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"Mainheadskull" (2004)

1. King's Road Night Clerk
2. Hello My Bitch
3. Marshall Volvostate
4. Baltic Herring Net
5. Pintman
6. Beaver Fever
7. Hell No
8. Space Taxi
9. King of Sunila
10. Headskull

1. King's Road Night Clerk

We have been riding through the night
Some kind of break would be alright
Don't stop here, don't stop yet
We can always wait for the right one

Only one, the right one!

Here we go, the shitty wagon is in the yard
He is there, He is there, there's no doubt about that
Uncontrolled beard and sleepy face
Because of his damn night sifts he hasn't slept in days

Everyone has their very own desires
Paste maintains the good'ol tradition
Something salty, something sweet
To crown all, the top notch service and surely again we shall meet

Only one, the right one!

2. Hello My Bitch

Hello my bitch, get out of my way
I really don´t care,
I´m gonna throw you away

Hello little shit, you damned wicked witch
To you face, I´m going to spit
Eat the mess you made

hey, hey… there ain´t no way...
hey, i´m not gonna say...
hey, you´ve ruined my brain...
hey, eat that mess you made...

Don´t cry on bitch, snap out of it
The problem is you, come to understand it
Don´t make a big deal, don´t make it no more
Be what you are, look i´m stepping out of door

3. Marshall Volvostate

All distortion full the sound is awfull
but when you handle the knobles you have no problems

Cult position in the catalog of amblifiers
don't give it away, you'll be sorry later

Line-out gives you electric sounds, no mics needed
Back in the days it was all the same
volvostate had a big role in the game
Urolagnia gigs were handled

Bands were true, not fake Fuck U,
Marshall Volvostate

4. Baltic Herring Net

dive, dive into the sea,
elderly man´s cape, the sand is burning
what will you see, some minimal bikini,
heads are turning

perch caught by Jake, figure in the horizon
no rod and reel today, it´s the time for hook
angler is not in hurry, like the boys with lotioned bodies
sand is burning


manful figure rising from deep waters
sun disappears and earth is shaking
lightning strikes like curse
it´s time for the second coming

Baltic herring net

Great deal of mass confusion
people running in pandemonium
no one will survive
cold sand in the eyes of the beaten down

eyes of the beaten down

5. Pintman

he is seeded from beer, childhood spent in "torment"..
he´s been eaten only iron with the liquid fire

his weapon is pint, metal is his way to hear
he looks to kill he wants the thrill…

pintman, he is will find his bar
pintman, he is will find a new way

6. Beaver Fever

I´m cruising on, down the road
I´m passing fields, I´m passing woods
I´m getting closer, yeah, to my pleasure

I take a look, down on me
I see my "fishing stuff", waiting for me
I´m getting closer, yeah, to my pleasure

Now I´m here, I won´t drop no tears
Meat is all I need, I´m getting feel
A fever…

I´m sick of beaver fever
to put some furr on my wall
I´m sick of beaver fever
to get something for my balls

7. Hell No

don´t jump in a car, you´re fool they say
as a drunken bastard i´m on my way
my volvo, so fast, orange today
cops behind me, i´m driving insane

back in home and i´m a mastermind
i left them behind, no,no they can´t find
i open the bottle, and lay down in sofa
when the morning comes, i hope all is over

hell no, sun is rising
hell no, i´m re-incarnating

hell no, in TV mc gyver
hell no, my liver leftover

8. Space Taxi

we are here once again, bit of boxing, what´s the crowd?
metal oriented music loud as hell
near by the "windtunnel" men has been so well!

space taxi!

burning in hell, burning with me…

cigarettes, burning leaves, boxing and boozing, punch them while they can´t see
fuzz and fight, piss and bite, boxing and boozing, punch them while they can´t see

he cannot leave as soon as we want, keys are missing, ponytail wrong
stereos screaming, Entombed and Death
afterparty place has booked I can tell!

space taxi!

burning in hell, burning with me…

9. King of Sunila

The water is black
And waves so high
Broken boat
paddles gone…

Still feel no fear


poisoned pike, I will still eat...poisoned pike caugth by Jake...

10. Headskull

Old tale formed with the time of man
Where lays the truth and who is the one
to reveal the secrets and free all the people?
Is the world out of heroes, like I.J?

Magic and witchcraft , the domination
this distant land with fearsome master.
Fathers sent, their only sons
to fight the darkness with goodness and light

It was no use, they all died, there was no use, everything was lie

Then there came this group of men
ugly as hell carrying something
they called it "the salvation of the earth"
fallen from the sky, in the shape of a skull

Surely they claimed to save everyone
"We're on the mission of God"
People believed, it was the last thing they did
Evil had now the control of everything

Skull was revealed, evil stepped out, waving his head, round and around

Children of the graveyard, reaching for the mountain, bones battered by the spell…. Secrets, secrets…

Master had a name, master had a face…Headskull

People of the earth, bow to the sovereign, life is no more how it used to be… Secrets, secrets…


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