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Fire Chariot of Destruction

"Fire Chariot of Destruction" (2005)

1. War Wolf
2. River of Tears
3. Fire Chariot of Destruction
4. Flaming Wrathful Hate
5. Creator and Destroyer
6. Prayer for My Ancestors
7. Dance of Axes and Swords
8. Motherland

1. War Wolf

Stand up and fight!
May the ancient magic give
You strength
Stand up and fight!
May the wolf inside you
Follow the voice of blood
Follow the northern star
To the lands where the spirits
Of your ancestors
Are waiting for you

Awake the beast within you!
Awake the hunter within you!
Wake up from a long sleep!

You have always been the one
Of the horde of hungrey wolves
You followed the taste of blood
Through the thousands of years
In fetters of frosty winter
In heat of summer
In the streams of rain
In snowstorm

War was your nature
Fight was yur love
Cruelty - Your passion
Killing - The enslavement of instinct

You war cry - Cry of war wolf
Freeze the hearts of your foes
And victims
Enslaved by the instinct
You follow the voice of blood
The paths with no beginning
And no end
In pursuit for a victim that
Cannot escape

Nothing can change
Your nature
You are born for war
Warriors like you
Die fighting till the last breath
Wake up and reach
Your heritage!
Your identity!
War wolf! Rise!

Stand up and fight!
May the ancient magic give
You strength
Stand up and fight!
Yours brothers wolfs return
This night !

2. River of Tears

On the river of tears
Bodies of killed warriors lie
Fallen Valkiries as broken flowers
The bravest warriors
Seized by the cold hands of deat
Wind covers them in a blanket of red

The lady of a river with maidens
Shall arrive in a deep sorrow
She shall kiss your forehead
For the last time
The sun is gone and the
Hills veiled in mist

The biting cold
Spreads to freeze hearts
In the red gleam of crying sun
Magic fog raises the bodies
Far away the horizon or oblivion

Wind sways the grass
Dew drops cover swords
Trees bow down
To honor leaving warriors
The sun disappears below
The horizon
World sinks in the color of blood
Silence lulls to sleep
And one can hear only
Quiet rustle of ghosts [wraiths]
Whispering ancient spells

Out of the dark river
Cold hands raise
River maidens
Raise the bodies of died warriors
To the lands beyond the
Horizon of oblivion
Where sun disappears

When sun is gone
Lady of river with her maidens
Perform ancient rite
Ancient magic and power of earth
Will lead sons of sun
To the lands beyond the horizon
Where shining paths
Of setting sun
Lead to the land of oblivion

3. Fire Chariot of Destruction

From the darkness the fire came
And took our souls away
From the darkness the fiery
Dragon came
And kindled our hearts
Our shields and swords
We rub with human blood
Shed in honor of ancient Gods

Beasts from the depths of hades
Harnessed to the fiery chariots
Devour their bloody victims
Our swords rubbed with their venom
Our hearts harden in battles
Still fear the shows of hades
Dragons of hells and slaves of hatred
Let's start the fire of annihilation

When war chariots
Will cover with holy fire
And glide across the expanse
Wraiths of war and slaves of hatred
Roll over than lands as hurricane
Of fire, death and pain
Mercy died
At the day of our birth

Fiery chariot of annihilation
Burns with fire that consumes
Our souls
We long for a bigger flames
May its flames touch the stars
In their light beasts arise
White wrights of war destruction
Surounded by holy fire
We will snatch life of light

On the fire chariots
God of war shall sit
Fire shall lighten the sky
Blood shall flow as rain
Surrounded by the magic of fire
We will snatch life of light
White wrights of war destruction
Mercy died
At the day of our birth

4. Flaming Wrathful Hate

We fight for the right
On what once was ours
Because we have the might
It's in our blood of white
Our fight is not against'em
But in favor of us, only
And nothing can deceive us!
And nothing shall deceive us!

We fight for the right
We're proud of our white breed
We shield at any cost
Our honour, our blood, our folk
On behalf of it we shall battle
Maybe sheding our pure blood
But nothing can deceive us!
But nothing shall deceive us!


Stingy sons of scum
We won't have any mercy
Your extinction is part of our fates
Your death is the will of our blades!
Day by day, as rises the sun
Ancient fire flames in us
Blazes of our growing pride
As our faming wrathful hate!

These fires scorch our senses
We ignore all the predence
Fear is banished from our minds
Our souls trample mercy and we fight
Swords drown, revenge sworn
Because the blazes of our soul
May never cease to burn
As our flaming wrathful hate!

5. Creator and Destroyer

Wotan! Your chariots
Roll on the sky
The roars of the wild beasts
Roll over the lands
Under the sword of the loyal folk
The heads of your enemies
Turn lands to red

The creators of war triumph
The fire burns down the land
Tomorrow then the sun rises
The earth will revive in glory
Folk in anger and hatred today
Tomorrow in triumph and glory
The sons of blood shall
Follow your voice

Wotan! Bring destruction
May your fire chariots
With the holy fire
Permeate our lands
We will leave in the light
Of its flames
To return in glory
When the sun rises again
The sons of war follow
Their master

Today you destroy
Tomorrow revive
Today bloody glow of fire
Tomorrow the sunshine
Our faith is bound
By the bounds of blood
We, your sons
Swear an oath of fidelity

Symbol of our faith
Revives from the ashes
The bounds of blood and fidelity
The time of oblivion
WIll not fade away
In the red rays of sun
Fiery chariots
Make our dreams come true

Love and hatred
Peace and war
Birth and death
Creator and destroyer
Returns in glory!

6. Prayer for My Ancestors

I am a warrior
And I grasp the greatness of my people
And trustful I fight strenuously
For a day I may have right upon
The splendorous heritage of my ancestors

A claim for thee!
Ancient braves of my blood!
Forefather and mother of mine
Strenghten my body and soul
Guide me, to the victory in battle, to the glory

For thee I shall fight
And I'll bathe in the fluids of hatred
Oh my folk! For thee I shall slay
And fervently I'll raise my sword to the clouds

The war has consumed the last drops of my blood
Now it's spilled over the battleground
My sword has broken in two parts
And my spirit weakens and thus I'm disarmed...

But a warrior never flees from war
Even when he has broken bones
But, for a whole era of glory
Triumphs and victory of thy blood

In the name of Gods of braves
Do not bid me now take place
Among those of mine
Help me in this frightful time!

Help me my ancestors!
Help me!

7. Dance of Axes and Swords

From inside a large plan glade
From where seems the sun to rise
Echoe tunes of songs of battle
Which lull thousand weapons in air
And dance axes and swords

Rumble the tinkling of blades
Roar a pandemonium of voices
Warriors shout outcries on winds
Exult their immortal olden prides
And dance axes and swords

Blood rain from their bodies
As the dance envoles
Grass turns from green o red
Sun is gone, shines bloody the moon
And dance axes and swords

Wolves observe, waiting a prey
Ravens above, flying in circles
Horn sound from the top of hill
Victorious warriors rejoice and march
It's ended the dance of axes and swords

8. Motherland

I ride!
With the winds I ride!
On my warhourse
I ride to the battlefield
Inspired by flames of hated
Of my honor and of my pride!

In the distance
I can see the smoke
Of my flaming homland
Burnt by the foe
And I will not rest
Until I have revenged
All the dead oens of my blood

Day or night
Be clear or stormy
The sky - for my motherland
Europa erwache!
Nothing or none shall never
Scape from my wrath
From my sword!


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