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Division Blue

"Division Blue" (2003 Demo)

1. Reach out
2. The Halo Effect
3. Trinity (Soldier's Revelation)
4. Planet Waves
5. Division Blue

1. Reach out

You have lived your life in agony
And drowned all your misery
Too weak to try find a better way

You know there's only choices to be made
So often you choose the easier way
You have to take a grip of your life

But you're not here all alone
You can take a trip with me
I'm here for you if you just let me be

Reach out - for the promised land
Reach out - and take my hand
Reach out - for the promised land
Don't settle to your doom

There will be times during our way
When we feel we just can't make a day
But giving up is not an option for me and you

So if your belief in me starts to fade
Fight back, don't you lose the faith
Together we will reach out for the stars

2. The Halo Effect

Lock your gaze into those eyes
Is it the truth that you see?

The disguise of a wicked mind betrays the blue eyed
Rotten heart, the evil inside, deception complete
No, I won't believe the lies you feed

I won't let your halo outshine the real you
I won't let your halo blind my perception

I swayed in the bliss of your grace
I was thrown to wolves of deceit

3. Trinity (Soldier's Revelation)

Father, Son & the Holy Ghost
A Perfect excuse for any crime
Take their land, desecrate the sands
Then burst their bodies with divine hands

Father's long dead, the Only Son
Cries out as shrapnel pierce his lungs
His Sacred Spirit - the Holy Gun
Falls down in the land of the burning Sun

Hope washed away, silence ends the fray
How can we ever have done this, can't say

Soldier, what are you doing?
Into the lands of the dead you fight your way
Warrior, who are you fooling?
Destroy the souls of the damned I hear you say

A hollow soul, a ghost of man
He returns home never to understand
Unearthly visions of a mind distorted
The Seas of Blood - the Heavenly Waters

God gives all, so we must pray
Angels call and we shall obey
A world-wide war is ours one day
Mankind's reward for following God's ways

4. Planet Waves

Will madness or beauty prevail
When the future of man's running out
Descendants of a failing species
Out destiny's come to an end

Our world came crashing down
The cities were drowned
Centuries' bliss had come to an end

Through astral gates
On starlit ways
We're gliding on
The Planetwaves
Past crystal suns
To ocean's gold
We're drifting off
To cosmic haze

Devices of Armageddon were launched
And all Hell sure broke loose
Now remnants of mankind wonder
In Space for a home amongst stars

5. Division Blue

The years roll by and we're growing old
No signs of glory
The more we try, the less we achieve
Forever failure

These haunting tunes as our driving force
We keep on searching
Hunting for the perfect song
The gatecrusher

Distant feeling of burning fever
A glimpse of hope that ignites the heart
Dreadful past and clouded future
A sorrowful song to end ít all

Liars fill our minds with their assuring words
Temptation so strong to change the path we're on

Feelin' depressed, feelin' deep blue?
Join the division, division blue
Feelin' surreal, feelin' untrue?
Welcome to our world where nothing's true

We have no hope for the better world
The end is near
In the book of forgotten tales
We're the last chapter


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