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Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue

"Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue" (2006)

1. Gemini Becoming the Tripod
2. Immortelle and Paper Caravelle
3. Aura on an Asylum Wall
4. ...on Lipid Form
5. Amaranth the Peddler

1. Gemini Becoming the Tripod

The portraiture within me rose up
To meet a constellation
Borne on psychic waters.
Geometry showed me its dark side
And showered me with its arcing plumes.

The Lovers met in deepest dreams -
Tourmaline eyes glinting in the non-light.

I bring to thee an Orchid I picked
Once as a human
From my Spiral garden
I held the holy Tripod and
All the nothing held its breath.

Gemini solemnly split themselves -
The world closed its eyes.
Supreme love in the opposite -
The world hid in clouds.
From a severed two came one -
The world quaked in fear.
Galaxies slow, and ammonites -
The foe e'en trembled in his darksome cave.

2. Immortelle and Paper Caravelle

3. Aura on an Asylum Wall

Almost condescending it looks on from inside;
I feel strong, this day will never wither!
In sorcery is my most ancient thought,
And I thought the sorcerer was right.

It creeps behind a dusty mirror -
They, in an attic I dreamt of once.

Flow through me again, Wraitful One -
I feel strong!
Throw the tapestry o'er the oracles!
Belong to me in Innocence...

The shears cut cleaner than a child's first sin;
I chose the grave in Blasphemous.

It fell away a hundred times before,
But orisons scratched veiled glass.
"Thou art I," says Cast Away:
And I am in an attic.

I feel weak, this night will never bloom!
I am I
Now you're mine, my cunting child.

4. ...on Lipid Form

In a host of unbarred waterways
The man bearing scrolls;
These are faces I've seen written into sympathy -
Kingly ships in ecstacy that fill'd their sails with delight.

I printed out the fountainhead received to me in Languid Keys:
A knowledge subtle drawn with sunlight faring well the matchless Seas!

And up through the ductwork feels the bloody door,
Mine if I remain, but horror;
Remain, yes, where body binds the body,
And awake is a lonely room away.

Maybe a soundless rapture that dissolves the form.

And pulsars deep in mourning (The Portrait Of the Music To the Poet).

5. Amaranth the Peddler

"A Thunderbolt in the northern Sky...
...And the roaring of a Lion..."

Swept up by the downy wings of angels
Made from a heaven-laden voice,
I float with all the weight of Ether -
It pilots an aerie merchant's ship
Across the phantasmagoric main.

Courses waged by hermits to lonesome starry shores
Bequeath their secret entryways;
Lighthouses watch fervently the horizons of the soul.

But Amaranth the Peddler waxes poetic to the Mnemosyne -
His unmasked eyes deliver lunacy;
It is a countless hour stealing
Further into landscapes seldom drawn,
Even in a demon's troubled head.

He sells his wares to Vampires
In bottles cork'd by Woe;
Dreams in liquid lift their eyes
To Morpheus enthroned
Upon a poppy field breathing
Slightly all alone.

Feathers from a lofty wish
Fall upon their own and fall
Wearily to Earth -
A stirring by the nightstand caused the
Lamp to lift its voice.

"Alack, a purloined dream
Again distills thy trembling eye!
What mystery remaineth ever so?

Amaranth, a curse doth write itself
Upon thy spectral frame,
A thousand lives, a thousand days
Disgraceth thus they name!"


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