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Second Strike

"Second Strike" (2002 Demo)

1. Wings of the Fallen
2. The Lightbringer
3. The White Tower

1. Wings of the Fallen

Silence like violence,
A calm before the storm
Truth covered in lies
Of a twisted love forever gone

Underneath the surface
There's more than meets the eye
Suppressed emotions
Locked in the vault of his mind

No savior, No haven,
No place to heal the broken wings
The Fallen keeps falling
On his wings lies the doom

Deafening thunder,
A storm before the calm
A Vortex of pain
Love and hate - hand in hand

2. The Lightbringer

There he stands, on the Desert Plain
Gazing at our Promised Land
Thinking of the Unthinkable
"A weak mind - the Crime of mine?"

He believes in the things we do
Carrying the Torch for me and for you
He's not a prophet of our doom,
But a savior for the poor

And cursed he is,
(Until the End of Time...)
The Lightbringer

Dreams of Alliance - An Alliance within
The True Believers shall still remain
Scorn and guilt; "What Have we done?"
We've slain all beings
In which the Devil may hide

3. The White Tower

The end of Second Age
Saw the rise of the Tower of Sun
Carved out of the mountains
Like a glimmering spire of hope

The book of the Steward
Tells a brave tale of battle and toil
But will his wisdom falter
With the loss of his most beloved son?

Who holds the Secrets
Of a kingdom from a time long ago?
The keepers of wisdom
They're the children of proud Numenor

In the Tower
In the Tower of the Kings
Lies the power
Thas is set in the tall Crown of Wings
In the Tower
The White Tower of the Kings
Stewards' prowess
Will come to nothing without the White Tree

The strongest of citadels
Defends the free lands from darkness and greed
Yet its crown remains unclaimed
Who will reunite the two realms of old?


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