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Soul Perforation

"Soul Perforation" (2003 Demo)

1. Intestinal Sorrow
2. Pray Till Death
3. Back To Blasphemy
4. Soul Perforation
5. Last Supper
6. Where Is God

1. Intestinal Sorrow

In blood I kill my sorrow,
My emptiness in life
See your intesines
The outcome of your pain
Your suffer to your death
Gives me a new life
Push my hands through your cold flesh
Crush your heart – I feel like newborn

Murder is my destination – I feel no regrets
It is my satisfaction – I smash you all to death
All my life I will kill – I bring the endless pain
Every night the hunt for flesh – blood-thirst never fullfilled

Hatefull I bring you all to hell
All that I feel is the greed to kill

See my eyes – cold as my knife
You cry – slaughtered to death
I smile - take your last breath
You die – and will rot in hell

2. Pray Till Death

Pray for the sins - sins that commence
Pray for the girl that you lost and grieve
Pray for your parents which gives you love and peace
Pray for the fuckin´ rest of your life

This is the last time – of your broken life
This is the last time – Pray for the rest of your blessed life
Pray for mercy – your dead is near
Pray for mercy – pray ´cause the end of life is near
The end is coming – can´t stop your dead
The end is coming – pray ´cause you can´t stop your dead
Shadows in mind – you cry for help
Shadows in mind – pray with a hopeless cry for help

Pray for the rest of your fucking life…

3. Back To Blasphemy

4. Soul Perforation

The first times you were raped
The room was filled with cries
Tonight you´ve lost your voice
In blood you´re looking nice
You´ll never cry again
´cause I´ve cut your throat
With cold eyes I see you


Musty odour
Fills the air
Every night
I come again


I´m in excitement
In the smell of rotting flesh
We are not alone
´cause flies are fucking on your face
Fucking little worms
Perforate your body everywhere
My dreams of decay
Bringing the next orgasm

You´ve died for me
I saw you bleed
To smell the pain
I´ll kill again

I kill; I feel; The thrill – Killing again
I rape; I smell; The flesh – goin´ insane
I cut; your legs; blood spread – getting excite
I prepare your body – to fuck you all night

5. Last Supper

6. Where Is God

We pray for forgivness, for all our sins
For his goodness, ´till eternity

We pray for justice in our lifes
They predict we´ll find paradise

They tell us how to life our lives
A live of commandments for internal purity
But when I see the war and murder every day
Tell me what is the need to pray

Where is God – when pregnant women are killed
Where is God – when a live end before it begins

Where isGod – when people die of hunger and war
He is not – our saviour when we follow his law

Name of God – Kill´ em all
God will forgive


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