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Choice Cuts

"Choice Cuts" (2001 Best of/Compilation)

1. Night Soil
2. Until Death
3. Carneous Cacoffiny (Carcass cover)
4. I Work for the Street Cleaner (Impetigo cover)
5. All That Rots
6. Spirits of the Dead
7. Immaculate Defecation
8. Flesh and Blood
9. Fæcal Rites
10. From Here To Colostomy
11. With Shit I Am Adorned
12. Ingestion of Colotomic Funk
13. With Shit I Am Adorned

1. Night Soil

A new coproph-age, by pedung I am plagued
Inhaling the flatulence with which I am rife
Soon to be undone by my own dung
The first day of the rest of my life

Swimming in refuse and imbibing the cess
Overwhelmed by sewage and sickly excess
Nostrils rebuked by an olfactory assault
Alveoli and ordure forcefully gestalt

Uvula encrusted with night-soil
Crepitous taste
Treading stool, exhausted by the toil
Trachea burdened with occidentals
To the brim with waste
My sphincter has proven wholly detrimental

A new coproph-age, by pedung I am plagued
Inhaling the flatulence with which I am rife
I find I am undone by my own dung
The last day of the rest of my life

Unable to endure excreta and manure
Trapped in this toilet
Can longer withstand my bowel remnants
Mouth is full of shit

(solo: "My Bowl Runneth Over..." by L.d. Muerte)

Drowning in post-intestinal sludge
Receiving my just desserts in rectal fudge
Serendipitously succumb to the vast amounts of bung
The turds on the tip of my tongue

Fæces slither down my oesophageal tract
Left in extremis, I'm resigned to the fact
Offspring of my arse, liquescent bloody shites
Inhumed in my own dreck, a human coprolite

2. Until Death

The life-giving ichor streaming through my veins
A curse from which I deign to be released
For your obsession is one I cannot satisfy
The frigid touch of the recently deceased

Occupied at the morgue, exsanguinating husks
Man-handling a corpse, I uncovered my desire
I can only be gratified by working stiffs
For me to climax, your life must expire

To be or not to be, is that the question?
I long to see you with a death-white complexion
Expunge my innards and commit mortal sin
You must flay your skin to bear what's within
An irrevocable decision, my suicide
I long to rummage through your insides
A borderline fetish that in life can't be tried
My ecstatic release is for what you will have died

Release your offal in a sanguineous tide

Prostrate fornent instruments of destruction
A slit in the crotch and a blade is cached in
The arterial spray and rivulets of gore
My gonads expelled, the pangs like a virgin

Avulsed intestines are meretriciously discarded
Harvesting kidneys, you comport as your reaper
Incised and excised, you bleed for me
Excavating your torso, you go deeper and deeper

An incision to the abdomen to justify my love
With entrails exposed, I'll find you a cut above
I want to hold your hand when my fingers are degloved
Express yourself by showing what you're made of
After hacking genitalia I see I am sterile
Convulse and regurgitate to sample your own bile
Diced liver and stomach, so normally reviled
Are on the sheets so lovingly compiled

The beauty of a fibrillating heart
Until death do we part

(solo: "Arrythmia and Blues" by S.C. McGrath)

No union as strong as this
Your (my) fate is sealed with a kiss
There lies such sexual bliss
In articulo mortis

Chopped to the bone, your flesh is rent
Tissues morbid, bodily fluids are spent
Human infarction, bloody eruption
Exfoliating dermis, self-inflicted dissection

I espy a ray of light as my life ebbs away
I enter into the abominable display
My heart on my sleeve, sheets, and negligee
I cherish this final auto-da-fe
Having reached the end of my life's breadth
I'll delve into your organs and explore your depth
Orgasm as I exhale my last breath
We have cum to consumate this death

The beauty of a fibrillating heart
Until death do we part

From this mortal coil depart

3. Carneous Cacoffiny (Carcass cover)

Striking up my discordant underture
A carnal cacophony perversely penned
Transposed...and decomposed
On strings fashioned from human twine
Lovingly wound and fretted upon my bow
Garishly incarcerated...the dead resonate
In a final death-throe

Vibrant as I thresh...
Movements scripted for the dead...

Orchestral horrors I vehemently conduct
My corpus concertos cordial
Disinterred... and detuned
With six feet below
In harmony with the deceased
My inspiration...your disintegration
For my latest masterpiece

My scope creeps your flesh...
Notes seep from sinewy frets...

But don't hold your breath
As you wait for your god or the void
Or the abyss of nothingness
Your usefulness isn't through
Your productivity I resume...

My sorbid, soiled handicrafts
Will be your afterlife's handicap....

...My corrupt crescendos...
...Will leave you out on a limbo...
...Your disposition I unleash...
...You will rest in my piece...

