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Dragon Prophecy

"Dragon Prophecy" (2006)

1. Dragon Prophecy
2. The Dragon Calls Me
3. Dragon Sea
4. Scales And Wings
5. As Heavy as a Dragon
6. Guardian Dragon
7. Piasa
8. Maud and the Dragon
9. The Golden Dragon
10. Fafnirs Tale
11. The Dragon's Dog
12. Dragon Metal
13. Facing the Dragon
14. Dragon Haze

1. Dragon Prophecy

I wake from deep sleep
The world is not the same
Dare I walk
To the window
Donít believe my eyes

Dragons flying in the sky
Dragons over the hillside
Emerging from the sea
Lakes, rivers, and creeks
Dragons at my feet
Burning down history
Now they live
Fire, strength, and might
They give to me

The Dragon prophecy

Awake within the dream
Walking with the ancient
No need to think
Dragons know my heart
My soul and thoughts
The world belongs to them
From great mountains
To the endless seas
Itís the Dragon prophecy
The Dragon Prophecy

2. The Dragon Calls Me

Full moon enlightens, the forest tonight
Moving so quickly, the Dragon calls me
Open the power, deep within the mind
The Dragon calls me
Inner strength tower, built thickly inside
The Dragon calls me

Now all I have to do
Is listen to it
That mighty Dragon call
The Dragon calls me

The Dragon Calls Me
The Dragon beckons to me

Riding the Dragon, the power divine
Over mountain tops, The Dragon calls me
Fathoms of oceans, no landform in sight
The Dragon Calls me
Far in the waters, the grey-blues my light
The Dragon Calls me

3. Dragon Sea

We sail across the world
To find the golden land
Our destiny is there
Just past the Dragonsí Lair
We venture to be free
Far beyond the Dragon Sea

The Dragon Sea

I canít be the one to let it know
I canít be the one to set it free
Thereís no telling where it wants to go
Out here, alone in the Dragon Sea

Our Dragon guides the way
Safe passage across the sea
As water boils and bubbles
Water serpents below the boat
We dare not let the Dragon go
The Dragon Sea, The Dragon knows!

4. Scales And Wings

From the seas high tide
Blowing winds, grey sky
Scales and wings fly on by
And the Dragon meets my eye

Scales and wings
Of the Dragon
And the fire
That creeps in and out of every single
Thought, that I have
If I could only keep it straight
For a moment I think that

I would see
The growing Dragon in me
Scales and wings
Forever in my mind
Scales and wings
Always on my side
Scales and wings
The Dragons scales and wings
Scales and wings
Forever by my side
Scales and wings
Scales and wings

From the land, earth quake
Molten rock, lava flows
Scales and wings rise up high
And the Dragon meets my eye

From Heavens deep space
Solar flares bright red
Scales and wings glide the night
And the Dragon meets my eye

5. As Heavy as a Dragon

The Dragon looks at you
And now your fear is true
Your bodies turning blue
Donít forget to breathe!
Take a quick step back
Heart rate pounding fast
Sweat builds on your brow
Take a look around
Youíre in the Dragons cave
Thereís only one way out
Just past the Dragons girth
The exits blocked from you
You feel it now
Pushing down on you
Itís so heavy now
Itís as heavy as a Dragon
As heavy as a Dragon

You canít run from it
You canít hide from it
You canít bring it down
You can only

And hope that it will go
And leave you alone
Donít dare to make a move
Stand your ground and wait

The Dragon settles down
Into the earthen floor
It keeps its gaze on you
It waits for you to move
You dare not take a step
Or move from side to side
The hairs on your neck
Standing up with fright
A small stream of fire
From the Dragons mouth
Licks right by your face
The fire is so hot
You feel it now
Pushing down on you
Itís so heavy now
Itís as heavy as a Dragon!
As heavy as a Dragon!

The cave is getting hot
As the Dragon breathes
You canít take much more
Of the Dragonsí heat
Its eyes begin to fade
As it settles down
Just one eye on you
It looks on and waits
The pressures building up
Heat is rising fast
You canít take much more
Before youíll make your move
You feel it now
Pushing down on you
Itís so heavy now
Itís as heavy as a Dragon!
As Heavy as a Dragon!

