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Conquerors Divine

"Conquerors Divine" (2002)

1. The Eternal War (Intro)
2. Rites Of War
3. The Wiccan
4. Fallen Angel
5. Bonded By Metal
6. Seventh Sight
7. Confustion Of The Tongues
8. Four Fier Warriors Of Satan (Intro)
9. Warlust Metal Knights
10. The Line
11. Release Us
12. Symbol Of Triumph
13. Hellish Fire Turned The Souls (Intro)
14. Conquerors Divine

1. The Eternal War (Intro)

2. Rites Of War

These are the rites of war
And this is our strength
You can hear the Wargods roar
For these rites we stand

So now it's time to march
To break through the wall
Our machinery is ready
We will make them crawl

Boltthrowers pulled forward
They'll shoot the fireballs
Right over the defences
Right over their walls

These are the rites of war
And this is our strength
You can hear the Wargods roar
For these rites we stand

Battering-ram's ready
Aiming at their gates
Call the God for help now
We trust upon our faith

Lead: Grev Drake

Now they are surrounded
Armies on each side
Captured in their castle
They're too scared to fight

So now it's time to march
We will conquer new land
To expand our kingdom
To destroy their clan


3. The Wiccan

Deep in the dark forest
Between immense old trees
By the light of the full moon
Through thousands of leaves
It's the wiccan they gather
And hear what they sing
They are casting their spells
Trying to grow new wings

Sorcerers Captured souls Evil dreams
They're the wiccan
Lost in darkness Misery Endless screams
They're the wiccan

With ancient spells
They test their craft
Descending the wells
Along endless shafts
Stand by the old tree
In the circle of stones
In the dark forest we hear
Their legends being told

At the feast the wiccan started
to chant the spell
A fog rose from the well and
hung above the circle of stones
The soulcatcher released six souls
The first four flew each
to a direction of the wind
The fifth slayed in the forest
and number six descended
beneath the earth

Lead: Drake
Lead: Arydon + Drake


Regaining the force
By moving their soul
To an ancient force
From a forgotten source
Passing the tests
From the first to the last
Giving their best
With their spells from the past

It's the night of the wiccan
Regaining their powers
From an ancient source
Sorcerers Captured souls Evil Dreams
Fear the wiccan
Lost in darkness Misery Endless screams!!!

4. Fallen Angel

Under attack of a fallen angel
Turns out Iím the only one standing here
Under attack of a fallen angel
Everyoneís gone itís just me and my fear

Yesterday it happened again
I had to run away
From the monsters in my dreams
Scared of the dark in which I had to stay
First it seemed that I was winning
Then it turned out it was just the beginning
I lost my strength I started to scream
Hoped it would be just another bad dream


I turned out to be the only one
My so called friends were already gone
What I thought real friendship was
Seemed to be nothing when all hope was lost

Lead: Arydon

In this final fight I am alone
Scared like Hell no place to call my own
Let me run away out of this place
Defence is breaking itís such a disgrace
Have I been so blind that I couldnít see
They have never been real friends for me
So alone and scared is how I will die


5. Bonded By Metal

you told me you wouldn't shave your head
and listen to trendy shit instead
you told me that you would wear spikes
and that you'd never buy a pair of nikes

you told me you would be my friend
and that you'd like to see a metalband
you told me you wouldn't wear a suit
yes, for metal you were always in the mood

for we are metal eternally
bonded by blood we will be
together we stand side by side
we wear our studs & spikes with pride

you stopped banging your metalhead now
and you are dating a stupid fat cow
she made you cut off your hair
this is something i can't bear

so it's clear that i'll loose a friend
this is where our friendship ends
now i have to fight alone
while you watch your tv at home


can youl walk our just like that?
is friendship that easy to forget?
for me, this was always real
it's in my heart, it's what i feel

get out of my sight and make it fast
cause this friendship will not last
if that's the way you will betray
there is nothing more i have to say


6. Seventh Sight

You searched for the future
You disliked the here and now
The lady with the cards told you
But you didnít believe it anyhow
Compared it with incantations
Mistook them for silly charms
Didnít see it as the truth
So you ran and you ran

Into thousand different ways
You said the right one wasnít here
Out of fear and out of anger
Wondering in your mind
Why donít you want to see
That she has the seventh sight
She can see what is to be
And the things you have to fight

The lady with the cards
With the seventh sight
She hears your voices whisper
From above the night

Now you tell me itís not true
But you know it is your fault
Didnít have the courage to
Be the one you really want

She said you have to trust your heart
And to chase your wildest dreams
Youíll see that what you wish for
Is what in the end will be

The direction is less important
Than The steps you will take
You will learnt the things you need
They will be on your way
So when the time is finally there
You make sure you are prepared
For your life journeyís task
Be patient it wonít come too fast


7. Confustion Of The Tongues

Once upan a time men stood as one
Feeling themselves so exalted in power
They tried to defy the heaven by
Building this exceeding tower
Haughtiness of stone constructed in sin
Founded on the zenith of Hell
Where God beheld his evil creation
The downfall now became unevitable

