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Paroxysms of Madness

"Paroxysms of Madness" (2002 Demo)

1. Pale Dreams in Vacancy
2. Hear the Voice of Fire
3. Shadow Mirrors
4. Unbounded (crossing the frontiers)
5. Paroxysms of Madness
6. Sin Incarnated
7. Execration
8. Resurrection of Damnation/Christians to the Lions

1. Pale Dreams in Vacancy

Pale Dreams in Vacancy

...light... so thinly, elusive and weak...

In the corner of pale dreams
I lie like a vacancy
Condemn the words from dilapidated walls
From which night reflects so dark

Chaos eluded to every control
Effort, with no purpose
Step by step we discover
(but) never enough to know
Learn and revise

There is no matter which we carry as our own
Leaving everything in mortality
We pass like shadows
Never disappeared

...modificated... ...transformated...

Like flower that becomes yield
Like day which becomes horror
Man become bone
But spirit goes on the same path
Level by level
Toward pure perfection
In reality where other
Yet, don't exist!!!

2. Hear the Voice of Fire

Hear the Voice of Fire

This is where I begin,
for nothing is before and
none shall be after
See the shapeless flame
When all the earth has crumbled
When stars are no more
When all time falls back into eternity
Universe is broken by blast
When light is no more
The thunder strikes

When the world is drained
And the dark chaos rules again
In a chaotic brain
Do not call the invisible nature
For death is her name,
Death is her name

Your body can stand to witness
The living light of hell
Unclear and dead blaze

Still you can be purified golden
See the shapeless holy flame
Lost for the holy mysteries
Risen from the dark covered place
Behind the gates of material
Behind the gates of darkness
Behold the godless savage flame
And into nothingness draw
All life, death, hatred and love
All your essence into one desire
To hear the voice of fire

3. Shadow Mirrors

Shadow Mirrors

Through the earth reborn
Of deathdust and crystal
Self created
Death hour long delayed
Exploring the unknown and undared regions
I am the one who dares

Deeper and darker as I dream
Each time reentering thy reflection
With delight
I have seen the faces of my dead
Which surrounds me all the time
Becoming of sharp skills
With each day or night
It's all same to me

I am a sandstorm in your mind
Worm's eye set to serve
Receive my will through yours
Mirror gates I have opened
Shadows emerge
Trough reflection of what you think is sanity
Contingency yet cure I deliver
A supreme soul quest

Infinite screams teach me immortality
Winds the songs of the damned
Fly with me into the shadow domain
Where you'll behold something complete
Seen through the blackness of my mirrors
You are so incomplete to step inside
My own reflection and you'll see
What no eyes have seen before
But know one before
Your fear is weapon in my service

4. Unbounded (crossing the frontiers)

Unbounded (crossing the frontiers)

Standing on the edge of sorrows
Looking back in confusion
Searching for the keys of wonders
To set the world in doubt

The knowledge that I receive
About creation and destruction
Step into dimension

Now, when I was on the other side
And saw the creatures of fallen god
My heart and mind is ruled
By malice inside

Like weed
The fruits of paradise
Like tempest
Tales of lies

Arrive from all sides
Felling accompanied with lusty fire
Empty as it was on his rise
Empty on his conclusion
And so undone

Sombre horizon of time
Exhausted by the stumble art
But where is the light
In the end of that path

End to others
Continuation to me
Journey that left unbound
I absorb

Journey that left unbound
Like thousands before

5. Paroxysms of Madness

Paroxysms of Madness

Over the absolute of the universe I travel
Beyond the grave yet not so far
Bounds have been broken seen trough the eyes of my host
A figure of passion one with cosmic secrets
Sanity drowns in rivers of pure madness - continuing to grow
An introduction to eternity - release of all reasons
So real am I, but than again not
Once forgotten now reborn
Dark appetites have been woken
Pleasure of pain undone in a garden of slaughter (flesh)
Invoking darkness in conclusion
Emulate the deepest fears of hell - created in my own image
And the light in the end of the tunnel
Is not the light you expect
Onward proceeding now, there's no turning back
Diabolically possessed under veil of bloodthirstiness
Death awaits on way or another but
Nothing is left behind the death of the week
And the absolute sleeps away
Never to be recognized,
Till the blood flows again
And his traces are left...

6. Sin Incarnated

Sin Incarnated

Inaguraly inbred - damned
Obedient existence - dying
Final harvest of lies
In an endless halls of pain
Slowly realizing the beauty of impiety
Incisive thoughts only thing left
In absolute spiritual agony
Only glimpse of what awaits
Total,endless eclipse of all your believes - inevitable

A reflect of a perfect sin

Time and wisdom can't reveal me
Leichnam, I am already where I want be
Your time is precious my is all on this planet
Incarnated I witness Lithostrotos trial
Rejoicing loudly

Entire entity entwined with it's own salaciousnes
And the malletto conclude the forbidden truth
Unread are my thoughts
Delivered by beasts trough all dimensions

A reflect of a perfect sin

Sanity disclousured long ago by catastrophe of life's sickness
While your time is precious
The eye of night will be watching

7. Execration


Execrated, desecrated
Nothing is left
Spiritual prison awaits
Nothing is complete, yet
You can find me where the blood is
I am the unborn spirit
Puzzle of flesh
Left to rot inside empty house of gods

Dare to confront the insanity
Turned upside down
I nailed you once and forever
Amen is dead!

Execrated, desecrated
Holy holocaust is renounced
Banish from this planet of none eternal life
Visions of cruelty are written in your flesh
Death is reality which you can't comprehend
Aeshma potentiet

Execrated, desecrated
Spill his blood for me!

Execrated, desecrated
Spill his blood for me!

8. Resurrection of Damnation/Christians to the Lions

Resurrection of Damnation/Christians To The Lions
I will go up to the heavens
Call the angels who have sinned
Ride above lucid sky
Resurrect the Evil one

Here's no peace in my domain
In which centuries riot reign
Where everlasting winds heartlessly blow
And demons feast with withered souls

Like an ancient serpent
I crawl in to man's heart
I am hate bound in chains, to be
Released when fire breed

Don't endeavor to vanquish me
That nobody can do
Do you feel my wrath
Wrath which overwhelm all

From the earth and the sea
Grief is all what I see
Nothing else I can feel
Will you die for me?

Gathered in darkness
Faithful to our lord
Waiting in the silence
for the final war

Unleash Hell...
...let the fire rage
Unleash Hell...
...'till the mankind end



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