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"Dreamweaver" (2004)

1. Al-Ghanor
2. Starchild
3. Remote Control
4. Breeder
5. Afterglow
6. Rose
7. Tomb
8. Diaspora
9. Faces
10. The Tower
11. Dreamweaver
12. Le Sacre Du Printemps

1. Al-Ghanor

Now the time has come… for destiny to steer my way
Now the time has come… to welcome this stillborn day

A last faint doubt escapes into the first sunlights smile
Now I leave this earthly plane for things come to an end
The journey strains but with confidence these oceans I sail
Reaching your blooming realm again, recover and rejoice

My coming awaited I cross a timeless green
The vision well prepared, by gravity enslaved

(lead – Mai)

I draw near to our place; a slight scent loads the air
My memories released, your presence’s getting real
Fresh like a first kiss your beauty veils the sky
And your majestic wings fill my heart with pride

One knowing look suffices though aeons went by
Mounting your back, I force my melancholy aside
I smell your desire but for your forgiveness I long
Now as we unite nothing’s left to stop the tempest

Now the time has come… to carry the final burden

To the outermost spheres we soar, empty shadows we pass
In the continuums disrupted core, the unavoidable we start
Backwards through the ages, we enkindle a deadly flame
The ultimate thunderstorm we unleash among the doomed

Like giant schematic drawings civilisations lie ahead
But loyal to our duty, their fate we must not fear
By my will I created and by my will now I erase
By our work, so skilful, history becomes undone

Perfection restoring, in silence worlds we drown
With your lethal breaths help to harmony constrained

(lead – Hilbert)

The black hole of our rage melts down time itself
Reconciling with the universe, the equilibrium we set
I look back into the dark, all movements paralysed
The mischief of evolution in a single point confined

The eternal night falls, for salvation I can’t hope
Your tragic reward, chapters now forever closed
Beyond your passion, your grief remains my curse
While quiet loneliness guides us through the void

Oh Al-Ghanor, how deep is your love?

2. Starchild

Embrace me, devour me
With your cold kiss of death
Release me, destroy me
With your lethal innocence

Look down on me, tempt me
Show your sweetest mockery
Love me, play with me
And drain all my life away

Send me to your underworld
Where illusions turn to pain
Where all longing is exhaled
And brings forth fruits of hate


Then tease me to eternity
While fleshless curses arise
So beautiful in your disdain
You crush all lust to dust

(lead – Hilbert)

Defile the fertile ground
With my unfolded heart
Examine its last convulsions
And bath in your delight

No prospects of redemption
My consciousness erased
This fatally bleeding muscle
Subject to your siren song

Absorb its exhausted fluids
Taste from the sacred juices
Gain strength by their passion
And suffer your last obsession


3. Remote Control

A harsh storm approaches, the eastern darkness frays
Clouds of ammoniac crystals roar in its ruthless way

A grim lightning flashes, the blood-red horizon rebels
Answering thunders resound over the mountains shelves

Survival instincts lead me to caves of frozen water
Damping the mighty forces of sodium explosions
Where ice and liquid gases protect my sturdy life
Nourishing the engines, feeding my primitive flesh

(lead – Mai)
(lead – Hilbert)

From far above, securely locked
The master fades but tempts my will

Defined thinking, sub harmonically amplified
By falsifying reality he longs to take control

Survival well done, my thoughts refocused
As a vessel for the weak I may be abused

(lead – Mai)

…destined to be a tool of a fragile alien mind

Messages intrude like dreams of unseen planes
Their lovely sounds strangely take away my fear
The vision changes, another presence I do feel
Where instincts worked its strength shall heal

(lead –Mai)
(lead – Hilbert)

From far above, securely locked
The master steers and guards my will

My inner eye resolved, the ancient rites forgotten
Sharing one consciousness he shall dominate

4. Breeder

Out of the liquid chaos I awake
Sensitive to the sweet taste of your deaths
From feeling to feeling I borrow my existence
And work at my journeys endlessness

Passing the thresholds
Of your weak minds
I easily take over
Your flesh, so snug

The pains of dying
I sensually enjoy
Your cerebral cortex
Is my rebirths playground

Freed from your will
My desires fulfil
Exploiting your misery
I live on your biology

(lead – Hilbert)
(lead – Mai)

Now I take command
You remain paralysed
Infested with dreams
Your senses are mine

This eager breeding mankind
A fertile soil for my ambitions
To choose my lethal destiny
And outlive all your naivety

5. Afterglow

An eternity around the afterglow
Of a mighty stars remains
Weightlessly the ellipse is mastered
In an unconscious awakening

Huge, with senses coming to life
In this hostile gamma-burned void
Unremembered and vaguely felt
By the pulse of the lava-heart

A giant deformation of stone
The lifeless nature unhinged
Aware of alien movements
And ready to seal their doom