With deadly dynamics
You're dead, buried and barred
Your remains dampened and fingered
Your mortal coil is barbed
The death-bells are peeling
Ringing out as you flake
Shrieking out their recitals
A celebration of your wake...

Enter my funereality
My world two metres under
A curious habitat
Your muddy trench I plunder
Pass on to ethereality
Churned out under the sextant's blade
You live your life in wretchedness
And death is no escape...

4. I Work for the Street Cleaner (Impetigo cover)

I work for the streetcleaner
When the work day is done
I bring home some organs
For some late night necrophiliac fun...
I clean up the toll of the highway mishap
Blood and twisted steel are dnine
The gore in my hands will be smeared on my love
And the cadaver I carry will be mine
My lover and I are pathetic
Fellating the bones of the dead
Fornication with the remnants of the dismembered carcasses
Sodomizing the worm eaten head...
We bathe in the blood of the unlucky stiffs
Keep their eyes, tongues and brains in glass cases
Smear our naked writhing bodies in the grue and pus
Lick the rotted sinews from their mangled beaten faces
We are aroused and enticed, my lover and I,
By the sanguine stench of the deaceased
We writhe among piles of gelatinous dead flesh
And suck the hepatic tissue of the diseased
I'll procure the corpses 'til my storage shelves are full
I remove the fluids from your skull...
Jars of preservation fluids
Inhale the nauseating fumes
On the wall decaying
purulent corpses
Putrefying in my room...
I feel the clots on my face and skin
The carnage of the violently expelled
Masturbate with the blood of mutilated stiff
Explose with carnal joy among the entrails
Writhing an dwiggling in a bed full of death
My inhibitions existing no more
French kissing the skulls, the foetid breath
Making love to the cadaverous whore
We are psychotic, my lover and I
Only the sick couls share our delight
We take turns mounting the detestable stiff
Our moans continue through out the night...
The jellified skin running through my hands
The joy of arousal from the dead corpses touch
The necrotic thirst for unconcenable love
The love a corpse cannot give too much...
I'll procure the corpses 'til my storage shelves are full
I remove the fluids from your skull...
I work for the streetcleaner
And though it's never been said
It's fun to be paid
To dispose of the recently dead
The insane lust of the necrophile
A bizarre emotion that cannot be described
The thrill of violence and its horrible result
Creates an urge from which our sickness derives
Tonight we will indulge in forbidden delight
To quench our desires, it's what we must do
Beware if you drive on the highway tonight
The next cadaver we fuck might be you!!!

5. All That Rots

Wholly rotten, your body decayed
Your husk a decomposing organic sewer
Ichor boiled, congealed, and reduced
Into a fustular mass of fertile manure

Liquid waste expelled
With a nauseating smell
Your innards have started to turn
The stink makes my sinuses burn

With intestinal fortitude I'm forced to digest
This purulent victual with which I'm obsessed
Greedily binging on glistening turds
As gristle and fat form globular curds

Pulsating liver is violently excised
Pureed, brewed, and mulled
A gustitory treat for the mentally ill
With which my senses are dulled
Your kidneys are stewed and with offal imbued
Infused with simmering gore
Of carbonized entrails and all that is rotten
I'm quite a connoisseur

A ftid tapioca is prepared in your colon
Nauseating pudding, thickened with pus
A genital soufflé is concocted on the fly
Post-mortem nutriment of decomposing guts
Putrescine elixir is quaffed to kill the taste
A most refreshing apértif
The noxious beverage is tapped from your skull
You're repulsively rotten beyond belief

6. Spirits of the Dead

Your ribcage is avulsed
Mangled, chopped, and hewn
Organ meats have been sundered
And about your coffin strewn
Latent germs deliquesce your guts
Fermenting your simmering brine
Upon this loathsome, steaming mass
I'm predisposed to dine

Dehydrated liver is quenched with grog
In a gurgulating froth, dissolved
In purulence ruptured, your bowel has turned septic
Your innards are now devolved

Intestines turn to slush
Vitriolic mush

Inebriating fumes, mind altering effluvium
An intoxicating funeral binge on post-digestive chum
Carbonated gastric stew
Excreted, distilled, and imbibed
A nidorous concoction fermented to proof
The dead I tap, siphon, and grind

(solo: "Dead Drunk" by S.C. McGrath)
(solo: "Consumption of Inebriates and Subsequent Goggles of Alcoholic Deception" by L.d. Muerte)
(solo: "The Siphoning of Liquescent Dead Tissue for Use in the Fermentation of Grain Alchohol, and the Consumption Thereof" by S.C. McGrath)
(solo: "A Porcelain Visitation" by L.d. Muerte")

Spirits of the dead
Sip the rotting head
Repulsively imbued
With necro-holic brew

