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"Ragnarök" (1995)

1. Meat Sandwich
2. The New Plague
3. Whargoul
4. Ragnarok
5. Dirty Filthy
6. Stalin's Organs
7. Knife in Yer Guts
8. Think You Outta Know This
9. Martyr Dumb
10. Nudged
11. Fire in the Loins
12. Surf of Syn
13. Crush, Kill, Destroy
14. None But the Brave

1. Meat Sandwich

In the name of GWAR, in the name of love
In the name of the blood dripping out of the sun
I call out your God, till before me he stands
But don't send me Jesus, he's only a man
Meat Sandwich!!!
I have come as a feral thing, clutching at your bloated underbelly
Let the agony, of the is to be
Be the shrieks, the warnings of the death screams
Pummeling the wretched, crushing the defiler
Pummeling the wretched-aye!
Slay them all let them come, let them come, let them come
They've come for
Meat Sandwich (crucify)
I have come as a feral thing, snapping at your bloated underbelly
To crucify, shrieks of the crucified
Let the agony, of the is to be
Be the shrieks, the warning of the death screams
Pummeling the wretched (you know who)
Crushing the defiler (you know who you are)
Pummeling the wretched-aye! (you know who)
Slay them all let them come, let them come, let them come
They come for
Meat Sandwich!

2. The New Plague

I'm just a person, and I've got the new plague
I'm wondering how I got this way
I drank some whiskey, I went and got laid
Now I'm a person, just a person with aids
He's just a person with aids - I got what?
If you treat me, like any old dude, I'll try real hard not to go bleed on you
Cause I'm a person, and I know what to do
So stick around cause I'm gonna get screwed
I'm just a person, and you're a person like me
Am I the victim of a conspiracy?
I drank some whiskey, I did some cocaine
Now I'm a person in Pain-Pain-Pain

3. Whargoul

I'm the fucking Whargoul, I'm the ghost of Minas Morgul
I destroyed your life, I raped your wife
I am Whargoul, I am uncool, I am Whargoul
I've been many faces, been many names
Known love and hate until they were the same
I bring ruin, I am Whargoul, am I human?
They think that they know what I know
They think they know what's best
I think that's why they killed me, that's why I joined the SS
In revenge for Malmedy, they used a blowtorch on me
Nice try, Whargoul cannot die
You blow off my arm I laugh at the pain
And after the battle I feast on the slain
Seeking my creator, taking from the strong
Yes, you see I need your strength, so I can kill the wrong
Seeking my creator, taking from the weak
Yes, you see I need you, so I can snuff the meek
Savor the silence - Whargoul
Addicted to violence
They used a bulldozer, to run my ass over
Arms to the sky, 40,000 died, but I survived
I don't care what flag that I choose, I don't care if I win or lose
I don't care if you have to die, just fight without a side, never say die!
Stalingrad 42, became a living tomb
Yes, human souls
Profit for the prophet and the creatures who control
46 I got away, from the horrid thing that I did at Malmedy
And though I gained strength at the time
Still they call for vengeance for the hatred of my crime
Then I tried to drink myself to death
40 years went by, and drunken I was left
And drunk I was when they caught me
Gagged and bagged was right where they got me
Taped to a chair feeling sore
Knowing all the answers to the question I ignore
They burned off my face with a propane torch
Then they blew up my porch
Then I fought against the USA, trapped in a trench till the bulldozers came
Changed sides, and flew the bloody warthog
Highway of death and the day of the dog
And once again, I died alive, sent home in a box but somehow I survived
Maybe you've got my face, I'm the demon of war

4. Ragnarok

To die, perchance to sin, that's the rub
For in that sleep of sin, what, what kingdom may come?
What of the limitless sex and violence in the wake of RagNaRok
Welcome to the slaughter, what are going to do?
What will be your epitaph, when we get done with you?
Are you gonna cry for your momma, are you gonna have a good time?
Are you gonna be a bohab, when it's your turn to die?
It all gets pretty crazy, bedlam all around
Anarchy, chaos rule the street, it's a RagNaRok party town!
Your head it is a turnin', your brain it is a burnin'
As your sanity slips away
The final hour's here, now grab yourself a beer
You're only king for one day
Go on and get a gun, we're gonna have some fun
Snuffin' out some fools, and breakin' all the rules
The only rule is winnin', that means a lot of sinnin'
Sinnin' feels so fine, you're running out of time!
It's always one hell of a party, when RagNaRok rolls around
RagNaRok N Roll, RagNaRok N Roll
It's time to trash the planet, RagNaRok battleground
Welcome to Valhalla, do not be afraid
Now you are a zombie, and all your friends are dead
It all gets rather naughty, when we get backstage
Everybody take a load off, I hope you're underage
Whip out your bologna, your feeling mighty horny
And you wanna have one more chance
Looking for a lubbah, no need to where a rubbah
Have a RagNaRok N Roll romance
Go on and find somebody and get them really bloody
Peelin' and a porkin', dealin' and a dorkin'
Chokin' and a jokin', laffin' and a load'n
Load in lot of fun, hurry now you're running out of time!
Dust to dust