Malicious seductions of fire
Are collecting greedy desires
To saturate the hungry mind
With the agony of aspirations

(lead – Hilbert)

Strange logic applied
Weird thoughts collide
This rocky worlds degeneration
An evolutionary abbreviation

(lead – Hilbert)
(lead – Mai)

Bound to the revolution
In confined constitution
Feeling an omnipotent drifting
The laws of physics shifting

The unwritten chapters ahead
Where futures branches are spread
Within the life-span of the universe
Is time for mental powers to disperse

6. Rose

For endless years and years
Now I roam the outer void
And the boring same old games
Are meaninglessly repeated

All my wealth and energy
Insufficient substitutes for a life
That I exchanged for a desire
That never will be satisfied

(lead – Mai)

I spin my net, in a sinister black
So monstrous, my degeneration
Where the careless gain sorrow
And all their greed brings pain

Invisible for the ungifted
And doomed by my darkness
I take their material legacy
And defile their fragile mortality

Solitude feeds my fatal lust
Vast deadly traps are hidden
Raped by the light of the rose
I teach them in devotion

All these harmless victims
Their fight without prospects
Finalizing my supremacy
And a welcome to my isolation

Then raise my pride
My insidious bride
Narcotising my emptiness
By a senseless eagerness

And the hungry teeth of time devour
What I used to be in ancient past
And decades flow into the void
To bring up this stiff monument

7. Tomb

Huge and menacing you lie ahead
No path you did reveal to me
And fate drives me to your peak
Where my doom shall be concealed

(lead – Hilbert)

Darkness hides your traps
And unnumbered cliffs wait
To be my icy tombstones
Hidden, when at last I failed

(lead – Mai)

The hopeful morning far away
A misty moon betrays my yearn
Harsh frost benumbs my limbs
As weakness fills my universe

All my effort, fruitless and cursed
While the tearless heavens burst
Thus crushed to the snowy ground
And in a last vision I am drowned

My chest’s corroding, the white’s bloodstained
The rotten life-stream escapes from my flesh
And having innocence denied the pain amplifies
That the sweet taste of suffering won’t be soiled

(lead – Hilbert)

A bloodily devoured corpse I’ll be soon
Unremembered through this silent tune
A carnal manifest against salvation
Locked in a black hole of damnation

8. Diaspora

Stars over stars and nothing but stars
A moonless empty space
The sunlight hidden behind the sea
In my blooming gardens grace

Looking at this alien sky I miss the silver light
The days work’s done, I await the silent night

The billions I left behind
Now scattered among the enemy
My brothers in the circle
Are now just fading memories

Towards their descendants I guide my inner eye
Deploring the betrayal of the primeval blood ties

(lead – Hilbert)

I’m more now than you ever were
Ascended from our sacred unity
Torn apart by my supremacy
And bitter sadness floods my heart

I’ll lead you to my dimension
Gathered like unique flowers
In my grid of secret powers
And mark your fatal destiny

9. Faces

Thinking green through shady mists
An unreal walk on the burial grounds
Eyes within eyes in the complex plane
Woven into infinity

A green leaf falling
Down to my path
Removing the substance
Of this time and space

Entering this silent room
I reach the fissures source
A face without emotion
Origin of this paradox

Mind-control denied
By the second face inside
Misguided to confusion
By the master of illusion

(lead – Hilbert)

Stiffened beyond carnality
He guards the world within
Blinded by the gods’ betrayal
The circles breaking draws near

Inside, outside, perpetually exchanged
Bizarre devices, irrationally applied
By my soulside journeys winding
As eternal brothers we remain

10. The Tower

Withered flowers hem my toilsome way
The armies of spring defeated long ago
Where hopeful green once covered the land
Now decay and death rule everywhere

Shaggy crows, plaguing the soil, await the kingdom of frost
Grey and dirty the day laments, and a dust-hidden sunset blurs the sky

Through valleys of shadow, over hills of forlorn beauty
I drive my feet to a tower, where the night shall bring oblivion

(lead – Hilbert)

The highest mountains provoking
Black stone forms a needle
Piercing the clouds at the horizon
It marks my quests solution

Reaching the massive gate, darkness takes the land
With the moon racing the heavens, behind wild and hoary fog

Looking down from the spire
I see the world beneath my feet
In the safety of this place
My present to mankind reveals

All human eager firestorms, the foul stench of lost battles
Vast pains and bitter grief, for only one now to consume

I enlighten the fields below, thunder roars throughout the plane
Gathering the ancient demons, sorrows last tunes now begin

Calling the mighty forces
Of this buildings secret powers
A breach to the inner core
Opens as a voracious door

(lead – Hilbert)

With a black holes gravity
It inhales the outer tragedy
Gateways to exterminate
What we’ve done in our hate

My energy exhausted
My mind totally frosted
With all my memories erased
Here, as a guard I stay defaced

11. Dreamweaver

12. Le Sacre Du Printemps


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