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This Toilet Earth

"This Toilet Earth" (1994)

1. Saddam a Go-Go
2. Penis I See
3. Eat Steel
4. Jack the World
5. Sonderkommando
6. Bad Bad Men
7. Pepperoni
8. The Insidious Soliloquy of Skulhedface
9. B.D.F.
10. Fight
11. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)
12. Pocket Pool
13. Slap U Around
14. Krak Down
15. Filthy Flow
16. The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

1. Saddam a Go-Go

I at the time was a communist
Lived on a collective farm
She was a part-time anarchist
Our sex went off like a bomb
Living the life of a terrorist
Looking for the man Saddam,
Who gave me a gun as Iran to the sun
If you die like a dog then you are
then you are

They shall drown in their own blood!
Hail Saddam a go-go!

Going to Saddam a go-go
Everybody is there
Business of strange bed fellows
Makes you dance around like a bear
Ein, Schwein, kick him in the eye
Teamed up with the Asian eye
They were the ones
Who could rise with the sun
As they lived in their planes
And they died [repeat a lot!]
How they died...

The running paper tiger chases its own tail
Hail Saddam a go-go

He was someone who was there for people like me
Hi there Saddam, loved the party
Yes they're all here with me
Bloody Saddam
Loves you always, always a kick
Bloody Saddam
Even though the smell is making me sick
As we sit on our roofs
And cheer as your scuds fall like rain

Here at the ancient ziggaraunt
Saddam is presiding there
Running around with a saxophone
Where is the president, where?
Here it comes, the black tornado
Let's have a cheer for Sarajevo
If you survive what falls out of his mind
You'll make the political world

2. Penis I See

They won't talk but still they say
You kill for kicks, you got bills to pay
Well baby I got bills to pay
Don't make me act that way?
Don't make me
Don't make me
Don't make me

Chorus: Have you seen the center spread
Stitched up like a baseball head
She was dead before they raped her
Now she's in the funny paper

Pity and sin
He's breaking in
I am so sleepy
Please don't rape me
Penis I see

Did you ever want to be obscene
In a muerto magazine
Filled with hate you hope to ween
Fight the beast and leave the cream
Leave the scene

It's so easy to be the latest atrocity
But it always seem to be a penis that I see
You'd be surprised to discover
My level of empathy
I've gone from prey to victim
Penis in me


Splattered face mouths wordless whys
Fingerprints are on the eyes
In a box out back I kept her
Plugged her stinking where I left her
That's where I kept her

3. Eat Steel

I see you coming
One mile away
I will not listen to a word you say
I will never apologize
Look into my cold dark eyes...
And you will-

4. Jack the World

Rid yourself of all the worthless crap in which you wallow
Here's an iron fist of death for you to swallow
Undead from Antarctia, the signals pumping free
C'mon lets wake the maggot up, it's on Slave Pit TV

You might sleep on concrete slabs, or be a blithering bohab
Yet your growth is exponential if you consume excremental

Chorus: Pay to Play
Every single day
You feel your brain cells
Melt away
The appalling calling
Why don't you go away?
We'll jack your world!

Now your in the maggot chamber, corpses fill the charnel manger
Toilets pointing underground, can't forget the sloppy sound

Jack jack the world (x3)


I wanna suck like lovers do
I wanna lose a Grammy too
I wanna kick the teeth outta you

5. Sonderkommando

And blundering brightly through the night
Astride the thunderous, flaming trident bike
The choked back years of jeers
Flashing forceful through their peers
Inflicting beastly cheesy beaver bite

What would you do?
You'd do your job
King for a day

Naked infants left alone
Syntho-nipple, pit of stone
Ravaged in an inane grip
Chewing chicken from the lip

Those that survived found a place
With the elders of the race
Tossed upon the heaving brine
Spreading hatred to mankind
Maggot palace, rod of bone
Slave to fetid underloam
Who gibbers at the Nauseater
Fudge-packed, dimple fecal leaper


6. Bad Bad Men

Billy was and orphan, Tommy was a whore
Poe got drunk in Baltimore
Getting drunk and shooting guns was all he ever had
Could it be that's what made our boy so bad

Bad bad men and they're coming to town (Bad men)
They shot a man just for snoring to load
Billy the kid, Jesse James..
The jail is wide open and the towns in flames

Sneaking in the back door, hiding in the night
Capering with corpses in the dank moonlight
They started robbing banks, then cattle mutilation
Now his offsprings terrorize the nation
Billy got drunk, Bull got even
Bull went belly-up and joined up with the G-men
Piece of meat in the street, torn apart in the town
By the inflatable hands of a sinister clown

Bad bad men and they're coming to town (Bad men)
Shot a man just for snoring too damn loud
Robert DeNiro, when he's a hero
Bring on the anti-hero, my zero-hero

Hearts full of anger, hearts full of fear
Billy looked up from the bed
and said, "I'm walking outta here"
It's a new religion, carnival of crime
Doomed to repetition, with it we mark time

I feel jacked up, drinking my 4-O
Blew your face to the bumper
And then I just said, "Yo"
It's a new religion, carnival of sleaze
Drag you up that dusty road
and leave you creaking in the breeze

7. Pepperoni

You say that you want some pepperoni
I'll give you a fistful of my pepperoni
You say that you want some ramajama
I said I'd treat'cha If I meet'cha in the bathroom

In..Out..In..Out..In..Out..White Boy!
White Boy!
White Boy! (etc...)

