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"Enchained" (2004 Demo)

1. Enchained
2. The Agave
3. Let Me Fall
4. Don't Steal My Hate
5. The Life Left Behind

1. Enchained

Clouds of cruelty cover the sky
I stand alone in full moon's light
Under cold seed we born to wrath
To this life on the devil's path
Chasm of life speaks to me
Knowledge is hypocrisy
Scars of the night will bleed
They give me all I need

Northern screams under this earth
Children of the stars will be birth
They lead you to the edge of eternity
Where illusion will ruin your reality

Midnight stars in the sky
Death is my only bride
Forever love, forever bleeding
My neverending hunger needs feeding
Shadow of the night, embracing fears
Crying under The Dead Sun with rapid tears
Sorrow in your wintry eyes
Caused by my depressing lies

Northern screams under this earth…

To us there is only one world to live in
And in this world we have to do sin
But what if there are other dimensions
Beyond our limited senses
It would crush our weak defences
And we trust…

Northern screams under this earth…

2. The Agave

Now it’s time for sunset
The Golden Star is all red
And not even one soul
Can be found upon…upon the ground
I stand all alone
In this world of my last day
That fades away…

I am the agave
It’s my fate…It has always been
I am the agave
Maybe too late…I saw what I’ve seen
A little moment
I can abloom…I can abloom
And after it…
It’s time of my doom

I stood on a string all of my life…blind
Until the string became strained
It couldn’t endure the burden of my mind…mind
I fell into flames and I was scorched
Back into soil again the agave was forced
Anything I don’t regret but now I’m dead

Twenty years wave
Has come ashore
Where a shrunken agave
Is waiting for…water it will adore
Until the wave vanish
Into a dark cave
Which will be its grave

I am dying
My life was short and fragmented
I am lying
On my bed and thinking death
I am withering
Like a flower without water
I am suffering
But I don’t care, it’s no matter

3. Let Me Fall

Fear of meeting my mirthless thoughts
Feeds the pain that increase inside of me
One bright image in my mind
Staying beyond my reach
It makes me to descend
And I don't even want to resist

I don't even exist without you…

I escaped my thoughts which intended to destroy me
You gave me a place to hide inside your heart
I hope it will be able to bear me
Cause if it brakes it will tear me away
To my own hell with the fragments

My sorrow no one can take from me
But if I am with you the sorrow will flee

I lived behind the shadow of mine
Until you took it to wear the time
That I lived in the loss of life
Day after day I'm waiting for you
And if you won't come
The end of my days will come true

I don't even exist without you…

I am so empty while you're away
I am so murky when you can't stay
I'll be self-destructive if I’ve been left alone
I may lose my control, so be it let me fall…

4. Don't Steal My Hate

The hate is mine and the hate has me
I’m doing just fine so don’t try to please me
I’m not dying in this pain it just crush me
And it’s giving me gain to survive, to be free…

My hate is still there although you behave nice
My hate is still there because of your lies
Weakness will come when you’re stealing my hate
You only said this crap: ”All you need is faith”

Don’t steal my hate cause after that I have nothing
Don’t steal my hate cause if you do it feels racking
Don’t steal my hate cause you don’t deserve it
Don’t steal my hate cause I want to save it…save it

I need my hate more than ever
I need my hate; it’s like a fever
I need my hate, I’m dependent on it
I need my hate when I drown to this shit

I need my hate to crush my enemy
My hate is taking control over me
I live in hate and the hate lives in me
It’s a symbiosis that have to be

Don’t steal my hate cause after that I have nothing…

Forward in time my hate is carrying me, I feel…
Old wounds will close up but they never will heal
I want to keep my hate inside, lets make a deal:
Leave me alone and my mouth I promise to seal


5. The Life Left Behind

I sit alone in a hazy room
Watching a fading flame
Everyone around me are now gone
Each one on their time
Insignificant for the world
Might be the way I wandered
The way that too early
Came to its end

Before the end of my journey
I had time to realize I lived
But I hadn't time to understand
Understand the meaning
I did a lot of things in my life
But however I did nothing
Now I hear the wind sings
A dirge in my memory

If my life is a mystery even to me
How anyone else could read it?
If I let my life go would I be free?
Let see and leave the life behind

When I look backward
I see an order in the chaos
Which build a flimsy bridge
On its end I see eyes of the child
And I stare them until I see myself
I stare until I drown into those eyes

In vain faded the life that left behind

When I look forward
I can't understand what I see
So I see nothing after nothing
Through that emptiness I will dive
Unknowing where I'm going
Blinded by my narrow consciousness


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