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Aryan Thunder

"Aryan Thunder" (2004 Demo)

1. My Homeland's Call
2. Aryan Thunder
3. Blood Of My Ancestors

1. My Homeland's Call

These depthes hold forms not meant to be seen,
We saw them last and they killed our dream.
A castle torn assunder, broke were the walls;
A kingdom so mighty, yet destined to fall.
Gaze to the future, reawake our past;
Our forefathers past battles, were not their last.
Will they rise again? Only time shall tell,
But the story didn't end when they fell.
Oh give us sight. So we can see.
Where dwell the forces of our enemies.
Summon strength, gained through our pain,
Walk the lands where heroes were slain.
"The Sun went down when they died,
But death in battle is a warrior's pride.
A part of us died, as they did fall;
All because they heard their Fatherland call.
The trees in the forest, stand to this day,
The wind gently blows through the leaves.
As I listen the wind softly says,
'Remember dear warrior, the past still breathes'."

2. Aryan Thunder

Our blood and soil have been stolen,
By left wing traitors and immigrants.
How did they take away our birthright?
Why did we surrender without a fight?
We have got to take back what is ours,
Time to rise for battle this is the hero's hour!

But amongst all the sheep, some still stand tall;
Who are angered and disgusted by their country's fall.
Patriotic hearts whose noble blood will be shed,
Whose blood will stain the battlefield a heroic red.
On the field of battle, raise your swords to the sky,
No man amongst us is afraid to die.
Time for a new order, for a new World,
Begin the march - our banner is unfurled

Chorus: Rumbles in the distance,
Moon shows its pale face,
Crashing over mountains,
Aryan thunder roars!
There is a fire,
In embers below ashes,
Ignites in all white hearts
Aryan thunder roars!

Now our time has finally come,
To fight and kill the traitorous scum.
The war horn sounds, as thunder pounds!
The future is in our hands!

3. Blood Of My Ancestors

Swords drawn - a silver gleam,
Marching into war, fulfilling their dream.
To die in battle was always their pride,
Mounting their horses on the ill fated ride.
Knowing nothing except of glory,
Onwards charging into the books of history.
And as they drew their very last breath,
They were proud of their heroic death.

Marching through all lands far and wide,
Spirit of brotherhood - side by side.
To defend the nation they so loved,
Now their blood stains history's page.

Never to be forgotten, their death's were not in vain;
We shall never forget, how they were slain.
Our blood is our spirit, our spirit is our race.
Our race is our nation, our nation is our ancestor's blood!

Dead but not forgotten
Our forefather's fell,
When they shall rise?
The wind only can tell.


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