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Promo 2006

"Promo 2006" (2006 Demo)

1. Siege of Caffa
2. Legions of the Pestilence

1. Siege of Caffa

Siege of Caffa

Come fire, come death
Come the glaring devil fists!
Come force, come iron
Come the mourning evil face!

Your stronghold is falling, prepare to embrace the end
Behold the symphonies of our crushing artillery
Listen to your feeble moaning
The whining of the Wind of Doom

Soon, we shall rampage through the gate
Devastate your shrines and violate the women
We purge and pillage – it’s our knightly code
The clash of two civilizations
And only ours will prevail!

In the downpour of fire and iron
Bathing in infected blood
The one thing we could not have known
Our victory
Overshadowed by the Face of Death
The Fate would have had it otherwise
The Fate that claimed our lives
Branded by impending Armageddon
Slain by the invincible Ghosts of Perdition

Hell came to life in that crimson red morning
We fell in thousands, inapprehensive of our fate
Swept off by the river of contaminated corpses
Chocking on filth, overrun by the living dead
A carnival of grotesque in front of our eyes
Cavorting empty shells, swollen bubonic cadavers

To the ships!
Find shelter among the waves
To the ships!
Flee you all who are sane
To the ships!

2. Legions of the Pestilence

Legions of the Pestilence

Just how worthless life may come to be…
Witnessing cadavers tossed into flames
[Your eyes are blind and your lips
Dare not utter a single word];
We are turning into an abominable void
Stained by death and marked by shame
Warming up at the human pyres
Fueled with blood of the deceased;

The procession is in our moribund city,
Veiled in morbid miasma that chokes all life
They are coming this way
To infest the survivors, to feast on the dead
Legions of the Pestilence
The funeral march of victorious bereavement
All life condemned to desolation

When there is nothing left but smoking ruins
And the voices are all silenced and weak
A sonorous chant will come from the depths
The song of warped joy and exaltation
Life vanquished in its final battle!
Victorious armies of invincible troopers
The ultimate triumph of the Reaper

The procession will march on and on
Until all is put to their final sleep of demise
Until women give birth to the stillborn infants
And the fetuses are born with horns on their foreheads
Streets paved with skulls and banners made of skin
Human flesh fed to the hounds who serve the One
Lord of the Plague
No compromise! The sky will bleed tonight!

Legions of the Pestilence
March on!
Straight to the burning horizon!
Slay all and spare no-one!
We gather in numbers and we are the Legion
Legion of the Pestilence
We are the New Breed
The newest definition of the very word:


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