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Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

"Abyssus Abyssum Invocat" (2002 EP)

1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
2. Coma X
3. The Seventh Seal Of Consequences
4. Les Écorchés

1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

Blackened is the sky as the sun hides
Remains no colour
Petrified mortals await the vengeance of our wounded mother

We'll share her pain

Creation was ambition, and ambition led to desolation
The buried past has fallen to pieces
Dreams of power and conquest; possessive madness came into men
The urge to own or to destroy
They left her bleeding and spoiled
The crime shall no longer remain unpunished
Earth melts to a world of pain
To a world of pain

Torture, genocide, a reflection of hell has grown into earth
Useless prayers; the enemy's faith has failed, where is their saviour god?

Earth, dramatic epitaph
Earth, land of plague and thorns
Earth, theatre of slaughter
Earth, ravaged by human lust

2. Coma X

3. The Seventh Seal Of Consequences

Seven broken seals releasing curse
Seven hateful bowls
Premonition around Babylon's ruins
Disclosure of the Apocalypse secrets

The angelic blow exalts euphony
Revolted ancestral demons and goddess
Sun and moon don't seem complementary
Only our shades are worth being eclipse

The very high confesses his scorn
Rain of embers don't reach us
Because our wing's swifteness is so
An impure light can't obsess us

Radiant messenger with bloody tears
Carrying the burden of mercy
Beauty of this misery
I enjoy these graceful events

When the burning pond repents
I will chain the tyrant's hair
Wonderful genesis; tragic end
The trinity is this myth

My words poison
My superiority prevails
I am the genocide
I am the tyrant's domineering

4. Les Écorchés

Exploring my life in the maze of the exquisite and estatic cube
Choose the way of the pleasure of flesh
The cube generates endless torture

Darkness replaces all brightness
Chains through my skin again and again
Learning obedience through pain and remorse
Suppurating on steel hooks

Leviathan, serpent of chaos and the sees
Uncovers the chosen one's entrails
Teach the weak to swallow his tears
Sadism and impiety's incarnation

Obedient martyr slave to my own incessant curiosity
I find nobleness in sufferance; becoming my own corpse god

The last tear of blood has dropped
Dismal honour for the intended cenobite
Mortal life's a forgotten dream
A tasteless remembrance erased by a syblime rebirth


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