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"Promo 2004" (2004 Demo)

1. Diencephalic
2. Be Thy Vengeance
3. Art of Decay

1. Diencephalic

ventricles flowing
blood for blood

the thirst
the hunger

vamparic lust for ones survival
controlled emotions

the thirst
the hunger

sleep my love

taste the wine of tyrany
the flow of deprivation
she has awaken brought into a new life
a life full of evil and death

the virus can not be defeated
taking its prey one by one
hunting and feeding
until there is none

the thirst

2. Be Thy Vengeance

i lost me love
a long time ago
in the lands of tragedy
no one can barely see

as the maiden fell into the arms of hypocrisy
it shall be my final will of revenge

wrath in my fists
bloodshed on my mind
taken was she
the one to be the last

the wage of battle has commenced
give me my favoured weapon
as i shall have my vengeance

with force, my blade
flows through the flesh
again, the last raid
it will be the final test

on the earth the crimson corpses;
in their path they have fallen
fallen by my sword
lie amidst

3. Art of Decay


look for no ending
as they will suffer for you

the sun has turned into darkness
down into the depths of hell
slay the ones who have slew
atone for death by death

this boundless earth has no beginning
only destruction that has no ending

rotting in our existence
mutilation of a different kind
this is the end of mortal man

the utter end of mortal man
has been set upon us all

this is the art of decay
to atone for death by death


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