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Slaves Of DNA

"Slaves Of DNA" (2001)

1. Slaves Of DNA
2. Industrial Death
3. Empty
4. Sucubus
5. Prion
6. Involution
7. Necrophagica
8. Spiritual Disease
9. R. Song

1. Slaves Of DNA

Self’s Gift – “The are no more maps, there are no more beliefs nor philosophy. From now on the commands come straight from the universe, the curriculum is being revealed from each millenium of second. Invisibly, spontaneously, intuitively, lovely. Like the monk said: “Get into your cell and your cell will teach you everything that is to know. Your cell.
Yourself.” AKSHARA NOOR – 6th century


Circles of life
Growing inside
From each cell the knowledge is rising for you
Ancient ones
All have you done
Control of your destiny and means what you are...
Slaving you
Protecting you
Inside yourself (Slaves of DNA)
Drawings from past still in this life
Develop the existence
Shadows behind you
Voices and feelings
Pieces of you
Primal ones
Buildings your thoughts
Slaving you
Protecting you
Inside yourself (Slaves of DNA)

2. Industrial Death


(Industrialized) Empty corpses rotting in assembly lines
(Dehumanized) Unfeeling hearts and brainwashed minds
(Limited) Blinded visions
Old procedures from an imperfect site
(Slaves of Work) Cold dirty cells
Welcome to the last goodbye
Subhuman conditions
Unhealthy places
Toxic things
Destroying these lives
Think or you will die
Grow up or you will die
Working ‘till the last breath
Living does not matter
Money talks more (Industrial Death)

3. Empty


Look into my eyes
What do you see?
You didn’t see nothing
‘Cause there’s nothing inside me
Possessed by hate and fear
In a eternal interior fight
I’m damned to be
(Hate) made me blind
Voices disturbing my mind
Nothing more to say
I won’t live another day
Nightmares show me death
Those visions make me try
I can’t control my hands
Disease is in my mind
Now I’m looking back
God please I wonder why
Tell me what to do
Help me I must die.

4. Sucubus


Take a look at this enlightened innocent child
She gave me death
With her innocent smile
My Queen Lilith
One of her names
She took my soul and my flesh
Falling into her arms while my life drains away
There’s nothing more I can do
Just kiss her and die...
Sexual dreams inside my soul
Sex and disease
Inside her eyes just suffering and pain
“A New World” rising around me
She calls this one “Home”
Sexual dreams inside my soul

5. Prion


Kuru was propagated by ritual cannibalism
New form emerged recently:
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy; or Mad Cow Disease!!!
(In man, the first symptons may be loss of memory, motor disturbances leading to dementia and...) (Death)
Mad Cow Disease
Mad Cow Disease
Consumption by cattle of feed
Supplements derived from scrapie-contaminated sheep
Prion may arise spontaneously by imoculation transmited
Conversely, immunoaffinity purification of scrapie infected hamster brain extracts using anti-bodies against PrP led to enrichment of infectivity.

6. Involution


(There’s no more feelings I have seen
It’s drowning fast all of our dreams
Like a world without a sound...
The substance controls the spirit
There’s nothing more to believe
Screams from silent so loud...)
Blessed by the darkness
The world’s coming down
Spreading the evil
There’s no love to be found
Unlightned souls meeting
Lack of harmony
Eyes reflecting nothing
No destiny.

7. Necrophagica


All the things that I see
Fading away in front of me
Darkness and evil around this world
Satan comands
Now he’s the lord
Church falls down
Sky turns gray
Demons and fire coming against our way
Existence now is close to the end
Rotting corpses in the promised land
Starving people eating the dead
God save us from this evil
Rising storms from deep damned hell
Destroying all these lives
Hate and vengeance
Violence and fear
Love does not exist
The triumph of darkness is right and near
God can’t save our souls
Eternal pain
Chaotic disease
Children dying hungry
Visions from a world in agony
Praying word of blasphemy.

8. Spiritual Disease


Evil disease
Only basal
Methabolic process
Sexual desire
With sudden death
Makes me fell better
Better than living
My consciousness flies
Now I can see myself
There’s no more suffering
Nor pain and tears
Just feeling free
Sweet lovely death
Bring me with you
To the eternal life
Now I’m living all my dreams
I got back my dignity
Should I have tried again?
In that material rotting corpse?
Don’t judge my raged way
Just think about my feelings
Now I’m walking beside her
Far beyond this living...

9. R. Song



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