5. Dirty Filthy

Dirty, filthy, dirty, filthy, filthy, filthy, dirty, filthy,
dirty, filthy, filthy, filthy
You're dirty filthy baby, well I'm dirty filthy too
You're dirty filthy baby, but I love you
Why don't you just admit you're a dirty rotten sonuva bitch?

6. Stalin's Organs

They were called Katusyhas, but we called them Stalin's Organs
200 MM devastating fire
When streets hiss, and falling block, kisses desperate flesh
Stukas plunging, as skylines reform
Spreading madness, in the gun factory
Which had become something of a rallying point in the last few days
I can tell they fear us, by the way they fire
We infiltrate, we wade through hip-deep filth
And then we come at them from below
Now that your name has been changed, will any remember your name?
And why was I, so led away?
And what secret laid?
In the blood soaked block
On the fountain made...
Return, return, return

7. Knife in Yer Guts

My knife if your guts, it's all come to this
My knife if your, you crumple and twist
You're grabbing my arm, you try to resist
I do it again, it's all come to this
I hate you, I hate your face, it's coming apart, I'm going someplace
My life in your guts, my knife will fuck sluts
My soul I will kill, your hole I will drill
My knife in your guts, you swallow my fist
My knife in your guts, it's all come to this
I am the insistor, you are the resistor, knife is good
I'm gonna get you, right in the tit
When love turns to hate, and hate turns to hit
Well that's what you get, when love turns to shit
I do it again, and again, and again
I hate you, I hate your face
And now you're reeling beneath a hail of blows
And I'm kicking your head down the street
My knife if your guts, you like it like this
I hold you down, no will to resist
I cut you up, put you in the ground
Just to make sure that you are never found
I am the insistor, you are the resistor
That feels good
And that you think it's dead
You said that something was wrong with my head
But now I think it near, the thing you said that it was dead
Knife is good
You use the knife to remove disease
You use the knife to do as you please
You use the knife to do what you do
You use the knife before the knife is used on you

8. Think You Outta Know This

I'm the manager with the mostest
I clear the profits from the concert grosses
I make it snow up GWAR noses, so now they follow me like I'm Moses
I'm not a Jew but God has chose us
So now I'm sitting on the riches of Croesus
I'm Sleazy and I think you outta know this!
The girlies love me cause I wear the right clotheses
They see the bulges when I strike the right poses
Pull my pants down and you ask me can you blow this
I say yes if you want halitosis
I can't help my pork's got trigonosis
I been plookin' a shoney's hostess
I'm Sleazy and I think you outta know this!
Everybody rip everybody else off
Everybody rip everybody else off
Everybody rip everybody else off
Everybody rip, rip everybody off
Think you outta know this!
Their trying something that they hope you don't notice
A moral oligarchy that is bogus
You know you're there when your family is homeless
You'll be beat in the streets with hoses
The grays are waiting underground while they clone us
They got a deal with the Masons to dispose us
Toxic waste causes cancer by osmosis
H.I.V. is crawling up your hoses
I'm the man with the guts to expose this
And people follow me like I'm Moses
So before you think it's hopeless
I'll start a coup right under their noses
Now they know that they can't control us
So don't forget the man who broke this
I'm Sleazy and I think you outta know this!

9. Martyr Dumb

You remember the lessons taught in your past?
And how old you were
Before you wondered how many were lies?
They tried to teach about the anti-Christ
They tried to teach that Christ was nice
Did they say anything about the terms?
That eternal life meant food for worms?
Don't die for their dead religion, dead religion, die
Please take my soul, and please control
But would you just please go?
I think it is about time
I wipe my ass with your holy book
God is dead and the Pope's a crook
A blackened heart you claim as pure
You're a plague but we're the cure
Dead religion, dead religion, die
I spit on the shit you prophesize
Your apocalypse, a pack of lies
Each generation says their time has come
Clutching at the thread of martyrdumb
Each generation says their time has come
Doomsday starts when we kill the sun
Die, martyr, die, and embrace your lonely martyrdom
What were you told?
That the streets would be paved with gold?
I got news for you... you are the road
Well, I know better Bub
God lives in a nuclear sub
Yeah, your religion is the greatest scam
Cause we're all dead and we're all damned
In the eyes of your dead religion

