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Hunger of Elements

"Hunger of Elements" (2005)

1. In My Dungeon!
2. In Arms of the Astral World
3. Below the Tree of Life
4. Nightsky
5. The Manifesto of the Unity
6. The Breath of Atlantis

1. In My Dungeon!

(Music and lyrics by Piaty, Keyboards by Jacek Melnicki)

Rushing through dense forests of mountains and dells
The rustling robes, and the hair made of wild waves of air
A stoney palm, with a dreadful beauty,
Clenches sharpening the shine of the orbits.
Stimulated by thousands of fiery swamps, I feel the rhythym of the pulsating earth.
Tongues rising up to the heavens - pulsating veins in rocky fissures.
The flowers of scarlet, forming a mist
... the forging gleam of the aurora australis
... the winds of the Gods is within me!

Ingenuous thoughts; lead me!
I walk on the path of instinct - I grow with no impediment for future epochs.
Nothing will stop my everlasting roam
The winged praxis towards millions of gates
I, the wind of the ancient world, create an alien touch amongst the two lights -
The key to the immortal fog, and the encoded strength.
"The mystery of blood - lies in us, children of the noble race..."
"I, the wind! Recollecting the times of the shining Atlantis..."

...Many are already uncovered, and the road is thawed through the sunset in the West, but I dare to reach the unimaginable!

The bourne is grand - through an abstract psyche, here is my frantic art
I, the wind of time - create a dimension of undestructable thoughts
The word 'keys' became firmer than the one forged into stone.
Welcome to my rooted hemisphere of fire.

I scatter the remains of the rouge layers
I sharpen my instinct - and my feelings pierce through the barriers (behind the cosmos)
Upon the rocks of the mountainous hemorrhages
A symphony of the priest's dance
... Hate bursts out from the lips
The crowns of the surrounding trees give notice - the dances in leafy robes shine
... in my hemisphere of fire

Here is the only moment where the shine of dawn is rotten for the eyes.
Here is my victory, the birth amongst chaos.
You try to find me on your palm, wandering through the mountains, but your life lines are laid down in fear.
I melt your tears, and your unwanted feelings
In the line of cold hearts - like the spearhead of the One-Eyed God!

Proficient and cunning in movement with the stars; I treat my victim with neglect. I long to strangle (it) with poetry, from within the deep blossoms.
Here is the mad climax and the screaming rhythm when I melt the precious orbits

... an empty gift of life
... in my dungeon!

My thoughts organised with a possessed laugh
The explosions of the hating pulse - let them lead me through this hemisphere of fire
I curse you, to burn in a fiery sacrifice!
... in my dungeon!
The Northern course intensifies my strength
Ascending the aurora australis - I douse my hands into the lakes of stars
The mountainous swamps call - through the embers of sheared heads.

Here is my homage to the mountainous blossoms - the ancient earth remembers
Here is the rocky beginning - in the hands of the elements
The hidden word - "keys" - within the human psyche.

2. In Arms of the Astral World

(Music by Melfas)


3. Below the Tree of Life

(Music and lyrics by Piaty, keyboards by Jacek Melnicki)

In a flamed abyss, into a maelstrom of the deepest caves
Here - below the tree of life...
Moving dark blocks of rubble
Touching the mighty wings, whirl between nine candles of fate!
Awakening amongst abdomens and rites...
The dense air of the halls and the wells' screams in the ancient tongues of wood.

Twirling amongst everlasting calls...
The underwater gap on the bloodied torn tree of life...
The echo of the demons' chants strikes like kisses of death...
... Below, the timeless vapor, and the death of united thoughts.

Through the nine candles of fate
The designs of the walls of time are endless in moving images.
An innocent reflection of the white lady's laughter
This is the mighty power in a borderless image of the ancient.
Here, below - the frozen walls weep reaching immensity.
Crowded mothers fade in the distance, and the leaves reach for the horizon.