6. Guardian Dragon

We are searching for the power
To bring together in this night
All our efforts and our wisdom
A Guardian Dragon in my sight

Give to it your thoughts
Your fears and all your doubts
Guardian Dragon
Will you be myÖ

Unite we will with the Dragon
Fire flowing full of power
Our energy within great strength

We march on, through dawn
Into the morning light
Carry all and hold it
As long as you can last
Give to it your thoughts
Your fears and all your doubts
Guardian Dragon
Will you be myÖ

7. Piasa

Long, long ago only animals roamed
Storm Bird lived in a river cave
His cave lined with Buffalo bones

After our people arrived on Earth
Storm Bird captured one of our men
From that day on he threatened us all

A loud roar and a flapping sound
Piasa coming out of his cave
All knew something had to be done
Ouatoga was our great chief
He would find a way to kill the beast
He withdrew into fast and solitude
Ask the Great Spirit to show the way
He told all to hide in their teepees
Twenty warriors opposite the beastsí cave
Dressed in war bonnet our chief did stand

Without weapons in the open land
Storm-Bird saw the chief and let out a roar
It spread itsí wings and flew at the chief
Ouatoga stood chanting death songs

Instantly the warriors let loose arrows
The Storm Bird was struck in the side
Into the water the Storm Bird died
A bird like monster painted high on the bluffs
Large as a calf with horns like a deer
Deep red eyes and a tigers beard
Face like man body covered in scales
Paisa legend, the Storm bird lives on

8. Maud and the Dragon

Once upon a time in Mordiford
Maud was walking in the nearby wood
Came upon a little animal
Had the look of forlorn and reject
Tiny creature was a small Dragon
Shiny green and single set of legs
And its bat like wings to young for flight
Once it saw Maud they were friends for life

Maud was enchanted by the Dragon
She brought him back home and showed her parents

Soon they saw a little baby Dragon
They were very upset and concerned
They told Maud to take it to the woods
Maud with Dragon sadly left the home
Maud left woods to find a secret place
Hide the Wyvern in her hiding place
There the Dragon lived and ate and grew
Saucer of milk would no longer do!

Maud was enchanted by the Dragon
She was the only one safe from the wyvern

The Merardering monster of Mauds
Ate the live-stock and the towns people
Maud begged it to end the murdering
The Dragon looked at her with its eyes
Friendship and love are the strongest things
But not even this could change its ways
Tyranny must fall so all can live
A warrior must come with lance and steed

Maud was enchanted by the Dragon
She stood beside it, itís only friend here

Garston warrior dismounted and stood
Gallantly he sought his dreadful foe
Quickly the green monster lunged forward
Hidden by the green foliage around
He reacted raising his great shield
Garston barely blocked the fire blast
Flash of lance did pierce the Dragons Flesh
Screaming girl with a big Dragons death

Maud was enchanted by the Dragon
Dying Wyvern, End of innocence

9. The Golden Dragon

Most revered the Golden Dragon
Scales and wings the color of gold
Earth, water, and fire
By nature he embraces all three
The Golden Dragon possessed the greatest beauty
Unique pure and perfect
Defending earth from hatred and greed
He works so that all will be freed
Neither fire, nor air, nor water
Are strangers to his being
Only one knight befriended the Dragon
And only three have ever seen them

Defend enchanted castle
Guard the sacred chalice
Font of peace, nature, and life
Concealed from human eyes
We are not worthy of it
We must be free from darkness
Untouched by any flaw
Pure and without blemish

Sacred chalice and the pure hearted knight
Were plucked from earth with a promise
They would return when the dwellers of the world
Became worthy to drink from the chalice
In the heart of the hidden wood
Deep within the enchanted castle
The golden Dragon and the guardian knight
Watch over the font of life
When the chalice returns to earth
All of the Dragons will fly to meet them
Nature will be cured of its wounds
All fear and hatred will disappear

