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Under the Sad and Silent Sky

"Under the Sad and Silent Sky" (1995 Demo)

1. Tears in Paradise
2. My Dead Look
3. Kill Me Again
4. Silence
5. Godless Cry
6. Song of my Beautiful End
7. I Lost You
8. In Quest

1. Tears in Paradise

your holy life has got an end
everything's now a dream
the sins were forgiven
now you are where you wanted to be

the voice of the lord
you'll always hear
the voices of depths
keep troubling you

beyonf the shadows
you don't know who is staying
but his call
finishes you

come over here to be reborn
come over here and die
you can't resist any longer
you can't hear anymore
your tears keep falling
you can't do anything

don't cry any longer
you wanted it
you're in paradise

2. My Dead Look

The day of bliss!
the last sadness
has hidden in my dead soul
i haven't much time anymore
and i will see your face - my end

now i'm coming to bed for the last time
your face is frozen in my blind mind
i know surely that i'm waking up no more
cause the daylight of tomorrow is in me dead

my last dream in this life won't have [an] end anymore
cause the daybreak won't have an end anymore
the fire of the love from my dead soul
is put on slowly with pain by hate
which now is burning in me again
killing the chance of the life - the love

"in your innocent look do i see sorrow?"
my dead look being the last evidence
of my former life

i know, now i'm dying
but i will be your tear
drained in the river of sorrow
i will be your pain and grief
i will be the pleasure
and i will burn your body
and i will be also your dead body

3. Kill Me Again

my time has come, i must go
but i won't be able to come back to you
my sorrow from the soul
for all that has been
is piercing me, is killing me

under the tree of my sadness
anxious about my destiny
the sun which yesterday lit us
today s killing us

after an anxious life
living with your fear
with ife i finish, now go
for your killing

your blood - in my eyes
my body - your corpse
your look in anguish appears before me
why? tell me, god!
because the fear of you, god
and the fear of the darklord's
getting us upset
is darkening our thoughts

but if the time will come again
and i will come back
from the way of your killing
[it] will be again silence and peace

4. Silence

There is no fear in me anymore
the pain has disappeared forever
the silence is eternal
there is not even hope
the fear disappears
the illusions slowly die
now i should go to bed
but my dream is dead
the lights have disappeared
just their hate remained
tell me where should i go
because the time would kill me again

the pleasure that burns me
the pain that surrounds me
the labour that chokes me
the hate of ones from beyond
the tired nioght is setting slowly in
the blue shadows of the angels is disappear
floating around me unobserved
hurting me again...again obesessed

the pain is an eternal flight
the suffering - the bottom of life
you killed my soul
but you couldn't take it from me

5. Godless Cry

cry to the sky i hear now
lighting up my eyes an eternal light
the clouds from the sky
which are my blood
which flows in my drained veins
is waiting a new chance
of the life which went off
your land lost long ago in dreams
the land which you promise me
- where is it now?

cause i know that behind your sober face
hang on the frozen wings of the angels
"where are you?"
"why are you hiding?"
our regrets are crying now again
and the clouds which are my life
on the sad and silent sky

6. Song of my Beautiful End

do you see, my sweetheart
today not even the sun has risen
but the time has passed and he left us here
now you sit near my ill body
wounded for so long body
of which i will separate now with pain
i'd say to you a lot of things in a word
without speaking
just looking deep in your eyes
eyes that are black like the night
being the spring from where the night flows
in secret over the valleys
eyes that are black
but they are my light and my life
i hear the beautiful song of my own end
i hear a moan but it's only your sob
i hear from distance the echo of my mourning
the time is the father of the pain
the fear is burning now ceaseless in me
don't go away!
it's too late to tell you all i wanted
it's too late i lost all i had

7. I Lost You

i was born from your love
cause you gave me as my only life
pain was for me your hidden loneliness
but what should i do?
oh quest me
oh touch me
open my eyes
to see the sky blue like the eyes
tell me now what you want from me
or if you don't want anything
not even my pray
curse me cause i'm blind
and i don't see your face
my savageness grew up
and without you being near to me
i've lost you forever
cause you've hidden yourself
in the sky
in your loneliness

8. In Quest

the night is still, the stars arise
the river is flowing smooth
lights disappear, alone i sit
in the shadow of the moon
oh, i'm asking you god:
"why am i still suffering?"
i should stare in your eyes
to see the real world
to see everything that's grey
or in the shadow in its colors
to see the blue sky, the depths of the sea
the invisible peak of the mountain
so as it is
to see the world's beauty
what i cannot see
nor me, nor he
nor another one
to discover the mystery
to heal the disease
which kills the soul
which destroys my mind
which sets off fire
which kills our future

please don't forget me
in the middle of this rotten world
take me at you if you trust me
or if you haven't
leave me here


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