We go to the mansion every Friday night
In the masters chambers with the governors wife
He came on in with a big 'ole carving knife
I was running down the street, I was running for my life

That white funk ain't got no soul
White boy pussy ain't got no hole
That white boy's addicted to crack
Pearly white needs bloody, bloody back

In..Out..In..Out..In..Out...White Boy!

8. The Insidious Soliloquy of Skulhedface

How inquisitive, and delighting
you've inquired who the hell I am..

Allow me to elucidate, perhaps pontificate
Upon the state of my most great
and perfect plan

I am he who has been him back when man
Swam Pangean seas as aquatic apes
I am he who has been her as she once
Bled the world with the words of psychotic fate

While GWAR slept I kept their minds content
To give their flesh consent to my
Ever loving seed

Undying research has given to death, rebirth
The tools of urber science to fight
Most faceless enemies

Who do you think your up against?
Some chaotic stupidity
I'll show you conflict management
With my extensive Supergeniosity

Inventions of my secret lab
The Homogenizer
It studies the species Bohad
Homo cum sum a tor
What is it that makes the ideal man?
Bravado? Machismo?
Is it something secreted from the gland?
It's called Jizmogloben

If death, to you is a bore
And life just seems to lack
Consider becoming a whore
To the lesson of the past

The end of all time after time after time
Has left the world wanting for new hopes and fears
I have produced a new product line
With cryptic truth too horrible to hear

I've got the guts to face Skulhed
We've got the guts to face Skulhed
We've got the guts...

Words that healed. Legend that have taught
Oral traditions both fought for and lost
Secrets of success. Shouts filled with hate
Documents declaring freedoms of state

I bleed humanity's figurines of history
I weave travesties tapestries of infamy
But I can't deny it always as such
Oh no, nada, nein, non, nyet, nix, not!
Pathetically beautiful I was once then
Ruled peaceful planets, sublime, before sin

It's so easy to not see
The obvious enemies
To put your problems on
I've been sick of it all along
Now the ultimate morph into
Powers that will dwarf
The sum of every nation
And all known information

If you can't stand it the way I have planned it
I'll export you off the Earth, sell ya for all your worth
Then your enemy will have a face - traitor of the human race
As your shipped off to the innermost reaches of outer space

Yes! The best I possibly can be
Applause for me. The insidiously
`live` spelt backwards

9. B.D.F.

You take your fat tongue
And curl it into a U
You take a young child
Who knows not what you'll do

Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck baby dick fuck
Baby dick suck
Baby dick fuck baby dick fuck
Baby dick suck
Fuck fuck fuck

There's no excuse
Give him the goose
With a push
And then with a shove
Teach that child
How grown-ups love

Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck baby dick fuck
Baby dick suck
Baby dick fuck baby dick fuck
Baby dick suck
Fuck fuck fuck

I haunt the malls and the Burger Kings
I am the giver of pain
Splitting the rumps of the wicked
Only the nipples remain
The cherub screams "no"
As I move to defile
Our bodies entwine
In a puddle of bile
Many years later
We'll look back and smile
As we thrash about on the urine-drenched tile
The delivery room
Is as still as a tomb
I fuck the child while
It's still in your womb
The child is now dead
And you start to blubber
Fuck your warm corpse
With your child as a rubber
Take your fat tongue
Ram it up her bung
Her face is packed with cum
We've only just begun!
From your head your eyes I pluck
Give you savage socket fuck
Work my wand of black obsidian
End up like a Branch Davidian

Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck
Baby dick fuck

10. Fight

Cruising through town, slack-jawed tongue out
You're a moron
Turn on the radio. Afraido. Fire up that dim bulb
And let some coke fuck piss into your ear

Chorus: Hit'em with a left
Hit'em with a right
Hit'em with a left
Now fight fight fight (x2)

This is a white world and yeah it sucks
Sheep-fucking turd-kicking sow-sucking
Rednecks make me sick making hate babies
And worrying to death what I do with my dick

11. The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)

Unblinking, unseeing, trapped in your being
The issue of tissue, but that's just not the issue
Strapped up and stinking, what were you thinking?
Led you where? Who knew? Two? Scarcely matters..

