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Sundown Echoes

"Sundown Echoes" (1997 Demo)

1. Sundown Echoes
2. The Snow Will Fall
3. The Stream
4. Water to Water
5. Silent Hills
6. Ad Sidera

1. Sundown Echoes

2. The Snow Will Fall

Fiercely I walk my lonely path
Trough the trees submerged in silver light

The Northstar
Enlights my way...

The moon is rising above her icy throne
The clouds embrace her majesty in veils of cold

My footprint on snow
Lead back to places I've never
Really know, but still I have to go

I look ahead
White cliffs and dungeons of ice I see
And after my passage forever the shall be

Forever they shall be
Forever they shall be

The snow will fall to cover the signs I left
And whole my existance will be forgotten at last

The Northstar throwns
Her light away...

3. The Stream

Flow... The crystal waters flow
Deep in the wood, where lights are low

Hear the gentle whispering
Of the stream that passes through
Green moss covered stones
Tunnels of trees and twisted roots
Here the sun is weakened
By filters of leaves above
With grace the silver water
Blend with light in sparks of gold

Light reflects on the
Everchanging surface
Images of past that drift away
As water flows

Moments that will never return
Are all left behind
Just memories forever lost
In the flowing stream of time.

4. Water to Water

The sun gets veiled
The storm is near
The cold wind struggles against the light that

The water gets colder
Now the sun has failed
The black waves get higher
As to invoke the rain

Their moanful cry
The water roar
Destroying the memories once I carved
upon the shore

Sea of suffering
Sink my spark of pain
Coil my spirit
In your cold embrace
To my mind's eyes
Your gloomy depths reveal
As water to water
Solve my soul in your infinity...

5. Silent Hills

Water falls from the depths
Of a dark grey sky
Collisions of thousands of rainswollen clouds
Fill the air of thundering cries

Sometimes I wonder, beholding the clouds,
If behind them there is still the sun
The rain keeps falling, persevering blind
As if it followed a task that had to be done

Walls of water hide
The limits of the sky
But I still can hear the call
Of what does lie behind

Water flows in synews streams
Among the golden leaves
Electric fires dance
Reflecting in the falling tears
The cover of clouds suddendly breaks
In a wound of twilight sky
The storm drifts away
To let my eyes gaze at the stars


The sky clears to show
The wastelands that lie beyond the sun
Dark and silent halls
Of supreme powers and supreme cold


6. Ad Sidera

...As the sun glides in the deepest slumber, they come.

Eternal witnesses of our offence,
unforgiving, yet weeping, sleepless eyes.
A sorrowful glance from the Nocturnal Vault,
bearing a thousand years'burden of our guilt.

Among the ruins of Mankind I turn my eyes to the darkened sky,
Waiting a sign for my ascension;
but they stand still, motionless.

Oh, the cold embrace of the stars I yearn,
to escape the all-staining touch of Man.


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