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Unleash Hell

"Unleash Hell" (2001 Demo)

1. Resurrection of Damnation
2. End of Time
3. Transcendental Arcane Journey
4. Belive the Devil
5. The Return
6. Undead Formula
7. Oath of the Dragon Order
8. Divine Darkness Icon
9. In the Name of Hell
10. Dissector (hidden song on display 66)

1. Resurrection of Damnation

Resurrection of Damnation

I will go up to the heavens
Call the angels who have sinned
Ride above lucid sky
Resurrect the Evil one

Here's no peace in my domain
In which centuries riot reign
Where everlasting winds heartlessly blow
And demons feast with withered souls

Like an ancient serpent
I crawl in to man's heart
I am hate bound in chains, to be
Released when fire breed

Don't endeavor to vanquish me
That nobody can do
Do you feel my wrath
Wrath which overwhelm all

From the earth and the sea
Grief is all what I see
Nothing else I can feel
Will you die for me?

Gathered in darkness
Faithful to our lord
Waiting in the silence
for the final war

Unleash Hell...
...let the fire rage
Unleash Hell...
...'till the mankind end


2. End of Time

End of Time


End of time no more light
Dead are rising no more life

Their bones belong to me
For all eternity
And ever...

Time of strike
Moon in darkness gathered
The dead shall walk the earth
Once again
...Once again

Stupidity of humans
Has led them
To their foretold doom
Now suffer...

Granted with necromagic
I shall be
Your own death
You shall see

Death to mortals
Death to life

The dead shall walk the earth
Once again...

3. Transcendental Arcane Journey

Transcendental Arcane Journey

This is my final will
Will to kill
Toward the void
Of everlasting darkness
We descend... we descend...

Disciples gather
In the sign of Pentagram
Surrounded with darkness
Hate beyond all holy

The demons call from within
Diabolic screams
Satan call for war
Necromantic visions revealing
Soldiers of light on their knees
Submering into the starless void
Of everlasting darkness

I travel to his throne
For in darkness we all shall gather
To deliver death to holy
In the sign of pentagram
I have seen the fall of the cross of god

Feel the true hate of evil
As I reach for your heart
Feel the true hate of evil
As you are dying

4. Belive the Devil

Belive the Devil

I am alone
Waiting for his call
Above the realms and frozen mountains
I sacrifice my soul

Fire eternal
Burning from my eyes
Awaken will be black hordes
Demons shall arise

Sun will turn to darkness
Moon will torn to blood

Creator of sin
Reign with my soul
Show me the strength of hell
And abominations of your acts

Comet reap the sky
Open the gates of evil
Hate like storm arise
All our battles
We'll revenge in blood
Burn the holy icons
Of the impaled thorncrowned god

For the sins I ever made
In the night who never fade
Beast will awake from his dream
If I call your demon's name

I am a fallen angel
Demon with bloodred eyes
I am the shameless sinner
In eternal fire my soul will burn

5. The Return

The Return

Unknown my ways are
Darkness was my portal
Ere all life I was
Sauron the maia, dark lord I am

Now tremble down before me
All you who betrayed me

Questioned my powers
Crumble my towers

Darkness I was and darkness I shall be
For all eternity
Myself I've gathered in a starless sky
Never to be overthroned
My eyes was unto them
And fear they felt
For my army is gathered
Blood thirsty they await to see all the traitors (enemies) impaled

6. Undead Formula

Undead Formula

I shall laugh
As I place my head on the block
Laugh at them all
As the raven jeers at gallows
Or the worm mock the grave

For the shadow of death is above me
And I am Eternal
'bove all of us fallen angels wings
We are the underdark elite
In the distance
The blackwinged constellation is our sign

Light is slowly fading...
Fading away forever
Through the stream of blackened sky
Unholy we (have) become

In an endless night
I shall have eternal life
I accepted sweetest poison
Entered the world undreaming
Unbidden - Undead
Winds have given the sign of the unholy
Sworn to darkness or perish
Into the void I summon thee
Into devotion

Masses of flesh
I am the pain - never-ending
In a deepest depths they all hear
My call - souls of old

I have lain among the rat-gnawed bone
And discover all the cryptic mysteries of the art
Of that lam certain
Death and darkness from within

7. Oath of the Dragon Order

8. Divine Darkness Icon

9. In the Name of Hell

In the Name of Hell

Blood shall be spilled as in ages - dark
Wrath of Satan will reach the sky
Message in blood of christian pig's
Has been sent of three numbers
That his arrival will be (666)

Promises of Christ mean nothing to me
Promises of week feeble rat
That died on the cross
With no strength to fight
His armies are none
Our legions are countless

In the name of Hell
In the name of Satan
Words I send to you
of his arrival

Dared not to use his powers
Nazarene bastard died,
before his father face
Death is mercy

I am a demon whose face is wrath
My king is coming beware his rage
I am a prophecy of fire
That shall burn down your cross

Your king is dead
Your powers are none
Your king is dead
And none like him
Satan will rise and reach the sky
With infernal flames
God shall die

10. Dissector (hidden song on display 66)


I rape your soul
I take your heart out
I am your foretold death
I am the dissector of christian souls

Flames of hell will reach the heavens light
Cries will be heard
Cries of ten thousand dying angels
That hidden I fear will dwell
Waiting for their god to save them
Your god has banish
He never existed

Your god is dead
With Lucifer aid we will won the war
Beware weak souls, that god obey
Time has come for battle at last
Victory is within our grasp

Enter the realm of darkness
In pentagram we stand
O, Satan come (to) see
Your superior legions win

Ten thousand stakes are prepared
O, Satan grant me the power
To do your will
Prince of Evil, Prince of darkness
Behold your army impaling heartless angels
At the bloodcovered burning heaven
This battle will be final
Our wrath is eternal


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