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Symphonies of Steel

"Symphonies of Steel" (1985)

1. City Streets
2. Prelusion
3. Run For Tomorrow
4. Exxplorer
5. World War III
6. Going To Hell
7. Objection Overruled: a) Guilty As Charged b) Phantasmagoria
8. Metal Detectors
9. X-Termination
10. The Magic Hills *
11. Man From Nowhere *
12. The Cycle *
13. You Made Me Live *

1. City Streets

Masses forming in limited space
Pigs -n- trash meeting face to face
Little gurls on their corners meet
To sell very cheap on the city streets
Wild animals watchin'
File down their teeth as they wait
for the night
Danger is near, don't you trust me!!
The warlords are here
So get ready to fight

Nowhere to run; nowhere to hide
why do you stay
People live -n- die on city stretts

Cities full of love -n- hate
Danger lurks high and low
Drunks in the alley just masturbate
While blood in the streets still flow
Wild scavengers watching
Just waiting to get to your face
Like dogs starving for flesh
Destroying all of the human race


They're dying, oh, they're dying, they're dying

2. Prelusion

3. Run For Tomorrow

People of the village gather round
Before the cross aflame, burns down
Hallowed be thy land and sea
The victims of their tyranny
We run with passion - run with might
We run from fear - run from fright

We're forced and chased from our home
We travelled far, to lands unknown
Our kingdom's rule has fallen apart
We've left our warriors with brave hearts
Men of steel with the razors edge
From their swords, many have bled
Try to escape - try to fight
Try to conquer - with all of our might

Run for tomorrow - towards the rays of the sun
Don't give up - the fights just begun
Run for tomorrow - don't turn your back, just run
Run for tomorrow - by the way of the stars
Follow it up, tomorrow is ours
Run for tomorrow, don't turn your back, just run

Our faulty rulers' days are done
We try to seek cover, but there is none
The days of old, the long days have passed
The sands of life, are fading fast
Words of prayer, hold us abound
A land of peace - we haven't found
Time and life, our soldiers foe
Run for tomorrow - and so we are told

4. Exxplorer

People can't you see me coming
My recklessness helps me survive
Mind's crazy; head is hummin'
There's fire in my eyes

He stormed across our cultured lands
Turning it to waste
Is he feeding on our wil,
or feeding on our fate?

My thoughts are of the wild
I can't be surprised
My actions never mild
Our screams are bottle cries

Punks in hell could never tell
The powers we held high in hand
Electric sounds, burning down
The walls that couldn't stand

Is it (yes it is) the Explorer
Trying (yes he is) to take you away
Fighting won't help any longer
Your future, tomorrow or today

Oh, tonight, the moon will break
Through the heavens' clouds
Sunlight was far too great
And still a bit too proud

For night was here
With all its' fear, shattering the day
Evil speaks of its' own way
To take us all someday


5. World War III

I often gaze upon the stars
Wonderin' what's beyond the bars
There's someplace that we'll never see
It's beyond our highest peak -

It began with space, our human race
We've turned our world into a waste
People dying and children crying
It's a fate that's soon to be

This is the story of World War III
A harder war there will never be
People dying and children crying
It's a fate that's soon to bey, yeah!!

Now I've seen beyond the stars
I've seen beyond the bars
There's someplace that we'll never see
It's beyond our highest peak

6. Going To Hell

As I lay here in my grave
I feel strange but not alive

Don't hear no sounds
Only slashes of the knives

I'm going to hell tomorrow
So why care today
No reason to cry, in the future I'll pay
We'll meet in the Devil's home
Sooner than I know
I'm going to hell tomorrow
It's my time to go

I feel myself going down and down
My souls' in hell, my bodys' underground

I'm going to hell
I'm going to hell
I'm going to hell


Now Satans wants to know
As he calls upon your soul
In the Devil's fire
Yes the fire he controls
I know it's hell, there's so much confusion
I'm in hell, or is it an illusion

I know it's hell because of the fire
I cannot stop this burning desire to live


Then Satan does devour
The minds who die
He says come on down; don't be shy
I'm here in hell - come and join me
He is the Devil, with your life he holds the key

Come on down and you will be my slave
I will take you from your eternal grave


7. Objection Overruled: a) Guilty As Charged b) Phantasmagoria


Sometimes I feel the pain I've known
As the world becomes my final show
I'm sittin' here questioning my life of crime
I await as my heartbeat races faster
The suspense is killing me

Now the guards begin stalking thru my hall
They'll soon be unlatching my chain and ball
Drag me to sentence, from my lonely hold
And I'm so scared to find my guilty soul

Wait Please!! Cantcha wait a little longer for me
Please wait!! Stop and throw away the key

I've been committed, execution tonite
When the sun has fled, electric my only lite
"Guilty as charged", a horrifying scene
Now sparks ignite, electrifying streaks
I forsee a gathering, of death to be named
As my blood turns ice, I'm freezing in my vein

I near the nite, fear the fright, hear the chimes
That ends my life before it's time
My future destined to end in waste
There's no one hear to wipe the blood from my face


Take me away


When I look into the future
Tomorrow's all I see
When I think of daze long passed
The memories still haunt me
I couldn't quite place your face
But your visions are brite -n- clear
(Oh so clear)
I remembered when you were no longer near

I returned but you were gone
You did not wait for me
Thought that I'd be gone
You lost your faith in me
I gave you my final words
You said you would not leave
But now I'm here and you are gone
Please tell me why you done me wrong

"Now I know the pain that struck me down!!"

Like a fire in my veins
But the pain that strikes me now
Is stronger than the flame
All the memories of my crime
Makin' me insane
Distorted like my life
Vengeance rides on angry horse
To the downsteps of your mind

8. Metal Detectors

I sleep by the day, I live for the night
Don't get in my way, I'm programmed to strike
I'm hungry for metal, I'm searchin' for steel
My power is lethal, and I do as I feel

The power of metal, is driving you near
No one can stop you, intentions are clear
Our minds are magnets, our masses have formed
Our numbers are growing, like a metal storm

Radiant troops in front of brite lites
Tortured by sounds, distorted by nite

Look all around us, we're never alone
The Metal Detectors are losing control

Lose it!!!

Don't let them tell you that metal is dead
They listen to Springstseen, it's gone to thier head
So look all around us, we're never alone
Yes the Metal Detectors are taking control

9. X-Termination

Just before the sun comes up
There's a stillness in the air
Silence is all around us
And there's no room for despair
But when the sun begins to rise
The evil takes control
They educate the world with lies
X-terminating souls!

Just before the sun goes down
They gather into prayer
Some recite together,
But the others sit and stare
Their hollow minds have no control
Their eyes too blind to see
X-terminate some other soul
No desire to be free

Just before the break of dawn
I'll be standing all alone
Looking for a place that's warm
But there's no place to call home
Running from desolation
I will never forget
X-terminate some other soul
'Cause mine you'll never --- GET!!

10. The Magic Hills *

11. Man From Nowhere *

12. The Cycle *

13. You Made Me Live *


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