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"Pieces" (1998 EP)

1. Embers of Dawn
2. La Fin du Silence
3. The Breath through the Syone
4. This Eternal Bitterness

1. Embers of Dawn


See them sparkle, the embers of dawn
Vipers in the garden of love, unknown clandestines in
The Kingdom of delight, take on the night.
Disloge the inhabitants of this blessed domain,
Lovers guided by illusion, take on the night.
Attractive rapists with pure faces unknown clandestines in
The kingdom of delight.
A blessed domain, only the ones who know cross the line,
Evading in a shared magical dream.

A magical dream... rocked by betrayal that dirted my existence.


And the spell worked:
Feeling this passion
Paralyzed in this rising hell
Too wake up is too hard
Perishing in the embers of dawn.

A blaze in the mists of your heart
Punished my act, punished my act
You, mastering the end as a thought
Punished my act
Hear this requiem in two parts
Embers in the fire of dawn glide and collide
A dying sun shines on each of my days

In the widow of my hopes that strungled my own hands,
The story ended in a last caress of faith.
As purity, leaving with this yearning
This load prevents me from moving forward
Dazzled by the light in your eyes
Sparkling as the embers of dawn.

2. La Fin du Silence

Toujours ce silence immobile,
Empris par chacune de tes larmes
Toujours cette croyance assassine
Qui porte ton coeur loin de moi.
Sur tes joues, ces perles qui roulent
Sont autant de prières et d´espérance
Trahissant derrière tes paupières lourdes
De riches pierres taillées dans la souffrance.
Toujours cette croyance assassine
De beau et d´éternel
...Et partir avec cette compagne indigne...
Et déjà montent en moi, les fièvres vengeresses
Déchirées à la vue de ton corps éteint
Le coeur souillé par ces pensées pêcheresses
Autant que par ce remord qui l´étreint.
Si tes derniers instants sont siens,
Je me ferai seul juge du jour et de l´heure...
C´est en te rêvant sans vie,
Que je te rêvais en paix
Je sens venir la fin du silence,
Le cri salvateur
Et ce cri en guise de révérence,
Déchire les cieux
En même temps que la loi du silence
Dans un paradoxe meurtrier.

3. The Breath through the Syone

Memory is a poison, to the eyes of lovers
And other rose for your grave...
... Bloody silence
And from this day, remorse devours my mind.

Is this one the last ?
From this day on this dream consumes me
Wishing to feel the heat of your sigh through the stone.

Memory is a poison to me
A torture is this bloody silence.

Fantasy meets reality... feel my arms
And from the earth, from the place
No one returns, I wished so strong
That I heard

I heard the voice, I heard the call
I saw the body and the face
I felt her lips, I felt her breath
But the breath was cold.

reason gave me up taken by the flames of silence
Reason gave me up killed by these images that torture me

Enchained to the grave of the past
Homeless, I know that I could find
Hidden below the marble, the last whisper
Which could nurse me again
And take pleasure listening
To this voice, which sings the notes
That I used to love
And I take pleasure, remembering the sweetness
Of the words.

4. This Eternal Bitterness

A thousand stars disturb my dreams witnesses
of my tears
A slow caress pulled me from my sleep
I?m waking up but my eyes stayed closed.
The taste of reality will now leave my lips
My new mistress, the one you call Death
The one you dread will received my soul
In its last residence.
La mort, ultime delivrance
Va briser les chaines qui liaient mon ame
A ce spectre du passe
Que le sang puisse effacer
Cette promesse bafouee.
A garden of roses, of peace and quiet,
Will make so sweet the feeling of eternity
In their words forever lost, could they just think
It was the only way for me?
The blood and sorrow
Have dicted their laws
It was the only way for me, to be by your side
The pain, the cold compain of existence
The pain, brought me to new landscapes
The pain, spilling in my veins, like the memory of
your grace.
It was the only way for me
To be by your side and forget these cold nights
To take me to the other side.
Just a word, a sign to breath the rope
Forget these gloomy hours
A word to leave this cold night.
A sign, too much for you to give
You left me behind you under this black sky
The back whipped by a boling rain
That swept away my soul.
The wording, the last act we played
Is coming back to me, like ghosts wandering in my head
And here the storm subsided.
A slow caress pulled me from my sleep
Waking up but my eyes stayed closed
An iced kiss, then froze my lips.
An iced kiss, then froze my lips
My flight just failed
My suicide rimed aground...
And only wander in the ruins of my past
Trapped in the embrace of
This eternal bitterness.


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