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"Awakening" (2004)

1. Awakening
2. Dogma
3. Mysterious Temple Of The Past
4. Transformation
5. The Return
6. Bùh A Jeho Strach

1. Awakening

When the first drops of the night

Begin to wet face of the day

When the eyes of the stars shine

When the dark and the light become one

give a hint to fall asleep

Then you hide behind your lids

The shinning sun is now too distant

I let your soul follow a story

Those pictures are a gate that leads away

They are the door to other dimensions

Your soul is the only key

And only you can openwide…....openwide

It has its sense that would be nowhere else

Here lives what died long time ago

Here you can merge with universe

Here you can made all from nothing…………you are nothing


This is the true reality

Life´s just a dream

In the sleep you

Wake into the world

Where´s no day

Where´s no night

I lead your self

through my mind

And all you do

is my will

In the sleep

I set you free

and our selves

merge together

It has its sense that would be nowhere else

Here lives what died long time ago

Here you can merge with universe

Here you can made all from nothing…..

I´m your higher entity

your body is my stoodge

I can stop your fall

And I might use ……the force this the cruel reality?..... life just a dream or is it real?

In the sleep you wake into the world

where´s no day and where´s no night

(where´s no death....where´s no life)

I awake from death!!!

2. Dogma

A step out of time

A step out space

I can see what no one before

The coming of a man - he sought the truth

The world – rules - perverted by a man

He defended the truth

but he´s never found it

So open your eyes - be able to kill and

prepare to die - in the name of the faith

- in the name of the God

Truth - when there´s and when is not?

Truth - as a revrse of the lie (and what´s lie?)

Now - as a reason to kill

Reason - for that you want to die

The God

Do you know ?

Do you know him?

I walk through the heaven and watch you worthless ones

how for all the massacres you withdraw from the god!!!!

The God

Do you know

Prepare to die!!!

To kill means to be forever damned, you know

but you´re killing and believe to be saved, do you know?!?

Watch you´re!!!

Just like worms, that want overgrow God´s carcass

as eating his flesh

Hidden behind the shield of your own stupidity

you´re strong

The world is a mirror where past reflects

in the future

And everything´s a circle as the eternal

water circulation

I learnt all the reasons

I learnt the results

You will know one day,

but for remedy it will too late

Just search for the truth

and speak the truth

So fight for the truth

and kill in the name of your own......

....stupidity - for the truth

your reason to kill - for that you want to die

I want to come back

and tell you all this

but my body has been torn

on the battle field........

....of the faith - of human stupidity

Now Iam tired - and going to die

Remember me !!!

3. Mysterious Temple Of The Past

Dark rituals deep in temple underground

Ancient knowledge from the ages beginning

Created entities different from a human race

Their unreal power was meant to dominate

Astral equilibrium´s impair

Endless respect and endless desire

Force me to deeds

When shadows of immortals rule over the human race

Crowds of dedicated, but not blinde (ones)

Never deaden by fals only by cruel truth

Slay the scums and crush wretched ones

Magic rules, that makes the hatred stronger

Heathen mystery

My Gate is opening

Theatre of all existence and Scene of all suffering

Only the bloody sacrefice - Will wash away the guilt

Cosmic balance´s damage

The crystal is the gate - the entrace to the other worlds

Ancient place filled with material substance of life

Is place of astral equilibrium - Elyseum

Shadows whisper my name .......... cold voices of the past

Look............the gate is opening!!!

I´v been to other side

that´s my desire for the last life

When I´ll return again

to mysterious temple of the past

To you I will devote the nightride!!!!!!!!!!

4. Transformation

Mysterious domain has come to my mind

Nature my Mother, opens her arms

Entering the mighty forest existence

Created by the first one

Bright rays

Permeate the leaves

Golden paradise

Of heathen mysticism

Rainbow - like waterfalls

Splinter the crystal surface

The place of birth

The place of my birth

I destroy my mortal body

I want to be a spiritual being


I destroyed my mortal body


I ´m becoming a hazel -tree

Forest is whispering

My soul leaves the body

Forest is whispering

Dying happy and painless


Coming to the forest deep


Tend to the woodland entity

Blood disappears

Body becomes roots

Fern is my sister

Trees brothers of mine

The woodland

beigns rejoice

If I´v been a man

I´d cried

Greet the Nature

Greet Mother of our land

5. The Return

Walking through the black cave

I´m dissolve in the darkness

Shadows and souls of the forlorn

Crouch and escape……My existence

I´m the creature of the past

I´ve become a part of the present time

Wandering through unearthly chambers

Searching for the secret of immortality

I´ve Found


Now I see my self in the spektrum of immortality

I hover

Fill me..... with astral energy


Free......and full of astral energy

I´ve Arisen!!!!

The Dark lake

Is my

Place of rest

The Rays

Of Moonliht

Give me the strenght

I´m the last of the Cult of Death

With an magic amulet on my chest

I´m coming

I´m flying on the huge wings

Through the country of the night

Trees, monuments of nature

Are waving me their branches

The rays of moonlight give me the strenght

I´m the last of the Cult of Death

With an magic amulet on my Chest

Call you

My Brothers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I´ve Arisen!!

Again.........again.........My existence!!!


....Escape my.......Existence!!!!!

6. Bùh A Jeho Strach


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