7. Immaculate Defecation

The colon explodes with diarrheal sepsis
Anal leakage ecstactically shed
A stenching mass of post-bolal rot
Corn laced reeking ano-gastric snot
Your skivvies besmirched with ftid mung
Liquid viscous, peanut dotted dung
Your rectum protrudes from its now swollen rim
Your diapers are filled to the brim

Virgophrenic ass
Through which the sludge is passed
Colypeptic chyme
It always hurts the first time

Defecate, remove the dregs

Terminal colorrhagia
With an afterbirth of chyle
Saponaceous foam
To you lips, bring a smile

(solo: "Manual Deinstallation of Ordure from Partially Decrepit Bungs" by L.d. Muerte)

Table manners lacking in grace
Your fingers used to stuff your face
Your breech still emitting rancorous poo
Pour another bowl of butthole stew

Your anus wiped clean with antiseptic pads
Depuration of faecal clots
Powdered with talc, your bilge takes on a pallor
Decrepitation, a sickening false alarm
Digested pablum disposed of with haste
Bursting at the seams, a bag full of waste
Decontaminated, to try and make amends
You're bound to fill your trousers again

8. Flesh and Blood

(solo: "De-Incarnated Mass of Fungal Strains " by S.C. McGrath)

Pulling the morbid stiffs
From the damp, sepulchral tomb
Harvesting the rotten
My vocation, to exhume
Methanous tissues removed
With procedures so emetic
A sordid conflagration
Your corpse is quite pathetic

Dissecting body parts, disinhumed
As my head starts to reel from the fumes

Consuming the cadaverous chyme
Sopped up from the crypt
I morbidly dissect
As jellified muscles are ripped
Oozing thoracic pulp
Is thoroughly molested
Engorged with cankerous phlegm
I've left you quite congested

Grinding the dead into slaw
As formaldehyde drips from my maw
Committing your remains to the mud
Eternally, you'll rot
You're only flesh and blood

Your remnants are boxed
(solo: "One Foot in the Grave" by S.C. McGrath)

Bones have been picked
(solo: "Distressed Fallopian Discharge Bottled and Sold" by L.d. Muerte)

Your carnage interred
(solo: "Uglinous Erosion of Necrocellular Proteins" by S.C. McGrath)

A botched, necrotic wreck
(solo: "Blood Bank Robbery and Singular Enjoyment of Booty" by L.d. Muerte)

9. Fæcal Rites

Mastication starts the process
Transforms the food into bolus
Deglutition of the ruffage
Oesophageal stage
Careening straight down my gullet
Into my gut it will plummet
Churning acids digest chyme
Nutrients refined
Escheria Coli wil act
As a complex glucose tap
But it's from the rectum I gain
The excrement which flows like rain

Our fæces who art in rectum
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom bung, thy will be dung
The filth invades my septum
Holey anus full of shit
The turd is with me
Blessed art thou coprophagist
Messed is the fruit of thy feast

Bowing to the porcelain god
Plunge my face in the steaming mess
Bobbing for stinky turds
Septic waters filled with cess

A smile crosses my sullied face
Eagerly devouring my own waste
My bowel movement I must praise
The ordure fits my taste

Ingest the scat, eat the mess
Swallow the filth, engorge the cess

An epiphany of divine waste
The genesis of shit
Analic hyms, mass for a mass
My appetite is sick
Covenant with chyme to create crap
Exodus out my hole
My prayers answered, I flush the altar
Let my fæces go

Our fæces who art in rectum
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom bung, thy will be dung
The filth invades my septum
Holey anus full of shit
The turd is with me
Blessed art thou coprophagist
Messed is the fruit of thy feast

10. From Here To Colostomy

Anal fissures burst with bacterial cess
As the blood spews from your loins
Your crotch leaking pus from the myriad cuts
That have ventilated your groin
Tubular shit slipping from your gut
Fills colostomy bags to the brim
Sputtering farts disintegrate your colon
As I tear you limb from limb

Your ass is swollen shut
Sloughing off your gut

Pyogenic sepsis has invaded your gap
As maggots feed on pus
Your sphincter is punctured with cynical hate
When I hack away at your guts
Pulling the innards from your hemorrhoidal abscess
Tumours and bungs are hashed
Dissected piles are dissolved in diarrhea
And force fed through your gash

Ano-embolisms, chronic diarrhoea
Suffering through repeated enemas
Cleansing your runny stools
The stench of liquid dung is sure
To make my palate drool

Fecund larvae hatch
In my despumating meal
An eruption of organic mucilage
Conspires to seal the deal
Aspirating your colon
With pathological zest
I dimidiate and scour
As I put your ass to the test

Enmangling your ilium with my tools
As excreta collects in sodden pools
Diffluence seeps from your ruined anal duct
Your lewdly gaping rectum is extracted and sucked

11. With Shit I Am Adorned

12. Ingestion of Colotomic Funk

13. With Shit I Am Adorned


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