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The Reign Of Hatred

"The Reign Of Hatred" (2003)

1. The Reign Of Hatred
2. Delight in the Pain of the Damned
3. Hatred Deified
4. The Necessity of Life After Death
5. Amongst the Shades of Tartaros
6. Stormtroopers in the Legion of Darkness
7. The Burning Sands of Rub al-Khali
8. The Golgothian Denial

1. The Reign Of Hatred

The Morning Star is rising
Through the Chambers of the East.
And with him infernal legions,
(Of which) the Hydra is the least.
A sneer across his vain face--
A secret hidden.
You cast your lord out of your proud minds--
By Christians bidden.
The hate, it swirls around you.
Piety in twisted hearts.
Blindness in your cryptic thoughts
Is where the self-deception starts.
And with him he brings a glowing book.
What is this for our simple minds?
It is the holy Christian book.
These words are what our spirits bind.
You can't see
These blackened thoughts.
Open your mouth.
Now you'll eat these:

2. Delight in the Pain of the Damned

You come awake at the end of time

In the light of bliss.

Angels fly in the sky above,

But there's something amiss.

But where, where have they gone?

The ones you loved?

They've been sent to the pit

By the god above.

Banished to Hell for the spoils of fate.

Pray to your god to repent all his hate.

Up to the temple with the sacrificial lamb.

Delight in the pain of the damned.

What's done, can't be undone.

Your unheard of prayer

Came to life with the tears of the saints

And passed into the air.

Down from his cloudy throne

Only silence is heard.

None escape his bitter judgment.

He ignores their words.


See the suffering damned ones.

Arms, legs, mutilated. Flesh wounds.

Eyes, ears, ripped and mangled.

Mouth full of the taste of human refuse.

"I need your pain.

I need your misery.

I need your pain.

I need your misery."

Great god of an insect world.

I spit upon thy face.

So Heaven becomes a Hell

For those who choose,

Choose to love more than themselves.

To god they refuse.

3. Hatred Deified

It's not a part of me: what you're seeking--
Evil in rotted hearts.
You create a man of clay--
Instill in him all your lies.
And then you set him before your king,
And plead for recompense.
Consider the thoughts in mind where is the love?
For the Christian god there is a sword. You know no more.
"Into Hell I sentence thee until the end of time."
For those who judge, (and know) not themselves,
Their hatred is deified.
You prop him up with your thoughts.
No reality.
What you despise must be wrong.
Privileged right.
You know the book. You've heard the word.
God is with thee.
You are lost in a void
Of ignorance.
What have you done with your faith?
You believe in naught.
You believe in your Self.
What have you done with your peace?
You wage a war
Of the soul.
What you you done with your prayer?
You serve yourself
And ease your mind.
What have you done with the truth?

4. The Necessity of Life After Death

There you lie in your final days
In a shroud of whisperéd prayers.
Now they seek to ease your spirit's pain,
But the remedy is not theirs.
As you stare at this gaping void,
You sense the end of your Self.
You catch your breath and then you bind your fears
Against a time of absolute Naught.
This cannot be the truth.
I refuse to believe.
Seek to escape
This rotting flesh
And justify your fears.
You know this is
Not to be true,
But reality fails on believing ears.
You seek the womb
Of comfortable lies.
Folds of reality
Crush you from inside.
So enfold yourself in a world of
A blissful hypocrisy.
To deny and then to believe
Shall truly set you free

5. Amongst the Shades of Tartaros

6. Stormtroopers in the Legion of Darkness

Walk with the cloven hoof,
And do the bastard deed.
Heaven shall soon be full,
So spread your wicked seed.
The time is now for spreading wrong
And to flay the innocent.
We live our lives for blasphemy.
On a throne of hate we sit.
Dwell in the shadows of a fading dawn.
And feast on the spoils of the weak.
Darkness feeds the wills of the strong.
Enjoin their wicked plight,
And scatter the meek.
Open the book of Hell
And see your name inscribed
In the blood of nine virgins
By the knife no more alive.
Fall into the hatred of
All the things that shine with light.
Slay them like the Evil One
In the shadows of the night.
"Thus saying, from her side the fatal Key,
Sad instrument of all our woe, she took;
And towards the Gate rouling her bestial train,
Forthwith the huge Porcullis high up drew,
Which but her self not all the STYGIAN powers
Could once have mov'd; then in the key-hole turns
Th' intricate wards, and every Bolt and Bar
Of massie Iron or sollid Rock with ease
Unfast'ns: on a sudden op'n flie
With impetuous recoile and jarring sound
Th' infernal dores, and on thir hinges great
Harsh Thunder, that the lowest bottom shook
Of EREBUS. She op'nd, but to shut
Excel'd her power; the Gates wide op'n stood,
That with extended wings a Bannerd Host..."
--Milton "Paradise Lost" Book II
Opening the gates of holocaust.
Flayed flesh and razors in your eyes.
Soon emerge the prince of darkness,
breathing flame and breeding lies.
Across the vast empyrean starfield
Rage the hordes of demon-led beasts
To destroy the angels of the flaming sword
And steal the souls for the goat-headed beast.
Your life is not worth living
Under the yoke of the shining one.
To sin--divine enslavement
In the land of eternal sun.

7. The Burning Sands of Rub al-Khali

8. The Golgothian Denial

(With your) thoughts transfixed and your mind locked in
You plot the end of a life.
You seek the guidance of the Glowing One
To end the strain of this strife.
You flip through the pages of the Holy Book--
A vague substitute for thought.
You pour through the words and the parables
To find the inexcusable 'Ought.'
To commit in thought
Is to commit in the flesh.
To escape this pure contradiction
Is to be more enmeshed.
Look to the one on Golgotha.
He betrayed the human race.
To save us before the Satan
He stripped us of our former grace.
Twist the morality
Around on its fragile head.
Strip us of what is noble--
To lead our lives as the dead.
Soldier of Christ look in at yourself--
A contradiction in creed.
To impose your will on an innocent
Is the most hateful-ringing of deeds.
You proclaim the love of your supreme lord
With the edge of a gleaming sword.
An evangelist with a fist to smite
Those who fail to be implored.
Now look to your lord,
Who claims a profusion of love.
Intolerance and hatred abound here.
They are the gifts from above.
"Take these stones
And make me bread.
Jump from this height
And show me you're god.
"This entire for you,
But you shall refuse...what else to do?
"They accept the martyrs
And the holy wars.
I have won here.
This race is mine.
"This entire world...was for you.
You have now refused...what shall they do?"
You sentence to Hell
Those who do not yet believe
In what you say now the truth is.
Reality you cannot conceive.


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