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Strength & Pride

"Strength & Pride" (2000 Demo)

1. Frightened
2. Strange Reaction
3. Future Of Mankind
4. Now & Forever
5. Frozen Fire

1. Frightened

[instrumental introduction]

2. Strange Reaction

When I was sleeping alone at the beach
I didn´t know what I was going to meet
A faster and faster heartbeat took me down
Crashing vibrations and burstering sounds

Like in an explosion, I jumped from the ground
But everything was a kind weird around
I thought I was waking from a bad nightmare
But I turned around and saw my body there

I don´t know what´s taking place
I need time to put across
All this mess where in I am with
I´m too scared to cry
Too alone on my own now
Brining and flying now
Am I just dying now ?
Why all this strange reaction ?

In this mental trap
Old concepts are lost
Crossing dimensions and mazes of my thoughts
Another unexplored territory
Real or illusion ?
Heaven or my own hell ?

Then your mind begins to fall
Lack of breath you never saw
Death has come in bloody sweat
Life is cruely unfair

This is my recall of freedom

3. Future Of Mankind

When you walk through the city, only monsters you meet
Is it heaven or is it hell ?
When you look at the mirror, the face that you see
Is it you or someone else ?
Violation, desperation, crap of human race
You keep on wasting your time
For money you live and of fashion you´re slave
All your dreams were left behind

There´s no reason to be sure
There´s no meaning
Living or dying

Flying with the wings of tomorrow
We´re shouting for better days
We´re warriors and our destiny
Is to keep on fighting 'n playing
Destroying the whips of society
We´re full of glory and pride
Open up your mind and just heed what we say:
All betrayers must die

Strength & pride!

4. Now & Forever

Fight... against my own past
Denying the mess
Now I have to be strong to solve my own crime
That´s burning in my mind
Alone in the dark
They said I was wrong

But I can´t realize
I can´t realize
Slave to the world
I am the prophecy of great days left behind

Feel the sorrow close to me
Getting scared within my dreams
I can´t see the pain out of my sight
Things would be better
Now & Forever
Dying forgotten and alone
And I close my eyes to hold

Dying... just dying
Regret of my soul
Dying... just dying
Why did I have to be so cold ?

5. Frozen Fire

I just can´t find reasons to dream
Fading so far away right here
Tears rolling towards my dry eyes
I feel arrested by my fears
Sometimes I feel I´m less than me
My desillusions
Sunk in frozen fire

All the things I´ve done in life
They all fall, all fade behind
Self destruction blowing inside

I´ve got no friend, no place to go
Just pain and blood straight on my way
A naked child on the snow
Locked in a prision of disgrace

Sometimes I´m my worst enemy
My desillusions
Sunk in frozen fire


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