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Time of Apocalypse

"Time of Apocalypse" (1999)

1. Bloody Destiny
2. Time of Apocalypse
3. Forever Dead
4. Depression
5. Fuckin Like An Animal
6. Pain in Head
7. Die Nacht des Todes
8. Never Again

1. Bloody Destiny

So I see your bloody destiny/destiny
Deep inside my soul/my soul.
You will fuck the crucifix/the crucifix
Getting right pervers/pervers

Show me unrestrained your body now.Your body now
I would like to see your ass/your ass.
I will fuck them everytime/everytime
With a prickly crucifix/crucifix.

I´will fuck your bloody hole.
I spite the blood into your screaming mouth.
I´ll, bite off your bloody clitoris.
I cut up your covered with blood labial

I will bite your nipples bloody.
I will cut your tits in slices.
I will smash your head with an axe
to fuck you into your bloody neck.

2. Time of Apocalypse

On Sunday, in the morning, the sun is shining on the unsuspecting sky.
You think, the time is standing, when you going through the empty streets
No track, of terror, no sign of a furious war.
Maybe a thunderstorm, a hurican, or a natural disaster

But suddenly, a thunderstorm rancour, far from here on the endless sky
A growl like engine noises, shock the ground and the still atmosphere
B-52 are flying on the sky, sirens are wailing, peoples (are) running helpless around(the Streets)...
Chanceless, delivered, this war is the begining of the end

Countless bombers flyes away
to destroy the holy earth
when they blast all citys and streets
they kill the people and they make a bloody ground

Crevasses on the streets and fields
no chance for the animals
bombing without regardless of loss
and bombs are falling over around the sky

The day after, a bloody red sky, the sun is sinking forever on the heaven
Ruins, destroyed buildings, bloody corpses are lying on the streets away
No survivoring people, only some birds, and they are flying in the curse of the sun
A lifeless planet, without use, created in no time

3. Forever Dead

4. Depression

It´s time to talk about my depressions
and about my emotional problems.
You can´t it see, you can´t change it
This is all inside my soul.

I´d like something to do against my depressions
(but) I don´t know my own desire.
I don´t understand, I don´t explain
I have to talk about my feelings.

In each other chance, I´d like to drink a beer.
But when it´s very boting, my feelings changes to the negative.
I see with other eyes, everywhere only shit.
I would like kill my friends, destroy your possession and their lives.

I´m often sitting desperate lonenly everywhere.
Desires like suicide are smashing my brain.
A voice from the eternity tell me "stay a live
You have to lose the evil, enjoy your shortly life again.

Nightmare, apokalyptic visions, no hope in my head.
Dark desire like suicide want to end my life, want to end my life.
Everywhere i see the darkness, I only see the badness/malevolence.
All my friends are asholes without know-how, (but) I´ve the problem not my friends.

I´d like to take a razor´s edge to cut my artary on my arms.
I don´t like to live in this (fucking) commercial world.
I only want to die, Ionly want to die.
Only suicide, suicide.

5. Fuckin Like An Animal

In the night, on a holy place
I see a dreamlike lady/ girl
And i know, i will fuck this bitch
Nonstop and everywhere

Come with me, into my bed
And you get what you deserve
take off your dress and show me your tits
I will ejaculate/masturbate into your face

Fucking like an animal---Fuck
Fucking like a pig--------Fuck

Into your pussy , I`ll put my cock
To drive you into madness
You have no strength, you´re screaming loud
Stop, I can´t no more

Fucking like an animal---Fuck
Fucking like a pig--------Fuck

You love the pain, and you want more
You would like sex with brutality
Your pussy is bleeding, my cock is going blue
Your fingers scratch my bleeding ass

I take my penis, and i fuck your tits
I ejaculate my blood into your mouth
I suck the bleeding pussy, i dive my hands into
I distribute your blood in your face

Fucking like an animal---Fuck
Fucking like a pig--------Fuck

6. Pain in Head

7. Die Nacht des Todes

In der Nacht des Todes
Entfliehen deine Augen deiner Seele.
Finst´re Gedanken des Wahnsinns
Verbreiten sich in deinem Kopf.

Deine Seele wird zum Sklaven
Zum Sklaven der bösen Geister.
Sie entführen deine Seele
In die Welt der Unendlichkeit.

Die Nacht des Todes. Der Tod wird kommen.
Du wirst sterben. Er wird dich holen
Es gibt kein Weg zurück. Es ist zu spät für dich.

Dein Ende naht, dein Sein zerbricht.
Der Tod ist der Herrscher über dich.
Die Seele verkauft,das Fleisch verbannt
Entführt in´s Reich der Toten

Totenstille über dir.
Sklave deiner eigenen selbst.
Wirst du sterben, dein Leben zerstören
Vergessen in alle Ewigkeit.

8. Never Again


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