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Infernal Heirarchy

"Infernal Heirarchy" (1993 Single)

1. First Born
2. False Prophecy

1. First Born

So it has been written
So it shall be done
She has brought eternal
Hell upon this earth

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Evil has been born
From forbidden lust

The blood of a thousand sinners
Burns through his veins
His flesh formed
From sacrificial remains

For priests, come a new holy terror
The firstborn, shall be the new savior

And so a child may lead us
To reign over a religion of untrust

He has come forth to fulfill
The destiny of everlasting sin
The prophecy from the child's mouth
The living darkness will soon begin

The king of kings will lose all power
Christians shall bow and be known as cowards

In a time
When sinners drink the blood and wine
Now nothing sacred
Shall be held divine

2. False Prophecy

I stand before you
For a worthy cause
To do a bidding
Of Satan's unwritten laws
Death begins now

A priest, holy and kind
From behind your altar of evil I find
A dark path, which you only know
unholy and untrue, God's foe
Why hide, behind this mask
A cult which performs unspeakable acts
Fools saying you're a religious man
How can that be when you're forever damned


Converting Heaven into Hell
An incantation evil spell
Preach the word of your God
But who do you pray to
Ask the little children you slew
Good and evil follow them both
And the noose is on your throat

Enter a life of uncertainty
There is no fucking mercy
Follow him you'll be saved
Entranced as Satan's slave
Violent night, holy night
Darkness begins to fall

As they do the bidding
Of Satan's unwritten laws
Heed my warnings, I do not lie
Listen to this false man
And you'll be sure to...


Now you die!


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