Confusion Of Tongues
Confusion Of Tongues

All communication suddenly broke down
And alienated lips where moving independent
Ears totally deaf for possible receptors
All due to discord God has sent
So they went into the immense wide world
Far away from the place of calamity
Because there theyíd only find guilt
And the memory of Godís penalty


Lead: Drake

Confusion Confusion Confusion Confusion
Confusion Confusion Confusion Of Tongues

Confusion Confusion Confusion Confusion
Confusion Confusion Confusion Of Tongues

After millennia they meet again
Contacts of violence the purest genocide
They denied the union of their ancestors
Blinded by their own racial pride
See them now the children of God
Washing away their brotherhood of blood
As followers of almighty Lord Satan
All mortal was smashed and downthrodden in mud


8. Four Fier Warriors Of Satan (Intro)

9. Warlust Metal Knights

In the beginning of the world
The was only rage
Then the Gods of hunder
Started the Metal-age
They created man
The way that he should be
Wild long hair and spikes
The way that he felt free

Chorus 1:
To the war they ride
Not feeling any fear
Giving up their lives
The grim reaper is near

Soon they multiplied
And became a lot
They had to find a name
They became the warriors of blood
Building their castles
Fighting dragons with steel
And when they came at home
They had their wives to kneel

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Warlust Metal Knights
Fighting for blood
Endless wars they fight
In the name of their Gods

Lead: Drake
Lead: Arydon

See the warriors of blood
Fighting with their swords
Loving Heavy Metal
Being true to their lords
Brothers in battle
Killing on command
No more than the others
As equal warriors they stand

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Warlust Metal Knights!

10. The Line

Listen before you enter
I have to stop you if I can
Times are now changing
They have the power in their hands
Youíd better stay in this world
Do not take any risk
Stay on the safe side of the line
Before they put you on their list

Itís in these dark times
That new things appear
Things you couldnít dream of
Stopped your heart with fear

Just walk on through the dark
Donít listen to their signs
Start to think scary thoughts
Or look into those strange eyes

Donít believe what they tell you
Donít you think itís all true
Prepare to survive alone
For what youíll have to do


ĎCause they will harm you
And they eat out your soul
Where your heart once was
Theyíll only leave hole
And in the end donít you call me
I have warned you before
Told you, you shouldnít enter
No hope for you anymore


So if you want to cross
The line to the other side
Take with you what you can
Beware of those that hide
But you will have to face them
Try to change your way of sight
If you want them to disappear
Maybe they just mightÖ

Itís in these dark times
That new things appear
Cause in this dark times
Dead can be near

11. Release Us

Asmodeus and Astaroth
Lucifer and Samael
Euronymus Baphomet
Belphegor and Azazel

Gather patrons of darkness
Inversely crucified
Guide us against the enemy
Horrendously bestified

Oh Satan lead your legions
For darkness gave us wrath
Let total mayhem feed us
Oh filthy demon laugh

Asmodeus and Astaroth
Lucifer and Samael
Euronymus Baphomet
Belphegor and Azazel

Answer dark prayers
Screaming for mayhem
For thy sign we wait
Destroy the Christian faith


Lead: Drake

Release us from the gates
Riding Hadesís ugly beast
Spread different kinds of hate
At this Hellish feast

Morbid souls will yearn
To the deathscytheís menace
See the sancted burn
In Heavenís crumbled palace


Lead: Drake

12. Symbol Of Triumph

Standing on our castle we defended it proud
Looking down below us a bloody mourning crowd
Smoke comes from the fields finally itís quiet
Just seconds ago the shot from last riot

Symbol Of Triumph
We did win the war
Symbol Of Triumph
Weíre the conquerors

Now we count our losses and we are sad
Cause many of our brothers found on the field their death
Our only comfort is that they died for a cause
Their highest sacrifice and our biggest loss


Swords now will rest peace is finally here
Our enemies forced back wounded and with fear
We stand to rebuild and well the walls strong
Prepared for more war we know we canít go wrong


Lead: Arydon
Lead: Drake

There is just one seat let us make you a knight
Weíre inviting you to join us in this fight
We will make our kingdom undefeatable
When we stick together we will rule the world


13. Hellish Fire Turned The Souls (Intro)

14. Conquerors Divine

I see the corpses on the battlefield
I see them lying on the ground
Youíve never seen this many kills before
Youíve never heard this killing sound
Youíll see them suffer
Youíll hear them cry
You would have heard them
Right before they died

Conquerors Divine
Conquerors Divine

With shining auras they approach the stage
Their shields and spikes will blind us all
Their strength could beat all royal armies rage
You all will hear their battle call
These four heroes
Have slain the rest
Now we can celebrate their
Conquerorís divinity at last


Lead: Arydon


All Satanís wars have finally found an end
Mephistoís proud of his new men
The Christian God now has a word to send
My armyís beaten by his clan
Angels are gone
Never will return
They all were slaughtered in a pool of fire
And their souls will burn

Chorus (2x)


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