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In The Glare Of Burning Churches

"In The Glare Of Burning Churches" (1996 Best of/Compilation)

1. Intro / In the Glare of Burning Churches
2. The Night of Fullmoon
3. The Dark Dusk Abyss
4. Through the Occult Veil
5. For Pagan and Heretic's Blood
6. Instrumental
7. Hordes of Empire
8. The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness / Outro

1. Intro / In the Glare of Burning Churches

Gods! Give me the power
to destroy the christian god
give me the rule over the fire
to burn the houses of God

Give me the power over the wind
to crush the forest of crosses
give me the black sword to kill
all those who swore him the faith

I will desecrate the holy temples
destroy and burn churches and chapels
black smoke of the burning temples
will cover the sky
the fear will offend sons of only God

Archangels of darkness, come to the earth
I will show you the way of glory
by the burning churches
you will drink the human blood
and satisfy your dark lust
it is high time to your scream
be heard among the dead

There is no the only God
there is only beast over the beasts
there is no good and evil
there is only living and dead
and those who will die soon

So I drink the blood from the black cup
in the glare of burning churches
because ancient damned gods
will have the day of revenge
when the sky is covered in smoke
when the rivers are full of blood.

2. The Night of Fullmoon

Pagan country in the moonlight
witches calling for their Lord
incantation of the Darkside
from the book of secret world

Scream breaks off nocturnal silence
they begins the rite of Darkness

Hill in the fog
the heart of wood
altar of goat
infernal gloom
nocturnal rite
knife in the hand
worship Darkside
bless Left Hand Path

Pagans hidden in the forest
in unholy common grave

christians killed the last worshiper
but the Dark Cult is still living
I'm the son of a pagan nation
I got a part of secret knowledge
oh Lord I kneel before Thee
Darkness and Evil showed me thy name
I'm still waiting for thy return
The ancient cult will be again
here the god of war and pain.

Black the ultimate colour, darkness the only aim
evil the proper impulse, death the only mercy

Nothing was forgotten and nothing will be ever forgotten
all those who raised their swords against odious christianity
will live forever in dark legend

3. The Dark Dusk Abyss

4. Through the Occult Veil

When I open the gates of the unseen
I will fall into the abyss of fire
when the day of sacrifice comes
I will know the mysteries of death

I drink sacrificed blood
like poisoned wine from grapes of sin
I�m the part of the burning space
when men and women are the stars

The knowledge of ancient Celts
and power of tyranic thrones
these secrets will be seen for me
like drap of blood on crystal knife

There is no good in my dark mind
I�m the heart of ancient Druid
I hold inside eternal flame
of nocturnal magic

5. For Pagan and Heretic's Blood

They came from the south
in the sunshine
covered by black hoods
with the crosses in their hands
false sons of false god

They arose their black temples
burned forest and woods
placed the black crosses
and predered to worship dead
laying claim to rule sons
of laying claim to rule god

They drank his blood
they ate his flesh
scolfed at the right of nature
and raped the eternal right
sure of themselves sons
of the sure himself god
Possessed with crosses in hands
possessed with flabeau over the pyres
How much blood they have spilled

How much souls they have tormented
they burned the witches
murdered the Pagans
banished the honest spirits
choped the holy trees
condemned to madness sons
by their god usurper.

6. Instrumental

7. Hordes of Empire

8. The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness / Outro

I came, led by the stars
Spirits of the damned draw me near
Mayhemed winds showed me the way
And now i stay here, born from the wolf

Scream of pain sounds in Darkness
I draw my claws in wall of fog
I scrape, scream, blood covered my scars
my fangs tear the gates to Abyss

Impure spirits, you showed me the way
And now my blood becomes the key
I open this last gate
The Gate to the Kingdom of Darkness

Black wind of the dead
Inflamed my eyes to red
My brothers, wolves, servants of the night
They came from the forest

Burning eyes among the Darkness
Jaws thirsty for the blood, raised to moon
Hired, longing and fear
This is the last night and the dawn will never come
Curse me, my brothers
Because I lead you to death
Salvation for mayhemed souls
Souls of sons of the night in wolves bodies

We've been always and we'll be forever
Tonight we'll die and the next night
we will come from beyond the gates
of Kingdom of Darkness

Gods of Darkness, awoken by our sacrifice
Beast of gloom, spirits of fear
Triumph of unlife's Powers
Banners of the dead smeared in blood!

Black is the ultimate colour
Darkness is the only end
Evil is the right reaction
Death is the only mercy...


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