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Black Beast

"Black Beast" (2004)

1. Pride
2. Mass of Worms
3. The Seventh Seal of Consequences
4. Abyssus abyssum invocat
5. Garwall
6. Veni Vedi Vici
7. Les Écorchés
8. Black Beast

1. Pride

Nous ne baisserons jamais les armes, même si cela signifie la mort
Jamais a genoux devant l'ennemi pour l'honneur de notre clan
Défenseurs d'une terre érigée par nos pères
Unis nous mèneront pour toujours
La guerre qui engendrera... notre légende

Un vrai guerrier ne meurt jamais
Immortel face à l'oublie du temps...

Solo : Balrog
Solo : Christophe Cero

Ils sont légions autour de nous
Zombies aux ordres de Dieu
Mais alors que le règne divin s'achève
Bientôt ils seront tous mort, nous vaincrons

Hérite de notre force
Rejoint ceux qui ne craignent pas la mort
Point d'allégeance
Ni dieu ni maître, être au-dessus d'eux
Le pouvoir est notre, au prix de notre sang
Unis et guerriers à jamais
Car cette terre est à nous, et notre fierté...

2. Mass of Worms

Why infamous creatures?
Why live this existence kept away from the truth?

A growing mass, shaking
Blinded by faith
Led by the warmth of hope
Submission by guilt

The light you will never see
A whole existence of lies

Books of knowledge
Keep you away from the truth
Silent answer
Of the unquestionable order

The mass remains blind

O pathetic fools, live your lives in this mental jail
Further away from the truth, keep on praising the god of worms
Now watch your dreams fall apart, creep and cry in despair
And hear the laughs of those aware, of their own ignorance

3. The Seventh Seal of Consequences

Seven broken seals releasing curse
Seven hateful bowls
Premonition around Babylon's ruins
Disclosure of the Apocalypse secrets

The angelic blow exalts euphony
Revolted ancestral demons and goddess
Sun and moon don't seem complementary
Only our shades are worth being eclipse

The very high confesses his scorn
Rain of embers don't reach us
Because our wing's swifteness is so
An impure light can't obsess us

Radiant messenger with bloody tears
Carrying the burden of mercy
Beauty of this misery
I enjoy these graceful events

When the burning pond repents
I will chain the tyrant's hair
Wonderful genesis; tragic end
The trinity is this myth

My words poison
My superiority prevails
I am the genocide
I am the tyrant's domineering

4. Abyssus abyssum invocat

Blackened is the sky as the sun hides
Remains no colour
Petrified mortals await the vengeance of our wounded mother

We'll share her pain

Creation was ambition, and ambition led to desolation
The buried past has fallen to pieces
Dreams of power and conquest; possessive madness came into men
The urge to own or to destroy
They left her bleeding and spoiled
The crime shall no longer remain unpunished
Earth melts to a world of pain
To a world of pain

Torture, genocide, a reflection of hell has grown into earth
Useless prayers; the enemy's faith has failed, where is their saviour god?

Earth, dramatic epitaph
Earth, land of plague and thorns
Earth, theatre of slaughter
Earth, ravaged by human lust

5. Garwall

Full moon light; the power of darkness summons me
From the depths of human subconscious
The beast awakes and roams free

Garwall mighty war wolf
Bringer of primal butchery
Never ending thirst of blood
Garwall slaughter of the weak
Clean this earth from the human filth
Sinful orgy of bleeding flesh

I am alive to slay all enemies
All human breathing I'll chop and soil, merciless
Devoured alive, watch me devour your innards

They pray but it is useless
None will escape the fury
Victims of the black beast
Bow to your knees to worship me

Say my name as you die

Solo 1 and 3 : Balrog
Solo 2 and 4 : Cristophe Cervo

6. Veni Vedi Vici

A mortal dawn has revealed the time had come
In a sound of storm, starts the march
Christian worms, the first target, and many shall follow
Revenge born to burn the effigies of oppression

Various faces of the same entity
All united in the sign of the horns

And the weak ones, they cry and beg for mercy
Like the slaves they are as we rise from all sides
No prisones, death instead of forgiveness
Now we'll justify their calling us Evil

"Do unto others as they did unto you"
Mass destruction in the name of the bringer of light
Symbolic justice for those who died

Heretic pride restored as law supreme
Spiritual strength for those who deserve
He is our link. Our power is anumal
The will to fight the enemy

Solo : Olivia Scemama

Veni Vidi Vici
Hail Satan

7. Les Écorchés

Exploring my life in the maze of the exquisite and estatic cube
Choose the way of the pleasure of flesh
The cube generates endless torture

Darkness replaces all brightness
Chains through my skin again and again
Learning obedience through pain and remorse
Suppurating on steel hooks

Leviathan, serpent of chaos and the sees
Uncovers the chosen one's entrails
Teach the weak to swallow his tears
Sadism and impiety's incarnation

Obedient martyr slave to my own incessant curiosity
I find nobleness in sufferance; becoming my own corpse god

The last tear of blood has dropped
Dismal honour for the intended cenobite
Mortal life's a forgotten dream
A tasteless remembrance erased by a syblime rebirth

8. Black Beast

The morning star shall lead your mind through the fog
Of ignorance and guilt

Unleash the beast within, become a part of him
Embrace the gift of sin; free the black beast inside

Acceptance of what is left
Deliverance from the enemy's chains

Burn this world they have built
Restore the truth
Deny the standard madness
Worldwide corruption
Unmask the tyrant
Chop his head off
Necessary war against all which stands for god

The time has come

Solo : Christophe Cervo

The morning star shall lead your hand through the battle
Slay all the faces of god

Unleash the beast within, become a part of him
Embrace the gift of hate, and become Satan's wrath

Anger is our true face
Deliverance from the enemy's chains


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