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"Wake Up" (2002)

1. Dancing with the Dead
2. Bread and Fire
3. Time Travel
4. God is Within
5. To be You
6. My Cape is Darker
7. I Hope There's a Tomorrow
8. Doomid

1. Dancing with the Dead

They're rising from their grave...
The silent days in seven years
Of your service to the climbing gods...
When I break out of this hospital!!!
You wasted time, I drowned
You wasted life, I discovered
You wasted time in my life, my time...
Your challenge to challenge me
Your red brown table
You started right from the start
Your reasons why?
And every day passes me by
I never needed my real life friends
It seems the more that we try...
Because God I care, I care
This is the new silent way!
We're getting stronger each time we fall
So trust me, take my hand
Come with me to the graveland

2. Bread and Fire

3. Time Travel

28 days until the end
Waiting for Halloween
Why do they call you Frank?
We are running out of time
Travelling through time helps us sure get by
Going everywhere, no we won't give up!
I travel there
Travel with Frank
Watch the movie screen
Why won't you take off your mask?
Look up into the sky
Don't tell your sister
We are running out of time
The force is sure with me now
I want to try to never die
We will come back down from the sky
Forces of evil will always try
I will work hard
You'll drive in your cars
We are on a mission!
I got to tell you something you might not want to believe
Why are you so worried?
Why do you even care?
More and more I worry, more and more
I worry and worry
I cry

4. God is Within

I wait in the sunshine
I will wait for my old dad
He never really comes
I swear, he wouldn't recognize his own son
They made me follow them fall into the ground
Never wanted to change
Never should have stayed
Not scared of them evil beings
I have faith
God gave me ambition to strike out evil spirits

5. To be You

To be you...
I'd hate to
To be you...
I never think I could
To meet you... I'd hate you
I never wish I did
I'll never be like you

6. My Cape is Darker

Wow, shit, wait, it's not right
We're the same
We became one
Who's to blame?
What is right?
Can't convince
Don't want to be just as you
Never different, so the question is where to begin?
Media controls beings, controls humans
Trapping me
Trapping me
Capturing me
My cape is darker!!!
Get away from it
Don't let it run your life
We are going to start a new revolution
Won't let them get into our minds
Because our mind is where the soul is hidden
Let's join a force different from theirs
Help some of those souls
Build a new force and take over those fools

7. I Hope There's a Tomorrow

Sick and tired of all those kids
That don't appreciate all the little things in life
They don't realize what it's worth to be alive anymore...
Born into this world
Can't stop this feeling that we're getting older
But you made me change
I think I changed cause of you
We'll get it right
We'll make it work
We'll make it fixed
Can do anything with you
How many days/how many times
Will this go on for???
Do you think it's right
To be swallowed by the time that is provided?
Not right to me
Takes all the good ones away with it
Missing all the ones we love
Sometimes my ideas defeat my whole creation
I sure hope that there is a tomorrow

8. Doomid

They will never bring us down in this world
What it takes to be on the right side
Rise from my bed
Can't tell what this day will bring
Try to convince that the whole world is asleep
They rage war and they raise hell!
Can't you see all my thoughts are the same
Even though I try to escape,
I'm stuck with them over and over
They control my brain now, make it stop
In this world you stick to the ones that love you
Love them
Family, your only true friend
Make sure you take care of them
As they did and will you


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