10. Nudged

Did you ever stay up late wondering if you'd been screwed?
Or ever really know how much money they're making off of you?
Welcome to the club, aye, that's the rub
Your nudged, fudged, nudged, screwed
Did you ever feel confused?
Fall victim to their ruse
You know Hitler gassed the Jews
Maybe you should watch the news
Formula, we deplore you
Formula, we abhor you
Formula, we ignore you
We were sent here to destroy you
We won't have to wait too long
Lots of people making bombs, CD-ROMS, fertilizer bombs, yeah
Totally abused you
You wonder why our lives are crummy, you won't give us any money
Without us who would you jack, to fill up your bulgin sack?
But your actions, they shall foment, vengeance waiting for the moment
And though I spent years as your slave, one day I'll piss on your grave
Formula, set our own pace
Formula, we are a race
Formula, we'll smash your face!
Formula, your machine
Formula, I find obscene
Formula, know what I mean?
You've reduced something to nothing
You really fucking think you're something
Hold on baby, time is coming

11. Fire in the Loins

Oftimes you'll find me raving, sometimes you'll find me sick
To wake me up this morning you hit me with a brick
Can I help it if I am rather thick?

Maybe we can chill you out by chopping off your dick!
Sister and brother, hate one another
You really are pathetic, and you call me a slut
Then you walk around all day with midgets up your butt!
At least the midgets like me, they like my disease
Well, maybe there's hope for you, but first get on your knees

Hey, wait a minute!

I don't want it to hurt
Then you will learn nothing man, so grovel in the dirt
Sister and brother, kill one another
Brother and sister, back off mister

I don't know where to begin,

but I'll try not to lie because lying is a sin
What do you know of sin?

I taught you about sin when the sun was dim
But what of my power?
What about it?

There's no pussy in your tower

I could have any women that I want!
The fact that you rape them is nothing to flaunt
Oh... well uh you got me there,

but wait a minute
But what of my sword?

What of the comet?

And the roaring horde?

I'm getting bored
Maybe if you got off drugs,

you wouldn't get ignored
Then you could achieve erection
You might even find that it helps with your inflection

Now I'm getting mad!

So what? I can still kick your ass!
All of you men, you talk a good game
You must plan it out cause you all sound the same
You huff and you puff, you "act" out so mean
You serve better purpose as seeding machines

But something it stops you from finding the door
I have to admit it, girls frustrate me more!
Well, hey there Slimey,

I think I got your point
Now will you please untie me?

Well that can be arranged, you pay for the pain
Now find something to buy me!!!
Sister and brother, stuck with each other
Brother and sister, back off mister!

12. Surf of Syn

Unsheathe the sword, call the death squad
Let loose the dogs, make me your God
Blaspheme the name, stretch forth thy rod
Get on your knees, make me your God

Unleash the nuns, curse the Earth
Devour the worm, I am your God
Suffer the plague, repent your sin
Declare unclean, my God machine
Number the beasts, sound the horn
Suffer the wrath, bring me your first born
Cardinal Syn has come to free us
Source of power Cyber Fetus!

I am Cardinal Syn worship me or know damnation!

13. Crush, Kill, Destroy

Everything that ever was, and all that there will ever be
Flesh and blood and stick and stone, all is laid to waste by me
I crush you as I would a fly
I kill you and I watch you die
Destroying everything you cherish, masturbating as you perish
Crush, kill, destroy, crush, kill, destroy, destroy!
I was first and shall be last, slaying all who cross my path
Toppling your gleaming towers, bathing you in golden showers
I crush you as I would a fly
I Kill you and I watch you die
Destroying all I find offending, devastation never ending

14. None But the Brave

Welcome back, is it the same? Smelly but now old and lame
Did you ever think to miss me? Here's my ass, come on and kiss me

We come on out here, none but the brave
And then I say to myself why do I stay and stay
Is there a reason? Hypocrisy?
But in the end I only got just what you gave to me
Whud you get? Share it with me
Whud you get? Did you get it for free?
Then it ain't worth nothing baby
We got a deli, we got a bus
We got a lot of people throwing rocks at us
We got a tour lined up, we got a show
I got a midget following me around everywhere I go now
He says his name is Joe now, I really just don't know now
None but the brave, why do you stay and stay?
Sad enough to make me cry, strong enough to make me die
Now I'm feeling saddle sore
Now I'm feeling warm
Keep you here safe from harm, tuck you down inside my arm
And when you're lonely and afraid, remember the love we made


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