10. Fafnirs Tale

A greedy dwarf and his fatherís gold
Begins the tale of a Dragon old
He killed his father and took his hoard
Hid in a cave guarded by his soul
Through his greed and the curse of gold
Slowly transformed into a Dragon

Oh great Fafnir, ruler of Fire
The color red, of summer and sword
You feel the power enter your body
Cleansing fire from the Dragons mouth
Protect yourself from your enemies

And the Fire, waiting for you
Itís the Fire, protecting you
And the fire, surrounding you
Itís the fire, you canít see through

Siegfried new not of the treachery
Fafnirs brother and the Dragons gold
The magician filled the warriors mind
With thoughts of riches and glory divine
To the river they did lay a trap
He dug a hole and hid there well

When Fafnir passed over top the hole
Siegfried used Grim to slay the Dragon
Dying Fafnir told of the treachery
The magician wanting everything
The warrior took all of the hoard
Bringing with it the curse of gold

The fire Dragon and the treasure hoard
A dead magician and a cursed warrior
Family ruined by the greed of gold
Another Dragon and the tales of old
Fafnirs fire and the red Dragons
They will live on in our legends

11. The Dragon's Dog

In a deep, dark wasteland
Lies the Dragons dog
He awaits in silence
For his masters call
He is swift and furious
As the Dragon himself
He senses your presence
And goes into stealth
Prepare yourself for his release
Search quickly and find your inner peace
He is upon you
Before you realize
You can smell
His hot, steamy breath
And see the death in his eyes
He rips and he tears
At your mortal soul
He takes you down
Along deaths road you stroll
Just when you think you have him
The master arrives
To take up the battle
To extinguish your life
You fight hard
You know you canít loose
You could run but
This is the life you choose
You stand there and face them
The Dragon and his dog
Only you stand between them
The Dragon, his dog, and your soul

12. Dragon Metal

We walk alone at night
My path is the forest light
Now that we venture into it
My Dragon circles overhead
My sword is close at hand
Their fear becomes like quick sand
Itís hard to find the Dragon
He hides all so well within
Now your journey will begin

He flies, from you
So you can see
Takes you to places
Far beyond the trees

Dragon Metal

He plunges into battle
His cries can be heard
His cry for mercy
Has never been learned

Dragon metal

He takes no prisoners
And all will fall
Who so ever should test his metal
And not flee from his call

High in the sky he soars
The Dragon shows you everything
Some things you canít ignore
When he senses injustice
Down he goes with a roar
Vengeful at first
Then he gathers his wits
He breathes great fire
They all flee from it
Rips and claws across the field

The Dragons Metal
You canít kill it
One by one soldiers strike
Sword and spear bounce off scales

Dragon metal

Land and sea, they move in on him
Dragonís metal they try to kill
The battle comes to an end
The Dragon still stands

Dragon Metal

He takes no prisoners
And all will fall
Who so ever should test his metal
And not flee from his call

13. Facing the Dragon

On a forested mountain top
I could see the Wyverns cave
Deep within the river valley
Upon a small grassy plain
We approached it from the side
Through the river and under itís eye
Into the dark and strange abyss
We did venture and take risk
In this dark, cold Dragons lair
We walked in to find the treasure
A flash of fire reveals the carrion
Now we stand facing the Dragon

Facing the Dragon
Face the Dragon

A glint of steel and arrows fly
Some mumbled words and lightning strikes
The Dragon roars and breathes deeply
The fire floods the cave completely
Just in time the wizard saves us
With a spell of fire resistance
The Dragons eyes fixate on us
He gaze a daze that melts all away
Without defense our warrior toils
Against a beast beyond his power
With little strength left tot spend
We must stand and face the Dragon

Facing the Dragon
Face the Dragon

It casts upon us a cold dark stare
That winds its way to our despair
Our weapons fall and we hardly care
The Dragon waits and watches with dare
The fear begins to grow within
The thought of treasure very thin
Smelling flowers in the fresh air
Swimming in the water and rivers Bear
Before we know it weíre no longer there
No more cave no more Dragon no fear
It let us live that day in the cave
To face the Dragon another day

14. Dragon Haze


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