Mixed ashes within elements, the underwater lava forms paths -
When the soul begins to burn returning to the roots of being

The tears of ecstasy sculpture the countenance
The screams strangle shapes
Pillars of faces flowing in a victorious conversion
Sacred elements of the abyss - Kataxu!
Lead for me the wheels of death and life are lit...
I remember! Being born many a time, living ruddiness of the worlds!
I, bringer of the dusk...
Glorifying the most cruel of wisdoms
Creating ages of tyranny in the midst of a short life
Infiltrating worlds full of religion and incarnations
With innocence my robe of scarlet is moistened
Mechanical faces of envy; balls in cycles of a lighted demise
Caverns of my aura - in a vortex of the deepest caves
Rouge wafts of melancholy
Awakening with poison of sweet catacombs
Breathe the shadows into the space of horizon!
This is the Reich arising from the war drawn path
Through the solar line of the division of the two suns
Towards the top of the center of madness
Through the solar line of comets at the countless stars of chaos
Now, the machine of time counts back the falls for the violent victory
Now, with a proud march through the thirteenth planet - stomp upon the pearls of the disease

4. Nightsky

... the dawn of the nocturnal sun carries radiance
In the bloody kiss, behind the protection of the night he lies amongst the rocks
... and only the sigh of the mountains gives a sign that you will willingly sacrifice your ruin heart -
In the mountains amongst the runic circles, surrounded by a gale of pagan names

5. The Manifesto of the Unity

(Music by Piaty and Melfas, lyrics by Melfas)

Let the heavy breath of clouds magnify the horizon
Let all of the matured ultra feelings burn with bloody spew of the Gods' fire
Let the waters strike with waves of hate!
Let Ragnarok begin, from the loudest scream of unity!

A vitreous female - ripped from a womb
Then and there had passed her palm over to become the first lady
Then and there the flakes had uncovered the wild attachment
She cried, covering her vulgar laugh underneath her mask
She passed her palm over the thousands swirling in a sexual rhythm.

She envenomed the Gods with a drink...
To procreate a war monster of a hundred years

The vitreous female within the web of Orion

(Do you hear the mighty steps above the waters!?
Their calling was heard, but no one saw their demonic wings...)

(The ages in which begriming the the faith and the race have never been so apt)

Don't ask, if it is eay to find the key in one of the sources of creation
If the fall of the hounds' faith is near
If the wrath of the pantheon still hears its flame at the corners of the world
Let's throw a shadow of crystal murders
Because this is the time - where birds can only fly
Upon the golden formation
Uopn a heap of thoughts

The pearls of the hounds' dog will crawl - in its mighty beauty
On a leash, dragged behind the godly chariots of war!!!

You will stand, like before, underneath the whip of Ancient Rome
In the frantic laugh of Sparta, I will push your brood off the mountain

Let the gales speak when the crows shall laugh!
Pick out the eyes so they can see!

The prophecies in which the background was found
For the end of millions of sheep eyes
This is the wolf era of truth - amongst the burning of sanctuaries lies!
In the hands of puppets - the sanctuaries of the world tremble

The cold wind still ripples the hue changing wate...

Creations of short breath shall crawl - forever!
Because these are the epochs of power, entangled and unified!

And the gale shall blow into the horn of victory - to all the corners of the world!
The victims, for the holes in time, shall be stopped in a vortex of vulgar laughs and eternal motionless!

Those, who bowed down to the hounded god,
Will now dip their necks, before the rings of power!

Seperated amongst dead embodiments - creatures of short breath!

Pick out the eyes so they can see!

6. The Breath of Atlantis

(Music and Lyrics by Piaty

Great tears of the world are sought at the point of the melting suns
Mighty waters glitter like never before - pondering about their fate...
... They don't see the major end, covered by the shadow of the monstrous wave
The sign given by the birds at dusk join their anxiety with the colors of the moist earth
By melting into the sea depth...
... and only the flamed rune shows the road radiating a blaze of rings!
... Anxiety!


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