Dragon, the dragon, the dragon

Oh you think I didn't know the

Songs still on

Then you've learned very little

From the KeyDragon

But that's the way this life

Goes on for thee

You'll become the thing you

Thought you'd never be

6. What Happens Inside

When you look at me

And start to yell and pace

The force of the wind

Hits me right in the face

It's uncontrollable

What happens inside

I get tunnel vision

And I just want to hide

But it all turns red

And I blow up instead

When I come back to my senses

I realize the things I did and said

I want to apologize

It seems so easy to take control

But it's a mistake to think

You know the things that you know

What Happens inside

Inside it's hard to control

You're in denial

You can't get in touch with your soul

You're having problems

Controlling your destiny

Nothing is coming out right

You have to let it go

It seemed so simple

Only a moment ago

Don't fight it

Or it'll get worse

Instead of letting go

You'll end up getting cursed

Don't fight it

It gets worse

Just let it go

And be in control

7. Calling You

Calling you, calling you

You are the one

That we have been calling

All you let it do

Is ring and ring and ring

What we want of you

A sign of some knowing

That you can

See and hear

The message that we speak

The writing on the wall

The words on the sheet

The secret in my mind

All you have to do

Is say it back to me

Let all of us know

You did hear from me

When you hear our call

Get up to your feet

Answer us


8. The Jaded Dragon

It's up in the air

Everything I loved about you

Left only with despair

My hate for you grows stronger

Burrowing inside

Like a beetle in the sty

Seething with the anger

It will boil onto you

My love falls way

Leaving only agony

Living in the black

I am ready to attack

Ready to explode

I will take you down my hole

Fire in my eyes

It will consume everything


What you want from me I can't give

I'm not the slave that you wanted

You look just like what I hated

The anger has made me jaded


Once bitten you can't go back now

Filled with contempt about your order

Left right left right until it's over

Just one more time before I blow it

9. Creeping

Creeping, Seeping

Creeping, Seeping

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The points of light

Slowly shining

Thru the darkness

As it's creeping

The darkness is seeping

Obscuring the light

Obscuring the light

The darkness is creeping

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The point of light

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The darkness is creeping

Slowly seeping

Obscuring the light

Obscuring the light

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

10. The Domino Effect

You can sometimes see it coming

But often it's too late

By the time you see the dominos falling

It's too late to escape

They are placed one by one

You knock one over then it's done

At first you think

You can control it

It even seems like fun

That's just your mind

It's in denial

The Domino Effect has already come

One event leads to another

So smoothly they fly

Sometimes it's a quick trip

Only a few dominos to flip

Far to often

It's a catastrophic event

When the dominos are laid for us

We really don't know

We watch and we wait

For the next domino show

We hope that we'll be lucky

And escape its cold embrace

Once the dominos start falling

You're in fates grace

11. Rage On

I will not surrender

I will not give in to

I will not calm down now

I will not obey you

I will not listen now

I will not do for you

I will not follow you

I will not be like you

I will always rage on

I am the red fury

I am the hate rager

I am the dragons roar

I am the broken door

I am the broken glass

I am the midnight mass

I am the burning coal

I am the fury soul

I will always rage on

I will rage war on you

I will rage pan on you

I will rage through the day

I will rage all away

I will rage to the end

I will rage on and on

I will rage all my life

I will rage into death

12. Flying with the Dragon

The Dragon awaits you

Upon the mountain top

Spread your wings on the wind

Take flight into the world

Flying with the Dragon

Spiral or descension

Into glory and beyond

Power of the Dragon

Is in the palm of your hands

Dragon bound with human

On the airstreams in the night

Flying with the Dragon

Perfect union full of might

The Dragon flys swiftly

Past the vast desert sands

Open your arms to it

Takes you farther than life

Flying with the Dragon

Climbing ever onward

Through the blackness of the day

Plunging into the waters

Within the fathoms of open thought

Exploding into ascension

Rising higher within the stars

Dragon full of fury

Fires burning in my heart

The Dragon comes for you

It knows your every thought

The Dragon within you

It's bursting to the top

Flying with the Dragon

Dragon full of power

Strength and wisdom be your guide

Dragon full of fury

Flying with you in your mind

13. Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming

My wings through the air

Claws on broken ground

Scales shimmering bright

Fire in the night

Teeth like sharp daggers

A tail as long as life

Eyes that shine so bright

Muscles full of might

14. Sick Day


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