And if you go this will be the last time
Tell me what it's like to die
Cloven cliffs is on the lever
Locked away and lost forever

We came down and saw you, want to ball you
Pleasantly paralyzed, there's light enough for you eyes
To focus and chiefly, to say that you could be me
Trussed up to pray, take him away

You, you, all because of you...

Blocks and blocks of mortal man
Single coil means just what when
You're feeding on a million souls
We have come to take control
Blocks and blocks and yes you bet
We have come to make you wet
Feeding on a million souls
We have come to take control

12. Pocket Pool

Little Flopsy flaps around. He flaps on up and flaps on down.
He's just flippy flappy happy slappy kind crappy clown.
Flap Flopsy flap, wrap a slimey lap around the map
If you do these things, Flopsy baby your going to take a nap

Birdies know
Rivers flow
Doggy always go

Your playin' pocket pool (that's right) pocket everyday
When you got the pool in pocket it's always that way
Pig-dick sandwich porcu-butt pie
Slup it up with yer black eye bride
Got them Rocky Mountain oysters on the side...

13. Slap U Around

I wake you up in the morning baby with a kick in the tit
I treat you like shit! You love it
Smack you right in the face now baby, just to show you I care
And then I kick you pregnant ass right down the stairs

Slap slap slap U around
Slap slap slap U around
Slap slap slap U around
All day..
All day, every fucking day

I pay the doctor bills baby, so I'll break what I want
I spend all my money in a fucking restaurant
I let you live in my house now woman, I take you out on the town
I want some payback now woman, I get to slap you around

Slap slap slap U around
Slap slap slap U around
Slap slap slap U around

14. Krak Down

Your melted essence is my tool
And I appropriate your nugget jewel
Chemically wrap around aroma
In the bathtub in a coma
Getting drunk with Earth's elite
They wanna peel the skin off my feet
Mold me, fold me, keep me silent
I get drunk, I get violent

Chorus: I fill the pipe up
This is a Krak Down
I called up every pimp I know
I fucked my life up
This is a Krak Down
I call for toxic overthrow

Fall out of the rent-a-car
Go and vomit on the ground
There's the one who acts so pissed off
Think I'll go and cunt my dick off


They run from me
I charge at sluts
I knock them down
Stomp out their guts
Tastefully arrange the piles
soaked in phlegm
And Bathed in bile
Building, burning, cops all scatter
Big fat ass is on the platter
You eyes are floating in my cup
Fuck your corpse
And get raped up

15. Filthy Flow

Well I been following the filthy flow
Cause filth's the only way I'll ever know
You look at me and you start to laugh
You won't laugh when your cut in half

I laugh at you as I cut you down
Cause you the only game in town
I look at you
I laugh at you
I look at you
I laugh at you

Well I been following the filthy flow
The filthy flow, the filthy flow, oh, oh
Filthy [x 10]

And everyday I walk across the road
A bag of shit and a cup of joe
I'm thinking about all the money I owe

I laugh at you as I cut you up
You think your such a cute pup

I am dirt and dirt is me
Never felt so goddamn filthy
I am dirt, me. You can't hurt me
There is strength in being filthy
For when we have destroyed your Earth
There will be nothing left but dirt
Filthy feeling sends me reeling
Bloody footprints on the ceiling

16. The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

Y'know, back in outer space we used to drink - a lot
We used to take all kinds of kick-ass drugs
And showed blatant disrespect for any authority figures
Little did we know we were undermining our entire value system...

At that time I was serving in the Masters 3rd Scumdog Legion
aboard a planetary infection barge, attempting to obey a host of
confusing orders, but mostly satisfying only our lust for
slaughter ravingly drunk half the time, I only realized a battle
had started when I heard the roar of the fleets plasma
bombardment. Piling into
our armored assault pods we began our descent to the planets
pulverized surface. We were met by a flight of primitive
interceptors which we devastated with soaring blast of nuclear
hatred, flashing through the debris cloud into the atmosphere

The obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

On the horizon was the blazing outlines of a bombed city, the
outlying areas dotted with flaming craters and fleeing refuges
I vomited out the window and led our battalion on a blazing attack
on the non-combatants pulpifying their flesh in a rain of sulfuric
plasma burst. The mass mutilation of a world ensued, with those
not being fit for slave labor being herded into gigantic flaming
pits. We laughed as several thousand years of cultural development
were wiped out in a single blundering instant.

Gorged on guts, gouged out eyes
Captives fill the breeding hive
Desecrate their sovereign world
Bloated, bloody, drunken churl
Cultures crumble, races die
Stench of midgets fill the sky
Smashing skulls with ghastly crunch
Pretty soon we'll break for lunch

Later, as we flew through deep space
Ritually disemboweling our victims
The navigator informed us that we
Attacked the wrong planet.

The obliteration of Flab Quarv 7


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