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Exposition of the Impaled

"Exposition of the Impaled" (2003 Single)

1. Exposition of the Impaled
2. Necrolust
3. The Shadow

1. Exposition of the Impaled

Exposition Of The Impaled

Deep in the woods
As the wolves howl at dusk
The count has called
And his guests gather in moonlight

Deep in the woods
Black Torches light up the Castle
And on the courtyard a circle
Of impaled bodies – still alive

Hear the tortured, screaming, groaning
See the victims, bleeding, struggling
Feel the guests’ extreme arousal
Taste their sweat, their cum, their slaver

Exposition of the impaled
Flesh on sticks – the feast is dished up

Insane orgy – excitation, perversion
Lust is forced up to delirium
On the throne of flesh the count is sitting
Blasts of trumpets ringing out
Hear his address:

“My Dear Friends, the great nosh-up’s starting, ENJOY YOUR MEAL!”

Total gluttony, hurried guzzling
Devouring voraciously, swallowing ravenously

The feeding ground full of gore and excrements
Predators, jealous of the one with the sirloin
Orgiastic pleasure, screams of ecstasy
The count roaring with laughter
Into dawn

2. Necrolust


Oracle of mutilated temptation
Atmospheric trinity of beloved darkness
With fear I kiss the gates of night
She seems to be asleep
The beauty in her scarlet veil

The dead attempt me with lust
No blood longer flows through the veins
Thou who have suffered on earth
Thy life ended in pain
Raped by a stranger
He did it for his pleasure

I am her killer
Fuck the dead
Ghoulish adorable desire
To lick the stench of death
Drown in sickness spheres
I cum in her putrefying flesh
To reach endless horizon

Enigmatic ritual for passion
In darkness I feel emotions of lust
To kill and rape

Clitoral Circumcision
Gorgeous ocean of painful blood
An orgy within disembowelment
I feel like a god in trance

I kill myself
Fucked by the dead
For one others lust
To feel the kiss of death
Drown in sickness spheres
Storm of putrefying flesh
To reach endless horizon

3. The Shadow

The Shadow

Do you see the shadow hanging over you?
Spreading rumours of your near ruination

Day by day it gets blacker and thicker
And you can no longer escape the horrid truth
As your sense of fear grows immeasurable
And you realize your pitiful fate is now mine

Suddenly memories of your past awake
And in your bewildered mind it becomes certain
That I put my eternal curse on you

Determined I stand on the burning hill
Enlighted by the wisdom of the horned one
I send my curse to you
For it may crush you for eternity


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