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Route 666

"Route 666" (2004)

1. Route 666
2. The Helltrain Coven
3. S.O.S.
4. Afterglow
5. Polizei
6. Sleepless
7. Tombstone
8. Kingsize
9. Rot'n'Roll
10. Rat Pack
11. Helltrain

1. Route 666

Pedal to the metal, led on my feet, enginge roaring, turn up the heat
A roadrace to hell, on crashcourse with sin, a package of spells, bet and you'll win

A date with the devil, close to the heat, people are dancing and Jesus the meat
A dafe with the devil, close to the heat, people are laughing and drums play the beat

l am the bastard son - evil inborn, Satan in tip-top, from head to toe
Just look at me, sense my blitz, down riding route 666

Semi-automatic, a delicate show, gotta keep running, a few miles to go
Hook up a motel, I need some sleep, before joining in as his black fucking sheep

2. The Helltrain Coven

We're out there rockin every inhouse, we're out there rockin the cotton fields
We've even seen some preachers dancin, shakin their hips to our rockin feast

And it's no question of black or white, these devil tunes don't care about skin
And we don't ask for faithful servants, hound dogs come fine just for sin

Come join now with the helltrain coven, satans party-crew
Come join now with the helltrain coven, room for all but few

What l love about to sing this song is the rhythm that it makes
It keeps me all night long, and l just wanna burst:
l'm with the devil and life is my thirst

We're glad you came here watchin, the open air that these songs match in
A few more rhymes, one pint or two, come join the party, and bring your crew

3. S.O.S.

I'd better step into my boots - keep shocking, a box of red wine keeps my head up rocking
A big pack of kicks and I'll go again

You'd better start to wake up baby, a few more miles and then we'll maybe...
See the shores that we call our home again

Do you dare to call the sins of a tifetime? S.O.S - you've got to gamble to win

It's a time warp, feel it on the sidewalk, it's a sin, it's a second of skin
It's a time warp, feel if on the sidewaik, s.o.s - you've got to gamble to win

I'd better run away from home - keep rocking, like the soldier on his own
So fucking arrogant to ask for death again

It's like running with a gun, sleep safely, going out there on my own, honestly...
Does any of this make fucking sense?

4. Afterglow

I lie awake while the gods are sleeping, I trust in death as the only real thing
I denied god two times and twenty years ago, I believe in things you never want to know

There's no such thing as heaven. I'd rather go with the flow

Gotta go, gotta sing the songs I know, to keep it rhyme along in the afterglow
What do you feel? If it's pain well then life is for real

I hit em hard, I've never once tried the other cheek
Regrets? We'll those I'll keep for the eternal sleep
Not once in a lifefime have I thought about it twice
Who am I to speak if I don't differ from the mice?

5. Polizei

We're in a state without action, now these kids want some satisfaction
Wanna keep on rocking all night long, having some fun, breaking some bones

Fat fucks with pay checks like 15, keep on catering like filthy crows
No wonder kids come messing all night long, having some fun, breaking some bones

Eins zwei - eins zwei - Don't mess with Polizei
Eins zwei - eins zwei - We wanna hit them high
Kids come messing with bricks and stones
We're armed with guns and we'll make up some holes

Where to fight if not back on the streets? Yeah - like some fucks would listen to me?
Hey - now the cops come watchin', doin' the deeds - reddening some skin

6. Sleepless

Damage done and the seventh son, holy hell we are sleepless
Comatose red in the serpent's bed, hell we are dying in fever

Dinner's served on silver plates, one last gasp of freedom
Before going out to kill the snake, in search of holy kingdoms

What do you want from me? A life of peace and harmony?
I just wanna rage and all, a hundred years and then I'll go

Come close and watch the downfall, like pigs in filth we crawl
Living life tied up in chains, prayers, morals, stupid games

One last call to the mighty halls of sanity and wisdom
One last kiss and then we'll miss, these times of freedom

7. Tombstone

Slowly wake to face another day
Hell, I can't escape
Can someone tell me what is going on?
Working for pennies, singing a song

Like in wasteland
Eyes cold dead buried and gone
And i don't want it
No more than moving to Tombstone

Someone told me only death is real
Well...what the fuck do I feel?
Like this would be a fairytale?
This life is fucked-up, can you tell?

8. Kingsize

There's this southern snake, 50 feet and heavy as hate
Long time gone for man to see, true devil's servant, kill you and me

I'm the venom in your bones, like a rusty trigger
King-sized, heavy and all

Down the drain man - ain't no king or queen
Just the devil and his serpent - do you know what it means?
And it's long to fall - no depth at it all
Down the drain man - like you and me

There's this killing machine, bullets/guns - slaughter and mean
A Laughter away, one more, the clown won't stay
Ruling on the fucking kings highway

9. Rot'n'Roll

There's a circle of claws and a sharks shaped jaws
Go for the kill before paying the bill
You'd better watch your back - wear the wizard's hat
It's coming up fat - the rot n roll attack

Oh hey - feel it squeezing all your bones
Hell yeah - feel it pissing right down your fucking throat

I am all evil, vicious and old - I've laid down my soul to the gods rot n roll

A million ways or so they say
You're going down - the king has lost his crown
Step in the ring, we're the knockout kings
So fucking THAT, the rot n roll attack

10. Rat Pack

Fuck off, what do you want? Like a fistfull of metal we hunt
We're the bastards of your dreams - A mean machine, we always come clean

A mean pack of sinners, no saints - Sons of Satan and black is our paint
Warriors of Sodom, metalheads unite - We are the ratpack, won't back for a fight

So sound asleep you wish you were not on your own
We're the devil in a black dress, now look at the seeds we've sown

Fuck you and your holy crew, like if we would care or stay
We don't want your bullshit here and we never cared anyway

11. Helltrain

Moonlight and the wheels keep turning, moonlight and all lost souls burning
Hell high, just keep cruising on, I've got a ticket to ride

Light's out, there's a spooky voice, light's out, for the devils choice
Hell high...

I'm on the helltrain now, all night long
Where the devil dance and I sing his song
A ticket stamped, a lit rocket ramp
A one way road to hell

No time to recall your ticket
Gotta ride with all them wicked
End line - first class choice
Gotta listen to the devils voice


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