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Power of Inner Strength

"Power of Inner Strength" (1995)

1. Toque De Muerto
2. Savage Seas (Retribution)
3. Hostage To Heaven
4. Monster Among Us.
5. Guilty Of Innocence
6. Innate Affliction
7. Colors Of Death
8. Ostracized
9. Cleanse The Seed
10. Heretic War Chant
11. Longest Hate

1. Toque De Muerto

2. Savage Seas (Retribution)

I am beginning of creation
I am the one who gave you life
depending on 3% of my body, fear me
or I will grip you from below, to

saturate you, suffocate ypu
smash the foundation of life

burn me but only at the surface
don't waste your sacrifice on me
the damage is done
choking with black corrosive
rubbing salt in your wounds, I
will arise to

destroy you, demolish you
rip up, the foundation of life

grip you, from below
grip you, from below

annihilate you, obliterate you
flood the foundation of life

3. Hostage To Heaven

treachery with a smile, etched
upon its face
a face of red, but a heart of
stone cold black
servants of two masters, the
congregation splits
serving sexuals rituals, true back
pirates in pinstripe, admired by
the many in their hour of
all ways stand, with their backs
to the sun
religious fanatics, muttering
righteousness on sacred ground
the armor of religion like foil
across a bed of nails

conscience, burning, lives held,
hostage to heaven

symbolic bullshit, hung around
the necks, of the weak
silver and gold, just trinkets of
one mans faith, becomes
another mans evil
don't deny the power of inner
strength, right

4. Monster Among Us.

so swift, so silent, anonymous
uncontrolled of vile fantasy
predator, stalking his victim
lusting for power, embracing
searching to fill the black
with perversion

camillian, cruising market places
seeking the ultimate, sexual
gaining trust, of the curious, of
the frail, of the innocent
returning, time after time, to
abdust our sacred offspring
leaving trails of devastation,
showing no remorse
wicked eyes do smile


loved ones snatched from open
suburban securities false calm
learning institutes infiltrated
praing on infants innocent
young ones

fear the stranger, he will
rip them, tear them to pieces

torture og the blackest nature
every orifice filled with semen
all cultures have to fear
beasts of society

5. Guilty Of Innocence

born to the plague of fools
intent on breaking all the rules
terror crash against the skin
mixing of blood
flesh tempted against nature
fear drips like water on glass

born, in bred, born, in bred

incest born, unnatural caresses
the future screams a clear message
black imagination
oppression tears away the heart
and soul

born, in bred, born, in bred

midnight strikes, hunters prowl
seeking which is forbidden
in true convict style
indulgence wins
so begins mutilation
no battle was fought
the work of beast unfolds
keep the secret close or die

guilty of innocence, guilty of
pure perversion

truth kept, tightly wrapped,
shrouded in, devils breath

trembling, twisted, trapped
the smell of torment
fills the room
so still, deathly silence
the victims future crumbles

6. Innate Affliction

pain no one sees
pulsing through my veins
crawls beneath my skin
burns with no flame
up and down my spin
stands without form
sanity bestowed never to appear

innate affliction

sitting in my room
haunted with lament
isolation become my relief
unclear to others
burning inside
from within I am crucified

innate affliction

innate affliction
running scared in my mind
innate affliction
in my mind

7. Colors Of Death

being used, but never forgiven
being pushed out, then pulled
right back in
how can I run, when you pull my
self deception wrapped
in the colors of death

living a life behind curfens and
confidence sparks the colors of
opportunity barks from a snakes
gapping mouth
blind eyes wide open, I walk

to young to die
purile killer
the colors of death

time passed slowly, every second
a struggle
controle of destiny slips away
initiations talking all chances
consequences cut out, I get
sucked in

8. Ostracized

legions, upon legions
roam the roads to no where,
street wise ragged with rage
fucked by society, left outside,
the systems cold embace

insane, unsafe, labelled

rouge warrior, veteran
defender of nations, savage
scars unable to heal
mental derelict, refused
admission, tagged the wretched
of this land

just another hard luck story,
just another day
just another twisted manic, just
another throw away
just another beggar beggining,
get out the way
straight talk falls on deaf ears
go ask the man under the bridge
he is the man under the bridge
has no place for his head to lay
he is the man under the bridge

left out, locked out, cast out,

just another...


9. Cleanse The Seed

vulgar, parasite
endless quest for gain
obsession turns to disease
eats through to the bone

we must, purify, where we dwell


deliberate, intentions
discolored and stained with greed
the vultures descend to feed
merciless to the core

we must, purify, where we dwell


endless quest for gain
obsession turns to disease
brings you down to your knees

we must, purify, where we dwell


10. Heretic War Chant

cruel gruesome images in the
lost world
massacre of the masses
war orphans, sad daunting visions
left young and angry, viscious

fleeing slaughter and the
application of terror
millions pass through the
avenue og the damned
bodies left rotting by the road side
motherless children sleep on
blood stained earth

eyes of war

human rights or the loss of
trading status
fabric and steel more important
then flesh and bone
callous leaders create and
spread confusion
distance themselves with the
politics of death

to keep the place or feed the
starving millions
donations wrappes with red
tape solid stuck
united nations a combination of
will not help, what they refuse
to see

eyes of war

dying weak stare
and see nothing
cannot read the lies
hidden, in the eyes of war
beyond the shadows that blind
the heart
body to body filth and dirt
pleasure or pain, truth or desire
hot burning seas of fire
fighting for life a useless cause
barren land and shallow men
now your future become your past
the wait for dying has come at last

fuck the new world order

11. Longest Hate

every culture rage and creed
domination runs through its veins
the bad seed
condemning integration to
so vicious is self righteousness
all blood runs red

the longest hate

time to shed all your fear
time for you to fight
time for you to shed some blood
break the back of hate

the longest hate

separatist, preaching
from misinterpretation of the book
racists, breeding hate
ignorance believe in lies
breeding the hate and fear
without facts
fascist nazi dog
please tell me why?

why? you fuck?


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