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Tongue of Barbarian Peoples

"Tongue of Barbarian Peoples" (2003 Demo)

1. Enslaved
2. Standard
3. Infidelic

1. Enslaved

Speaking deliberously of freedom
While enslaving the world around them
Heritage of barbarian worlds destroyed as infame
Upholding their reign supreme

Spoils deprived under a lie chosen to believe
To be slaves again
Without hope of free will
"How blind have we been!"

Bound and shackled
Sons as slaves and daughters whores
Wicked will to rule
Corrupts the human heart

Their peoples arise
Defiant as a thousand storms
United in flame
To burn away centuries of lies

2. Standard

One standard to rule all...
Fall unto your knees before this symbol
For it shall give you ever lasting life
In hell

History written by their victors
Truth buried under the sands
With their greatest misachievements
They bury their shame

Barbarism overthrown
Civilization claims the crown of humanity
Arrogance over reverence of nature's gods
Mother Earth raped in an endless cycle

Pagan hordes storming on their gates
Roaring with fury of their hate

3. Infidelic

Led astray their beliefs
Chose to worship on themselves
Destroyed all who opposed them
Betrayed all those who had supported them

They defy ancient gods,
The holy spirits
Divine kin
Provoced by creators of sin

The ways of these rulers
Are commoner's repugnance
Those who make them what they are
They grind to the ground

Now standing superior in flesh
Soulless inferior in depths
Awaiting masses' fury
To be wiped clean

We are to conquer the western lands
Their rivers of blood washed with theirs
Drown them in their penance
Clean our dead with their skulls

When the king is coming, all men will tremble with fear


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