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"Maan" (2003 Demo)

1. Moordmaars
2. Through the Eye of Fomoria
3. Forester
4. Cast to Part
5. Knife of the Infinite Kills
6. Behind the last Gate our Kingdom Lies await

1. Moordmaars

2. Through the Eye of Fomoria

The chimes spoke stars in rusty winds
As the rider arrived at last our haven
One hand risen, one tend the horse
For war driven he will set flames on our course

Here we find chilly void
Ever since our fathers tamed the Lands of Lochlann
Here we hail Crom Crauch welcome
Death worldwide makes love begone

Here the Evil Eye signs our shields
And our swords so sharp wait for more kingdoms to conquer
Down with their banners, down with their heads
The Horde marches towards new bloodshed

Human, see the cold be our herald
And snow covering our trails
Where our ships have landed
The horizon is ablaze

Fire forged in the heat of destruction
Cries raped silence once and again
The followers of the earthwhore are dead or enslaved
The Land of Youth became the Land of Graves

(24-9-02, Gwydion Sagelinge)

3. Forester

Into the tragedy
That delights my heart with fire
And yours was there to die
As I struck once again

With lightning so fierce
I blew God's child away
So I shed this blood
And feast on the entrails

Within the wandering herd
Sheep of the Sang Real
We act as wolves
With an hunger eternal

Feel, a hunter draws near
Wants to scarr that skin so dear
Hear, your scream escapes the woods
Where the soil had stained red
And the animals couldn't pity another death
Where trees hide my newest kill
Ochone, see fair angels weep so long
And rain made all the trails be gone

You cried my name
Into the distant horizon
Where hope could not perceive
Your urge for lucky saviour
Here your soul did flee
And left your tiny life
Here I digged your grave
It will embrace your body save
From the Sun

(5-8-01, Gwydion Sagelinge)

4. Cast to Part

"Violets are dead, a faded ribbon,
and a dusty curl or so;
Half-torn notes, forgotten tokens
Of some heartache ago.

Kneeling by the hearthstone sadly
See, I throw them in the grate;
Crackling now they burn, these ruins
Of my joy and luckless fate.

Lover's vows,oaths false and flightly,
Up the chimney fast they fly;
And the little god, I fancy,
All unseen, stands chuckling by.

Still I sit beside the hearthstone,
Dream-of what I cannot tell
Watch the sparks amid the ashes
Dying out. Goodnight. Farewell."

5. Knife of the Infinite Kills

Shine as my wrath
Knife of infinite kills
You belong to me
My hate is yours
Shine like no star ever signed
The grave of innocense
The ancient wrath
Of a soul thrown into the dark
Give me domination
In glory of blood and fire
Give me strength
By the Council of Chaos
Take this sacrifice to rise up high
So we may see earth fall
Deep into the pits of despair
Where life shall merge
Into black void eternal

(17-06-2002, Gwydion Sagelinge)

6. Behind the last Gate our Kingdom Lies await


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